These 11 Stylish Bathroom Remodel Ideas Are Brilliant

Stylish Bathroom Remodel Ideas

These 11 stylish bathroom remodel ideas will make the process less stressful if you consider updating your bathroom. From color schemes to new fixtures, these renovations were made by professional designers with complete ease for the homeowner in mind.

1) The first home renovation idea is installing a new tile floor and shower surround and custom cabinets with gray-painted interiors. This suburban home was able to easily update its flooring thanks to prefabricated pieces that fit together seamlessly. The black grout on the new subway tiles blends into the cabinets’ dark gray, creating a cohesive look that highlights the white of both furniture sets. If you would like an idea similar to this but don’t want custom cabinet designs, there are options for pre-made bathroom vanities. These come in a variety of styles and colors to match the rest of your home’s décor perfectly, and you don’t need as many tools to put them together as you would if you were making them yourself.

2) A second custom renovation idea is replacing the original tub with a freestanding shower surround that gives homeowners ample room to take a long soak. The high ceilings allow for taller showerheads without sacrificing comfort or control. Photo credit:  Ajay_Indus (Flickr)

3) This elegant remodel adds new curved walls between two rooms for more space and modern style. By increasing the wall height by several inches, homeowners gained enough space for built-in cabinets and room for a new toilet. The increased wall height also increased the ceiling height of the bathroom, adding to its overall spaciousness. Photo credit:  Scott Martin (Flickr)

4) This bathroom spa renovation has several components that are worth copying for your home. A shell-shaped tub with a built-in bench allows for maximum room between the client and their massage therapist. The use of acrylic rather than glass makes cleaning more accessible, as does having hardwood floors instead of carpeting in the rest of the home so visitors and homeowners can remove shoes before entering this space. And if you have high ceilings, consider lighting them up by hanging pendant lights from the middle of each one using chains or rods that can hold multiple lamps at once without blocking too much natural light with the chain’s structure.

5) For a more modern bathroom renovation idea, try combining two naturally complementary materials. The use of wood in this design is an accent piece and serves to tie together everything from cabinets to shower flooring and wallboards. With a few different paint choices for each part, along with an intelligent layout plan, homeowners can create a spa bathroom with style all its own. And don’t forget about glass tile on your walls; aside from making the space lighter visually, it makes it easier to clean as well. If you like this look, consider using more glass tile on your countertops or backsplash area as well (just make sure you add some additional strength, such as the glass tile mortar from the home improvement store if you plan to use a lot).

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6) A unique way to gain space in a bathroom renovation is by adding a wall-mounted vanity. This concept also creates an open feel while maintaining privacy for your shower and toilet areas. The built-in wood cabinets have plenty of storage while still sleek and modern, matching the rest of the updated space perfectly. If you need somewhere to put your towels but don’t want them all out in full sight, consider installing towel bars or hooks on one of the vanities instead; they will easily hold all shapes and sizes.

7) In this bathroom spa renovation, homeowners took a more rustic approach. They used natural slate tiles for their shower surfaces and floors and added a white sink to contrast the dark wood of their cabinets. This made for a space that was extremely warm and inviting; it would be perfect for those who like to take long showers and like to lounge around in them as well (if you do this, make sure your battery has enough headroom to accommodate lying down; or consider adding an extra-long rain showerhead). The use of glass tile on the walls was also a clever way of letting natural light come in without sacrificing privacy.

8) Another excellent two-tone option is using darker colors for custom bathroom vanities rather than having small accents everywhere else. In this case, homeowners chose black cabinets with white countertops along with matching wall tiles. It gives the bathroom an updated, sleek feeling that is still modern and traditional enough for most bathroom décor. The choice to use clear glass on the cabinets is also a good one; it makes the space appear larger while letting homeowners add pops of color in such places as towels or bathrobes.

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9) Don’t be afraid to mix metals in your remodel. In this case, homeowners used brass knobs and fixtures with copper countertops and shower walls, giving off a vintage feel that is also timeless and chic. Even if you don’t want to match all of your hardware with each other or even your interior décor style, mixing metals can create a stylish but eclectic look that will still feel pulled together at the end of the day. If you use more than one metal for your bathroom, consider using materials that are similar in color rather than different to make it easier on yourself when you choose accessories and furniture pieces later down the road.

10) Sometimes, deviating from the norm means pairing black walls with white cabinets. Though it might not be what most people would expect, this is a great way to create an open space while still ensuring it isn’t hard on the eyes. The dark wood also contrasts nicely with the neutral tiles on both floors and walls, making everything stand out even better. Add some decorative touches where you can—for example, painted designs or framed pictures along your accent wall or behind your sink—to give your bathroom that finishing touch, it needs to be a truly memorable and well-loved space.

11) A final idea for those looking to make dramatic changes in their home but staying within a reasonable budget is by buying new furniture pieces rather than changing the entire layout of your bathroom. For example, consider replacing your shower curtain rod with glass shelves instead; not only will they do the same job as the old one (holding backwater), but they also give you additional storage without having to break the bank or change up more of your design elements than you want to.


These 11 stylish bathroom remodel ideas give homeowners a lot to work with without breaking the bank. Incorporating just one or two is a great way to make small changes that will significantly impact the look of your room. If you want something even more significant, try working in more than one at a time for the best results. For bathroom remodeling services, you may contact H&A My Design Los Angeles.


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