Best manga anime streaming sites

best anime streaming sites

Intro of best manga anime streaming sites

Best anime streaming sites are famous mainly for its animated movies, cartoons, TV shows, and more. However, there are tons of anime streaming sites for both kids and adults. If you are searching for some good quality Japanese cartoons, then look no further. In fact, in this article, you will get to know about ten Anime sites. Significantly, the Americans and Europeans will get their complete pleasure after reading below.

So, here are the top ten best anime sites in 2020. These websites are indeed the most popular choice for all regular anime lovers. 

Top 10 best anime streaming sites 

Presently, there are more anime streaming sites than there are gaming sites. This is caused due to the web-designers trying to earn from these websites. When we search for a good quality cartoon site, we look for the best of the best in general. Firstly, we should check the site’s max resolution, the number of ads, and streaming quality. Furthermore, we need some advice from online sources and know the ratings of the site. 

Now let us check the top ten best anime streaming sites for our regular usage.

Gogoanime is surprisingly the most popular website for watching your favorite anime cartoons. However, this website offers its users stolen content. But they are independent and easy to use from anywhere in the world. In fact, there is no other site that can even get close to Gogoanime. Gogoanime is truly well-organized and one of the best anime streaming sites for all.


This website has all the best collections of anime films, Manga series, and more. Furthermore, you will significantly be amazed by the watching experience. If you want dubbed episodes, then you can also watch them in English. So, wait no more and try out now.

The features of Chia-Anime are genuinely unique. Firstly you will get to watch all the latest Japanese cartoon series right after their release. Furthermore, Chia-Anime will notify you about its latest anime content. If you want this fantastic feature, then Chia-Anime is the site for you. Finally, using other features of Chai-anime is very easy and useful.

Particularly for people of Japan, this website is one of the best there is. All in all, the above website has everything you need to improve your quality of life. However, the website does have a negative feature with it. And that is Pop-up ads. Other than this, enjoy every part of this website as much as you want and that too for free. 



Our next best anime streaming site is Funimation. To talk about its features, first, we need to see the owner of this website. Sony wholly owns the rights to Funimation, and so this website is full of cool features. Unlike other anime sites, Funimation releases all its content in English dubbing. If you want to listen to the latest English audio, then Funimation is waiting for you. 

In reality, Funimation will have all the latest content ranging from Japanese cartoon movies to TV shows for you. But the only drawback of this site is that frequent ads will show up from nowhere. Ignoring the ads will definitely give you an Anime watching experience like never before.

When I was a youngster, I watched tons of Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, Yuri on Ice, and so on. Crunchyroll is a free anime streaming site for all the top anime. Until now, this website has almost all the latest Japanese anime contents. It also has a cool searching feature that organizes the contents according to the genre, seasons, and more. 

Presently, the standard edition of Crunchyroll is entirely free for everyone. However, anime lovers will definitely want the paid version after using the standard one. The cons of this site are reasonably simple. And they are pop-up ads and sometimes blocked content. Other than this, you will have no problem enjoying multiple contents on this website.

9anime is undoubtedly one of the best anime streaming sites for all High-Quality content. Currently, this website has thousands of online content that you can enjoy for hours. The cartoons of this site are damn good, and they also have English dubbed versions. In general, you will find only the best of the best Online anime cartoons on this website. 


If you are exploring for something good on the internet, then this site will impress you for sure. The best part of this website is that you will never have to register on it. Furthermore, you will get all the latest schedule on the home display of So, go through this website and have tons of fun using 9anime. 



Animeheaven made its way into our article due to its wide range of contents. When browsing this website, you will see a standard interface and a search bar. When you search for the latest cartoon you want, then the results will surely amaze you. You can find tons of different videos and multiple quality features. 

However, the creators of this website will not let you download all high-quality content. But you can definitely get the best user experience from this new anime website. In fact, the number of users of AnimeHeaven is growing rapidly. Therefore, open your browser and search for Animeheaven to get the latest content for you.

Across the world, you will find a lot of anime fans. And most of them will definitely know about In fact, this website is so popular that there are over one million fans and followers. Animiefreak will have all your newest content and also its subbed/dubbed version. This website got its maximum popularity in this COVID-19 break. As all the schools are closed down, students streamed this site and really liked it. 


The best benefit of this site is its user-friendliness. Additionally, you will get regular updates on manga series and serial movies. If you don’t mind little ads for the free content, then Animefreak is just what you will want. 



