6 Things You Should Never Forget as a Rummy Player

Rummy Player

Indian rummy is the favourite card game for Indians around the world. They enjoy playing rummy at all social gatherings. The rummy game is interesting and yet easy to learn. There are some things that you must never forget if you are a good rummy player. In this blog, you will know 6 Things You Should Never Forget as a Rummy Player. Read along and get the hang of it.

To Arrange the Cards in the Hand

All good rummy players also possess the skill to organise. They know how to arrange the cards in the hand so that their chances of winning the game are maximised. They make sure the most important cards hold the central visual space in the hand or on the screen. They arrange the cards to be disposed to one side of the hand. They place the joker cards to the other side of the hand. This arrangement of cards ensures that they are able to play their moves swiftly without thinking.

To Make the Pure Sequence First

The pure sequence is significant in all Indian Rummy card games. This is because life cannot be complete in any variation of rummy without the pure sequence. That is why a good player will first focus his attention on completing the pure sequence. Once this is done, he may attempt to complete other sequences and melds in the hand.

To Observe Opponent Moves

The opponent moves help you understand a lot about the game. A wise player will know to quit when the opponent is nearing the completion of his hand. There are indications to show that a player is about to complete his hand. Only players who are about to finish their hands dispose low point cards. This could be a warning sign showing you that it is time to take action.

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To Make Best Use of Joker Cards

Joker cards can be the game changer if used effectively. This is because joker cards can be used to complete any sequence except for the pure sequence. Good players make optimum use of joker cards. They keep rearranging the cards in the hand so that jokers are used optimally.

To Quit When You Are Losing

Players know when they are about to lose the game. A wise player will choose first drop or second drop before the opponent wins. Waiting till the opponent calls it rummy may make you lose more points in the game. That is why an avid player will always be willing to quit the game if his chances of winning are really bleak.

To Reduce Points in the Hand

In all series rummy card games, having more points increases your chances of losing the game. As a good rummy player, you should make constant attempts to reduce the total points in the hand. This can be done by disposing off the high point cards in your hand

Rummy is referred to as a skills game because it improves certain skills in the player. People who frequently play rummy card games have better attention and observation skills. They also tend to be good in finances.

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