Stickman fighting games are so crazy, excellent, and ultimately addictive games once you start playing them. The stickman figure is a simple drawing that represents a man composed of a few lines, curves, and dots. The head is usually in a circle and sometimes embellished with details such as the eye, mouth, or hair. The arms, legs, and torso are typically in straight lines in the stick figure. Some other details, such as hands, feet, and neck, may sometimes be present or even absent. Some stickman figures can often display an ambiguous emotional expression or even disproportionate limbs.

Stick figures are dated back in history, where the graffiti of these figures were sketched and drawn by early humans. Often sharp objects were used to scratch on these hard surfaces until they were able to draw these stick figures.

Before writing systems that use images for words or morphemes came,

stick figures were considered the earliest roots for prehistoric art. Stick figures were not used widely or internationally until the 1964 Summer Olympic in Tokyo when a designer first recreated them.  These stick figures are used in many places, some being graffiti, video games, and others are used widely in animations.

To some, these stickman figures resonate with them in video games that they play online, flash games, or other downloads. Though almost all flash characters I the internet history have disappeared, stickman has managed to remain popular till today. Why is it that? Some say it’s because no one owns the stickman game character because it’s a faceless, anonymous entity and that anyone can create.


The earliest known example of a stickman figure that gave birth to these games today is an animation on the web. It’s from an old JavaScript advice website back in 1996 that is a short tutorial giving techniques regarding animation speed. Later that year, some short Flash videos were launched, The Stick Figure Death Theater that showed stick figures killing each other. Due to the ease of creating these stick figures, many video games were created that spawned the internet.

Even in 2020, stickman figure games still enjoy a relatively high amount of popularity.

They have come a long way, not just Flash games or GIF roots to more complex gameplays. These games are widely available for PC and smartphone download. They appeal so much, and developers are now focusing on creating fancy graphics that allow for greater creativity in the game.

Since most of these games are available for android, you are going to download emulator software like GenyMotion and Nox App Player to your PC first to be able to play them on your computer. The stickman Fighting games are available in plenty for you to choose from. In this article, I have compiled a list of the best stickman fighting games available today and how to download then to your PC. These games will glue you to your computer all day long.


The Anger of Stick 5 is a classic, fun, and cool 3D stickman fighting game.  The Anger of Stick 5 has very thrilling graphics, a strong sense of blow, and excellent skill effect. This stickman fighting game also has a superb fighting process. It is one of the top hottest and best stickman fighting game in the world with over 60 million download records. The story of this game is pretty impressive. A strange group of enemies appear in the city and are using innocent local people as experimental tools. Most of the people and they are now turning to zombies. At this point, stickmen have to take up the responsibility to save people and eliminate enemies.

Although you are a stickman, you still have meticulous action combat. There are several ways to punch your enemies using your hands to attack enemies lightly or heavily. With direction keys, players realize a set of actions. Weapons are necessary for the battle. There are a lot of guns, almost 125, and all kinds of swords that you can choose. Boredom does definitely exist in this game.

If you love action and adventure, then you cannot miss getting this game.

Players can enjoy both Single mode and Zombie mode of the stickman fighting game. The anger of Stick 5 also supports Team mode and individual fighting. Besides, the game also provides clearance experience and equipment upgrades shooting, hacking, and blasting everything that will be on your way.

The anger of Stick 5 is listed in the play store and is found in the action category of games. It’s developed by J-Park and can be downloaded even on the developers’ website. You can also download the game by using your favorite browser, and you just have to click install to install this application. It’s pretty easy and fast to download this stickman fighting game to your PC, and with the emulator software, you can start playing it on the go.


Stickman revenge 2 is a fun revenge game with impressive fighting action scenes that will bring you terrific experiences that you enjoy your time as a furious fighter. The story of this game is about a stickman that loses his family in a night by a Dark Power. Stickman struggles to survive and starts chasing these rivals. He has to fight these rivals to get his revenge. Stickman Revenge is the best stickman fighting game ever that you will enjoy the stickman war, and as you also fight to survive.

The nice feature about this game is that it has excellent graphics;

the contrast created for plays makes you feel like you are in space. Also, the game has plenty of skills like attack speed skill, Big & Furious Stick, Stick intervention, and Air blade Stick. The stickman fighting game with two modes and is endless, and the story is interesting. You will definitely enjoy this game without getting bored at all.

