Homes for the elderly: what services are in demand?

Each age has its own characteristics. Newborns require care and attention, children and adolescents – education, strict limits, instilling responsibility and moral standards, and people of silver age, the elderly, long term care insurance, require care, participation, and health care.

  • Care services for the elderly
  • What kind of care is needed?
  • Elderly care in a GalaxyHomeCareNY nursing home

More than anyone else, they require time for communication, leisure, and attention to their needs. Long life, accumulated experience, children, and grandchildren who have grown up – these are the merits that every pensioner is proud of. And the task of children and grandchildren is to provide them with a happy old age, care for their health, good conditions, and meaningful leisure.

All this is offered in the GalaxyHomeCareNY nursing home.

Services for the care of the elderly

  1. The staff is staffed with highly qualified specialists in elderly care. Gerontologists, nurses, physical therapists, masseurs, nurses, nurses – all for the best care of your beloved grandparents, and parents.
  2. Complex 5 meals a day, which is selected individually for each resident, taking into account his age-related diseases, the need to adhere to a sparing diet, and the diet table. Dietetic nurses together with a gerontologist develop an individual menu for each person to ensure health benefits, a variety of nutrients, and trace elements.
  3. Equipped areas for walks, physical education, walks, and just relaxing in the fresh air.
  4. Sports facilities allow you to engage in gentle types of physical activity in the fresh air, and the equipped gym is suitable for physical therapy in the cold season. Rehabilitation doctors develop an individual card of sports loads for everyone who needs it. Loads are calculated based on the presence or absence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints, and inflammation of connective tissue (arthritis, arthrosis).
  5. Rooms are equipped for individual or shared accommodation. You always have the opportunity to choose whether your loved one needs company or is more comfortable staying in a separate room. This is due to the presence or absence of mental disorders (dementia, Alzheimer’s disease), individual need for communication, age, and simply the desire to live together. Many people find in the company of good friends who live on their own and are eager to communicate and live together.
  6. Complex organization of leisure time: events are held where everyone can be a participant or a spectator. You can participate in choir performances, creative studios, knitting, and needlework. Competent specialists will be able to organize leisure, and make the days rich, not similar to each other.
  7. With a sufficient number of TVs, everyone will be able to decide on a program or movie to their taste and mood. There is a music room where you can listen to the music separately without disturbing anyone.
  8. Visits of relatives are organized, you can see your loved one at any time, and communicate with him and with the staff.
  9. We provide quality care for everyone, including those who are bedridden, bedridden patients.
  10. Palliative care is provided to the highest standards, with anti-decubitus mattresses, regular bed changes, and assistance with feeding and walking, including for those who use wheelchairs or crutches. We help everyone, there are opportunities to attach a separate staff member to your loved one, providing round-the-clock care, monitoring, and control over the condition.
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What care is needed?

In order to prevent the rapid disintegration of the personality due to dementia and age-related mental disorders, you require quality medical care and organization of a busy day. It is necessary to supply a person with additional emotions, and impressions, talk and ask about everything that interests him, what he remembers. Specialists of the palliative department know all the subtleties of communication with the elderly, understand the importance of this type of activity and organize it constantly. This is especially true for those who have had a stroke and who have impaired speech. Speech and thinking need to be trained. Creativity and fine motor skills also contribute to this.

  1. Individual hygienic care. Daily procedures for changing linen, ensuring cleanliness, haircut, and combing, nail trimming, pressure ulcer care, washing, brushing teeth, washing hands, bathing, and assistance with feeding.
  2. Massage and rehabilitation therapy is especially relevant for those who suffer from diseases of the musculoskeletal system; massage as a general strengthening procedure is indicated for everyone without exception and is especially popular with everyone who lives in a nursing home.
  3. Walks. Everyone is sure to get the opportunity to walk independently or accompanied by staff – this allows you to get minimal physical activity, avoid stagnation of blood, saturate the body with oxygen, and get a pleasant experience.

Elderly care in the GalaxyHomeCareNY nursing home

Allows you to be sure that you have done the best for your loved one to care for him. Unskilled home care cannot be compared to the extensive, comprehensive services that your loved one will be surrounded by in our nursing home. A family atmosphere, cozy rooms, and qualified medical, palliative, and hygienic care at the highest level will improve health, strengthen well-being and live a full life, and the possibility of meetings will fill the days with calm confidence in the right choice.

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When is a nursing home especially needed?

A nursing home is the best solution if you do not have the time and proper knowledge to care for an elderly relative. Private boarding houses are especially relevant in such situations:

  • Chronic and mental illnesses may manifest with age and require constant medical monitoring. For example, in some cases, a person requires daily injections or control over the work of internal organs. In this case, a boarding house is much better than a hospital – because the patient will have his own private room.
  • Recovery. Life is unpredictable, and none of us is immune from the blows of fate. If after surgery and serious illness the patient requires a long rehabilitation, it is impossible to cope without the help of professionals. We will help your loved one to restore the body, to get back on his feet. All this will take place in a warm and friendly atmosphere, which also contributes to a speedy recovery.
  • Relocation. If you are forced to leave the city, it is better not to leave an elderly relative alone. Having registered him in a nursing home, you can always stay in touch and, if necessary, cope with his well-being and mood.

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