The Complete Guide To Optimizing Content For SEO

Optimizing Content For SEO

Content Marketing is now an integral part of digital marketing services. In fact one of the most significant strategies for maintaining a strong online presence and astounding digital marketing. This is why corporations now produce many different types of content regularly. E-posts, podcasts, blog posts, white papers, webinars among several other types of content are the tactics used by marketers these days to create the authority of a brand. Though creating compelling content is not enough. What is even more important? The most crucial thing is to optimize the content so that it can be found. And this is done with the help of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). You can visit freelance seo manchester to contact the best seo consultant to learn more about it or read this Complete Guide To Optimizing Content For SEO.

SEO is done to make the content more attractive to the search engines by fiddling with it. When the content is optimized for conversion and discovery, the basic idea is to escalate its reach to the maximum level possible. The aim is to create content that appeals to the audience so that they themselves share it among their peers and thus the reach increases itself. But this can take place only when our content is visible to the target audience. The following key points can help in SEO of the content so that it reaches the apt audience.

Optimize meta descriptions

The Keyword can help attain the searcher’s attention that is placed in the meta description, even if it does not help in increasing the rank. The meta description of content influences the searcher’s decision of going through the link. The text which appears on the search engine result page gives a description of the link above it, this additional text is known as meta description. The best way to optimize this description is by including the main keyword in it. The search engine itself bolds the keyword in the search results.

Another way is by writing a readable and legible description with verbs such as learn, grab, etc. followed with simple, normal sentences. There are two main aspects of an optimized meta description, one- along with being appealing it should be relevant and two it should be simple and have the keyword.

Internal Linking

A score also known as page authority is assigned to each web page by the search engine. The method behind assigning this score is kept hidden. Though one way of achieving a good page authority is through links. Now, this internal link is a hyperlink on one webpage that points to another page or another resource but on the same website or domain. This helps in reducing the bounce rate along with boosting the page’s concreteness. If there is a relevant article or a related page then you can create a link for the same. Visitors will remain on the website if they found useful information with the help of these links.

Apart from this, you can showcase your latest or the most popular article or other content. You can add links on the page’s footer. Adding a widget that carries relevant links right underneath the article can be useful as well.

The Structure and length of the Content

Curate your content with a clear structure. The following are the basic things should be included in the structure of the content:


One does no longer want to fear so much about the duration of the content check over here. Though most of the content should have a minimum of 500-800 words content and blog posts should have 1000-1200 words at least. And maintaining minimum levels of length is critical to search engine optimization.


Visual elements and images are SEO influencers. They increase the overall value of the content. At the time of going through the article, the search engine crawlers look for different types of content supporting information. Also, it is important to mention information about the visuals. If the information about visuals is not present then they will not be of any benefit for the optimization of the content. This information is added with the help of Alt(Alternative) text. Keywords can be used in the description of the visuals and images if it is suitable. Otherwise, keywords can be excluded from the Alt text.

Mobile-friendly content along with fast-loading

There are a few technical aspects to search engine optimization as well which you need to keep in mind. Speed is one of these aspects. A page that loads faster is said to be SEO-friendly. To make the page load fast, ensure that the size of the visuals and images that you used in your content is in accord with the size of the content. And it should also match your usage as well.


An important thing to note here is that most of the websites go through the webpage using their smartphones . So your visuals and images should show up properly on small screens even though you created the website using a desktop PC or laptop. Your content should be mobile friendly as well.

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