Where is slots gaming legal?

slots gaming legal

There are hundreds of online casinos that offer thousands of entertaining slot games – play Shamans Dream slot online. If you want to try your luck and place some bets in real money slots but you’re not sure if gambling is legal where you are, you shouldn’t worry. Here is a note on where is slots gaming legal.

The good news is that, except for only a few states, gambling is legal in most countries around the world. That, however, comes with certain regulations that are designed to protect the players and make sure casinos respect the law. Below you can find out more about it.

The United Kingdom

The British gambling industry is one of the most regulated but anyone who is over 18 can legally play slots and other casino games in both online and land-based casinos. Prior to 2005 there weren’t many regulations in place so there were instances where online casinos would steal people’s money and vanish. In 2005 the government introduced the Gambling Act 2005, designed to control all forms of gambling.

The document established the UK Gambling Commission which is charged with making sure that all casino operators follow the law. All casinos need to obtain licences in order to be allowed to operate. That ensures that rights of all players are always respected.

The United States

The situation in the US is complicated because all states are allowed to implement their own laws. That means that you might be allowed to play slots in some parts of the US, but not in others. The situation can be even more complex when it comes to online gambling as certain states consider it illegal, at the same time allowing people to visit land-based casinos.

That means that if you’re thinking of placing some bets in the US you should always check the rules that apply to the state where you are. The only two states where all forms of gambling are completely illegal are Utah and Hawaii.


Gambling industry in Australia is regulated by the National Gambling Reform Act introduced in 2012. According to the act playing slots and other casino games is legal in both online and land-based casinos.

The interesting thing about playing slots in Australia is that this regulation also requires slot machines to offer the option to set a maximum loss limit during playtime. This function is supposed to help players keep track of their spendings.

Where is gambling illegal?

While most countries allow gambling, there are exceptions. Gambling is illegal in almost all of the Arab countries, and in United Arab Emirates players can serve up to two years in jail if they are caught gambling. In Cambodia playing slots and other casino games is illegal for citizens of the country but if you are a tourist, you’re allowed to do it and you can go to a special venue designated for it.

In Japan casinos can only operate if they are in a resort with a hotel and a conference hall. In Russia online casino gambling and online poker are legal but going to a land-based casino is not.

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