It’s pretty easy to download this game as it’s available at stores. Also, it’s available at the developer’s website, Bravestars Games, where you can easily download it from to your PC and install it pretty quickly to your system. This is an easy process, and it doesn’t take a lot of time. Once installed and the emulator software is running, you can now start playing the game, which will immerse you in this fantastic world.


Stickman Battlefield is an excellent action game that has conquered more than 50 million players from all over the world. The main character of this stickman fighting game goes to Vietnam, in which there is a fierce battlefield. This is a free game, and the immense action is what makes this game so entertaining. The stickman has a lot of capabilities; you can sit in airplanes, tanks, and helicopters to clean and drive all the enemies out of the way. You can also use a large number of weapons at the same time.

The game has very realistic physics and good modern graphics that take you to this vast and epic war.

The physics and great graphics are the ones that appeal to many gamers. This stickman fighting game is so fantastic, and a must get. You can play it on different platforms, and it’s available for free. Stickman Battlefield is easy to download and install to your PC. You can find the game in-store or go online to the developer’s website, where you can download it. To download, you simply click the download button, and once you download it, you can install it and open the emulator software, and you can then start gaming.


Stickman fighting is a splendid stickman fighting game. It’s a pretty awesome fight game that will keep you busy. This game can cheer you up from having a boring time. The stickman physics is almost perfect, and the excellent graphics are what make this game so awesome. This combo is what makes most stickman gamers lovers of this game.

The stickman fighting game was first released in December by the developer Yuriy Nikshych.  Its gameplay is exciting, and you have to choose your favorite stickman and perform awesome combos to take the opponents down. If you want a perfect stickman game, then Stickman Fighting games is absolutely the one to get. It’s simple to download and install this game on your PC. You can get this game from any online store or go to the developer’s site and download it from there. Once you click the download button and you the game is downloaded, you can install it to your PC, pretty simple, right. With the emulator like GenyMotion, you are pretty set to have an excellent time playing this game.


Stickman Simulator Final Battle is the newest stickman fighting game where you get to choose your significant troops. You get to go to war, which is epic, and you have to fight hard with your troop to claim victory. The war is pretty epic, the stickman physics is perfect, and the graphics are pretty modern. Released on TnTn in October 2019, Final Battle, hands down is actually one of the best stickman games that you absolutely need to get, and you won’t regret even a single time.

The Final Battle is available for free to download to your PC. You can get the game from online stores or head over to the developer’s website where you can get to download it. Click the download link, and once it has completed downloading, you can easily install the setup and, once installed, open the emulator, and now you can start playing this stickman fighting game.


This is the most epic stickman war game available. You get immersed in an arena, and you have to contest the fearless army assault and stickman assassins. You can box, punch catch, and throw kicks, which is what makes this game so exciting. The game takes you through a series of epic battle action, and you have to put your reflex and kill the opponents.

The best thing about this game is the fact that it is fun, and together with its addictive, realistic physic is what makes this game interesting. The fully dynamic fighting gameplay is what sets Shadow Fight apart from other games. The story of the game is fictional that a stickman shadow hero has to save the earth by fighting with monsters outside the planet. Step by step, the warrior prevents the invasion of the monsters. You can download the game to your PC from the store or even go to the developer’s website and download it from there. Once you download it, you can easily install it and start playing it in your PC using the emulator software.


Sift Heads 5 is a relatively beautiful game for any gamer that loves stickman fighting games.  This game has 20 intense missions that you have to complete to get to the next level. The game has up close shooter action, character interaction, sniping modes, and nine weapons that you can choose. Also, there are custom clothes, bonus cheats, and many more fantastic things.

In the game, there is a deadly assassin that crosses your path, and his mission is to kill you as he just wants revenge. You have to fight him to protect yourself, which is what makes this game interesting. play this game online by enabling Flash player or even download and install it. You can then play the game if you have an emulator software like GenyMotion. This emulator will allow you to smoothly run and play Sift Head in your PC. Then enjoy the intense missions that the game offers you.


This stickman fighting games can be so addictive, and since most of them are only available for android and not PC. You can simply download the emulator software like GlenyMotion, Nox App Player, and AMIDuOS. These emulators are a lifesaver, and now you have the option of downloading the android stickman fighting games to your PC and be able to play the games quickly and smoothly on your PC.

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