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Monument Valley Apk

Monument Valley APK

Monument Valley Apk


Title: Monument Valley
Publisher: ustwo games
Mode: Single Player
Category: Puzzle
Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone
Download Version: 2.5.18
Apk File Size: 27 MB
last updated: December 18, 2017

Mobile gaming has earned a huge popularity in this era. People prefer playing games on mobile to pass their time or for the sake of enjoyment. In mobiles, the most common is android gaming. There are a lot of games developed.

Every day, a large number of android games are developed and launched on Google Play Store. Most of these games are worthless. Playing these kinds of games make you feel that you have wasted your time but there are certain games which make you feel better and these games fascinate you and make your mood much better.

Monument Valley is a puzzle related game which is developed and launched under the banner of USTWO. In this game, you have to guide a very beautiful princess through a very fascinating and attractive world.

It seems romantic but actually it isn’t much romantic as it seems because this game is not as simple as it looks like due to complicated and impossible architecture. In this game, you have to explore the complicated geometry and amazing architecture.

Story of Monument Valley

In Monument Valley game free there is princess whose name is Ida. She is totally relying upon you. You have to guide her through a lot of optical delusions and secretive monument finding secret paths. You also have to defeat cryptic people. This game includes a lot of beautiful palaces and temples from all around the world.

Monument Valley Apk

All the temples and monuments are crafted in a very beautiful way. You have to explore them and reshape the world to by winding and dragging. This game is designed in very wonderful way so that everyone can play this game without any trouble and can enjoy the best features of the game.

Features of Monument Valley

  • This is a very remarkable and fascinating puzzle game.
  • You have to guide the silent princess through the striking world.
  • You have to handle the complex and incredible structures.
  • You need to combat with the enigmatic people.
  • Monument Valley apk free has included a lot of shrines and citadels.
  • It is easy to play.
  • Monument Valley includes a lot of praise worthy sounds.
  • It has good graphics.

Monument Valley APK Download

If you like to play puzzle games then monument valley mod apk is the best game for you. So, you do not have to waste your time by sitting idle. You have to download free monument valley game. I bet that you will enjoy free monument valley game.

Download Monument Valley Apk

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