How Houston Maritime Burn Injury Lawyers Help Their Clients

You might assume that working near water would keep you entirely safe from burn injuries and related accidents; however, this is not the case. It is common for burn injuries to occur in the ocean, and other water bodies, especially for maritime workers. Onboard fires spread rapidly, but these are far from the only events that can lead to burn injuries near water.  

Maritime workers suffer burn injuries from several work-related instances, such as flammable cargo, steam and hot water bursts, electrical damages, and negligent acts that increase the risk of fires, explosions, and other hazards. Maritime burn injuries often result from negligence and improper safety protocols. Dangers can occur on maritime vessels and offshore rigs. 

By working with maritime burn injury attorneys, you can claim rightful compensation under the Jones Act. Proving negligence is a daunting task that may only be realistic with the professional help of an experienced maritime burn injury lawyer. Utilize your resources and learn how Houston Maritime Burn Injury Lawyers can help potential clients like you prove your case. 

How do Houston Maritime Burn Injury Lawyers help clients? 

With the help of a burn injury lawyer, your case will be investigated to determine if employer negligence is to blame for your injury. Your attorney will investigate what you’re entitled to under the law. For example, the Jones Act protects against injuries during maritime work. Houston Maritime Burn Injury Lawyers will know if you qualify for damages under the act, if your burn injuries were due to the employer’s negligence, unstable vessel parts, or lack of inspection

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Why are you better off with legal representation?  

You are unlikely to know what to look out for and investigate without the help of Houston Maritime Burn Injury Lawyers. Your lawyer will be aware of the possible explanations for injury accidents, including but not limited to the following: 

  • Undetected equipment issues 
  • Lack of evident safety equipment, protocols, and enforcement of bans on activities that increase safety risk (i.e., smoking on vessels)
  • Failure to discard or adequately store hazardous materials

By noting the root cause of your burn injuries, your lawyer can identify who is at fault. 

They’ll get you rightful compensation. 

Your lawyer will fight for your compensation. Your lawyer will determine the medical and wage-related benefits you may have the ability to receive. You may also be able to have necessary expenses covered, including those for daily living and medical care. 

When you work with trusted Houston Maritime Burn Injury Lawyers, you don’t have to worry about liable parties dodging responsibility. Your attorneys are ready to proceed to trial if necessary. Experienced maritime burn injury lawyers know that maritime burns result in complications beyond the injury. 

Get the results you deserve. 

Medical, psychological, and financial difficulties, not to mention the emotional suffering and changes to the quality of life that result from burn injuries, are not taken lightly by those representing your case. Get the results you and those affected deserve by contacting Houston Maritime Burn Injury Lawyers immediately.  

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