The Best Apps For People Who Loves Sports

People Who Loves Sports

Sport has become one of the most important ways to gain name, fame, and money today. The majority of sports are fun to play, but if you play at a high level or represent your country, you will become popular as well as make a good living as a People Who Loves Sports. 

Many people want to be good athletes but few are able to do so and also there are a lot of people who aren’t athletes but support them and love sports. In this article, we will discuss the best apps for sports enthusiasts. 

1. PES mobile

If you are a football lover and searching for the best football game then PES mobile is exactly that game which you are searching for. The graphics of this game are too good and you can also customize your favorite player. You can also play various leagues with your favorite team. Undoubtedly PES is one of the best football games ever made.


FIFA is also the most popular and loved football game ever created. The graphics of PES is better than FIFA but in terms of league matches, FIFA has introduced more events and some of them are TOTS, TOTY, UEL and UCL. Players also get good rewards if you do better than others. If you are searching for the best football games then FIFA is also an outstanding game for you.

3. WCC3- People Who Loves Sports

WCC3 is an Android cricket game. The graphics and different new features makes this game one of the best cricket games ever. You can play the World Cup and various different league matches. In this game you can play the World Cup with your national team and also you can maximize the players according to your choice. If you are a cricket lover then you can simply play this game.

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4. NBA LIVE- People Who Loves Sports

NBA live is also one of the most popular mobile games for basketball lovers. You can play almost every NBA game for a long time and also you will get to pick drafts, complete seasons and also you can choose your favorite player in your team. The graphics and sound combo is perfectly balanced and smooth. 

5. Tennis Australian Open

Tennis Australian Open is one of the amazing tennis games. The graphics of this game and sound combo is too brilliant. You can play this game on both iOS and Android. In this game, we can play with many opponents and also we can play many league matches. 

So if you’re searching for the best tennis mobile game, this game will amaze you. They will also provide information about the odds of each player coming into this game, usually those odds will be provided by Sportsbet, and they may also show Sportsbet promotions.

6. Big Win Hockey

Big Win Hockey, this game is for hockey lovers. In this game you can create your own team and also you can cheer your team on to victory. The graphics are also good and also you can play this game on both iOS and Android.

All these apps that we mentioned above are some of the best mobile games for different sports. Now let’s talk about some live score apps for different games. If you don’t have time to watch the live matches then these apps will really help you to tally live scores.

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1. CricketNext

This app only posts about cricket scores. You can simply find this app on app stores. CricketNext app is really helpful for busy people because this app posts live scores, ball to ball scores. You will get all the information about past matches, present playing matches or all future matches in this app.

2. Live Score App

This is the best app for live score because this app posts the live scores of all the ongoing games. If you download this app then you don’t have to worry about live scores of any games because this app posts live scores of all games, even this app posts the live scores of Olympics games. This game is simply available in the App Store. 


Many sports apps and live scores apps are available on App Store or Play Store but those apps that are mentioned above are some of the best apps for gaming and to watch live scores. There are a lot of gaming apps but it’s quite difficult to include all of them but we have tried our best to mention some of the best apps according to their ratings. Please let us know if we missed any to include your favorite sports app.

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