Outsourcing: Effective Business Solutions for Small Businesses

Outsourcing: Effective Business Solutions for Small Businesses

Outsourcing has definitely been the buzzword for 2021 and by making good use of 3rd party providers, small businesses can compete with larger, more established companies. The many sectors that provide essential business services are very competitive, due to heavy competition and whether you are looking for digital marketing or efficient logistics, outsourcing is the way to go.

Minimum Resources

The small business that outsources does not require a large infrastructure, nor do they need to directly employ a lot of staff, which comes with a lot of liability and expense. Outsourcing has been with us for quite a long time. Building contractors mostly subcontract work to smaller outfits and even larger businesses have realised they can cut costs by outsourcing to specialist providers.

Accounting & Taxation

Whether Thailand or Indonesia payroll services are available from a leading third-party provider and the work can be done remotely. Using the cloud, remote professionals can access the required data using passwords that you issue, saving both time and money and all work can be sent via email and you can have video meetings with providers to ensure everyone’s on the same page.


The resources you need to do your own logistics makes it an unattractive solution; better to call in a local 3PL company and they can handle all your logistics. If, for example, you run an e-store, rapid order fulfilment is a necessity and the only way to be sure is to use a 3PL company; deliver your products and packaging to their warehouse and forward your orders and you are good to go.

Digital Marketing

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Every business needs a strong online profile these days and with a customised marketing plan put together by experts, the only way is up. This is especially important when you are moving into a foreign market and making sure that your promotional content is culturally suitable, which can be assured by asking local translators to take a look. Even your social media accounts should be under the control of your digital marketing partner, as they have the know-how to generate a large following. It might be that your business website needs a revamp, in which case, the agency has an in-house team of web designers.

Cyber Security

We all need to be protected when online and there are hackers out there who are constantly trawling the web, looking for back doors and your average PC antivirus program is no longer adequate protection. Outsourcing your cyber-security brings peace of mind for you and your customers; the provider carries out regular penetration testing to try and breach your network and are on watch 24/7.

In conclusion, we think that outsourcing is the key to competing with larger companies that have a lot of resources and this also streamlines your processes and keeps your running costs down. If you are looking to register your business in a Southeast Asian country, outsourcing provides you with all the essential services you need and by avoiding direct employment, you minimise your costs. Google is your best friend and can source any service that you might need, empowering your business in so many ways.

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