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Nebulous Apk

Nebulous Apk

Nebulous Apk


Title: Nebulous
Publisher: Simplicial Software
Mode: MultiPlayer
Genre: Strategy, Action
Platforms: Mobile
Downloads: Android
Download Version:
Apk File Size: 29 MB
last updated: April 6, 2018


There’s a certain sense of community in Nebulous. Factions form, just the same as other online games, and friendships with other players can mean the difference between life and death.

You start off as just a small blob on the screen. There’s nothing about you that appears special to the naked eye, but you can’t judge based on appearances. You have the potential to become a blob-eating machine. Other blobs (players) are floating around you, just waiting to devour you and other smaller blobs. You have to grow bigger and stronger so you can devour them first. Players can begin to grow by feeding on non-player blobs found floating around you. Eventually, you’ll have to take on larger prey, and that’s where the special controls come in.

Nebulous Apk

Players have the ability to split or eject mass once they become big enough. Using this function when you’re smaller can mean your untimely end, so make sure you’ve grown big enough to reap the benefits of these special moves. Splitting is helpful when you become so big that you can’t maneuver properly. You can also distract bigger enemies by launching some of your mass in their direction while you float away. Ejecting mass can be used to move black holes that tend to swallow players up.

The game is very similar to and sports many of the same features. However, Nebulous has its own quirks that separate it from the rest of the Google Play selections. Leaderboards are available to check your score and see how you stack up against the rest of the players. The game also has several different modes of gameplay, so you don’t have to stick to the regular campaign. These variations help liven the background up a bit, and players can unlock skins (such as the Doge meme) to decorate their cell/blob with.


You won’t believe how much fun this game is! Nebulous fuels the competitor’s fire within each player, encouraging them to invest time and effort into growing their cell to a full-fledged, blob-eating machine. The sense of community that Nebulous hosts are also quite impressive, with hundreds of thousands of players worldwide joining in on the fun. As you make your way up the ranks of the leaderboard, you’ll find yourself becoming more and more addicted to this cleverly designed game. Killing time will quickly become an epic quest to be the biggest, meanest cell on the block.

Download Nebulous APK game here:

Nebulous Apk


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