How to Rank your website in search engine: 5 tips that really work

How to Rank your website in search engine

Are you a blogger and want to optimize your website in the search engine like Google then you have come to the right page? Today I am going to share some useful tips that help you to rank your website in Google and other search engines. Also, you can make Small business trends by using these 5 effective tips

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  1. Keep Updating Your Content

Did you ever wonder why news websites always rank higher on search engines? This is because they keep updating their content and search engines give preference to updated content. So if you want to continue to get better ranking on search engines, you need to keep your content up-to-date regularly. check your content to avoid plagiarism by using the free plagiarism Checker.

  1. Follow the Google Updates

 And last but not least. If you want to continue to stay in the good books of Google, you need to keep tabs on the latest Google updates so that you are aware of the current search criterion of the biggest search engine today. You can analyze the latest updates by following the industry experts.

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white label SEO is a pretty broad topic and thus there’s a whole bundle of tactics that are employed to optimize a website and make it search engine friendly. The aforementioned tips are, although, one of those many tactics, yet they are also the ‘most-ignored’ ones. So, follow these tips and start climbing up the Google Ladder until you dominate all.

  1. Improve Website Speed
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 Website speed does factor in the page ranking of your website. Gone are the days when visitors would wait for the website to browse its resources. Today, a slight delay in your website can result in significant bounce rate which can hurt the sales of your online business. Therefore, it is important that you first test out the speed of your website before making it live and make sure that it opens at an optimum speed.

  1. Optimized Internal Links

 People believe that creating external links is the only way they can optimize a web page or site and increase its ranking. However, it isn’t. You can affect the rankings by creating and optimizing internal links as well. Other than influencing the search engine ranking, internal links also allow you to bring traffic to other pages of your site.

  1. Developing connections through social media

 One of the great things about social media is that it enables you to the network through the customers you already have to reach more people like them. If you take the right approach you can get your customers to do your marketing for you and also reach more like-minded people.

You can partner with influencers in your industry and promote your content that direct the people you blog. Instagram story-takeover is a great idea to reach more people and promote your Instagram and blog posts as well. You can also think buy Instagram followers to increase your fan base and get more benefits in no time. Share your post link to the Facebook page, Pinterest and Twitter and get more visitors and get higher ranking in search engine.

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