A Look At Some Fun Ways To Spend Your Free Time


Finding new ideas after several months in lockdown isn’t easy, so we have come up with some ways that you may not have considered so that you can have fun in your free time.

Consider Online Journaling  

There’s a film on Netflix about a true story where the character who cooks her way through an entire series of famous cookbooks commenting on each recipe on an online journal, the film features Julia Childs. And you could do the same, select a modern-day example, Nigel Slater or Ina Garten. 

The journal was so popular that the writer was commissioned to write a column in a newspaper and then produced a series of cookbooks because of the journal’s success.

While cooking may not be your thing, think about what is your bag and start a journal or blog about it. You’ll be surprised to find there are other like-minded folks out there who like the same thing no matter how obscure – mind due, collecting Barbie Dolls, maybe not that!

Why not Creative Writing? 


Creative writing can be a great way to spend your free time. Everyone has one book inside them, one great story to tell. Perhaps start with a family story, get your thoughts down on paper and, you never know, you may be the next Sally Rooney or Steven King. 

Even the professionals need some help, so check out the courses that are available online, lots are free of charge, and if you feel up to it you could enter a writing competition, you just don’t know where that may lead.

Get Arty

Whether you’re a natural or not, art is a fantastic way to express yourself, your creativity and individuality. There are all sorts of styles to choose from, like painting and drawing or even mixed media. Whatever you decide, just know that art can be extremely relaxing and help you to think differently, and as you practice, you’ll find your abilities may improve. 

Try researching different styles of art, as well as significant periods of art. Maybe you already have a favourite artist, like pop artist Keith Haring or classical artist Henry Matisse. There’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from your favourites, so check out an online art collection and see where your inspiration takes you.

Take Up Photography 


Most phones have a decent camera these days, making photography accessible without buying expensive equipment and with so much of the world changing every single day, now is an excellent time to capture the moments that mean something to you. 

If you find you love it then consider taking a course, there are lots of on-line tutorials from famous photographers who want to pass on their skills. Consider joining Instagram and sharing your photos with the world. Photography is a great hobby.

Make Music

Try playing the piano or have a blast on a trumpet for your activity. Picking up an instrument online has never been easier either, with so many available to rent or buy online, the choice is endless. 

Then sign up to a course online, or find a teacher that works remotely. Before you know it you’ll be blasting out some tunes or your favourite songs; you could even consider joining a band or even a choir. Even the most tone-deaf are welcome on at a Zoom choir practice, after all, you can turn off the sound.

Join online communities 

Whether it’s online journaling or painting or even writing a book, there’s a community or forum out there waiting for you to join. No matter how niche your ideas, someone else has had similar aspirations; and if all of the above is not for you and you’re stuck for ideas, ask the forum as that is what they love, you may not like the answer, but at least it’s an answer.

There are always great things online, new ways to spend your free time, you just have to be brave and give it a go. 


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