NicoNico is definitely a choice for regular anime fans. If you want to choose a good anime film to watch, then simply open a look at the comments. The most helpful characteristic of the website is its uploading feature. In fact, you will find no problem in uploading your multimedia on this site. 


This best anime streaming site has the best video commenting and tagging feature, HQ videos, Anime illustrations, etc. Furthermore, you can even make a folder for your content. Watching anime cannot get any better than NicoNico. However, the free version of it has tons of ads and will often be irritating. 


Soul Anime

If you are an anime guy, then this Soul Anime will be a good alternative to any premium streaming sites. The free anime site has more than four thousand Cartoon series. Besides this, Soul Anime will let you browse all the contents at HD quality. Additionally, all the series will get regular updates, and you will not have to pay anything. 


During your online streaming, you will find some annoying ads. However, its unlimited free streaming time will surely make up for it. You can also download your content, and the quality will never decrease in any of them. 


Asian Crush

To begin with Asia Crush, you will have to be a die-hard fan of Japanese cartoons. If you crave some good quality Chinese/Chinese martial arts, then the Asia Crush has no exception. This amazing website also has all the cool features you will need for your streaming. Its features are, Regular updates, on click search, HQ streaming, and more. 


Until now, this website is free for all users but has a few ads on it. You can log in to this site from any OS such as Android, iOS, Windows, etc. However, the best filters are only for PC users. Finally, with Asian Crush, you will get an awesome collection of folders for movie types. These folders are simply the types of movies you will like to watch. 


FAQs of best anime streaming sites

Which is the best anime streaming site?

Firstly, the best anime streaming sites depend on the types of anime you want to see. However, not all of them will provide the best streaming performance. So, you will need to find a site that has a combination of everything. 

The top seven Anime Streaming sites in 2020 are,


  • 9Anime
  • AnimeHeaven
  • AnimeFreak
  • Funimation
  • GoGoAnime
  • Hulu
  • MyAnimeList


Where can I watch best anime streaming sites?

Truly speaking, every top anime site has a unique feature of its own. Some are good for their user interface, some for their search result, and some for the quality. However, all of them have pretty much the same anime content. So, here are some sites where you can fulfill your anime watch experience.

  • AnimeHeaven.
  • Kissanime
  • 9Anime.
  • Funimation
  • Hulu
  • AnimeFreak
  • GoGoAnime
  • MyAnimeList.


Is best anime streaming sites?

KissAnime holds the most stolen content you will find. However, this website is not fully illegal. The reason is that KissAnime hosts all its contents on Google, OpenLoad, etc. That is why the pirated contents shown on the website are not hosted by the one holding it. In conclusion, KissAnime is totally safe and partially legal for all of us. 


Is GoGoanime safe?

People surprisingly ask me this legal and illegal question again and again. Well, my answer is that all pirated content is illegal for the one who hosts it. However, the trick that the websites like Gogoanime, Kissanime, etc. use is hosting the contents in Google, Openload, or anywhere else. This makes the contents safe for us normal users, and the websites can go away with it. 


Why did KissAnime shut down?

KissAnime lost the Japanese Government’s battle, so they had to close all their works. However, if you want to see other websites to fulfill your anime streaming needs, try the sites below. These sites are the alternatives for KissAnime, and they will work flawlessly.

  • Funimation.
  • GoGoAnime.
  • 9Anime.
  • AnimeFreak.
  • Hulu.


Is 9anime banned in India?

9anime is safe and easy to use the streaming site for anime or Japanese cartoons. But recently, much fake news shows that 9anime is banned in India. Well, this is just a way to increase the popularity of 9anime. Until now, only a very few of us knew about this website, but now most of us know about it. However, 9anime is quite a good streaming site for anime and other Japanese cartoons. 


Wrapping up with the best anime streaming sites

This article will surely help when you want to fulfill your thirst for the best anime streaming sites. In this article, you will get the ten most popular websites for streaming Japanese cartoons. For those of you who want to save subscription money, they can simply use the websites above. Funimation, 9Anime, Hulu, Chia-anime, etc. are a few of the best anime streaming sites. 


If you have a personal favorite of your own, then be free to let us know. Soon, we will update the list if your favorite site is good. So, bye for now. See you later. 


And yes, stay with us for the latest and most popular news in 2020. 


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