Can Mobile Entertainment Keep Up With Demand?

Mobile Entertainment

Over the past decade mobile has quickly become the main hub for day to day entertainment options for the wider audience, whether this come from online movie and TV streaming through the biggest platforms available here, music and podcasts, or online gaming with many popular casual options at catering to a rapidly growing audience – but a question that has been raised by some over the past couple of years is whether or not mobile entertainment as a whole can keep up with the growing demand, particularly as this demand changes what’s expected from many of these services. 

The newest features for flagship devices in recent years have typically been aimed in one direction – the social side of mobile devices. Camera technology has come a long way in a very short period of time and will continue to be a focus for future entertainment options particularly with some services taking advantage of alternative technology like augmented reality which rely on good camera performance – but this may not be the entertainment demand that many users have come to expect.

Gaming is another obvious focus here as it has been suggested that mobile gaming could lead the way for all platforms in the coming decade as it already boasts the biggest number of players for any gaming device, but they’re still very limited in performance with triple A titles being a long way from being playable and still very much leaning towards more casual players than anything else. With the growth of mobile esports, however, this is something that could look to change in flagships in the coming years. This will also come with the expectation that changes will come to other big features like the display and battery too, and whilst there have been improvements made particularly to mobile displays in recent years, the batteries in these devices have been falling behind and are often considered to be a weak point with the high-powered components that make up modern options.

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Whilst there’s little change that can come to music and streaming platforms, these will continue to play a large role in the way some devices are developed with this form of media in mind, although it does seem that the smaller screen size at around 6” is being settled upon, which means the phablet styled larger devices will become less common to see.

The demand is changing quickly, however, so it will be up to mobile manufacturers to meet these new demands and put changes in place quickly, but with the two big names in Apple and Samsung being the most established, it’s unlikely that other competitors will take over unless offering something very different. 

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