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Plague Inc APK

Plague Inc APK + MOD Free For Android

Plague Inc Apk

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Plague inc full apk is an adventurous game which is developed and launched by one-man developer Ndemic Creations. In this game, the player has to work on and deadly virus in order to infect and destroy the entire world. The player has to create and evolve a very harmful pathogen in effort to infect the entire population of world with a deadly plague caused by that pathogen. An epidemic model with a complicated and genuine set of variables is used in this game in order to stimulate and spread the plague with a remarkable severity.

Plague Inc Apk

Plague Inc Apk

Are you ready to infect the whole world? If yes then it is the time to play plague inc apk. Plague inc apk mod is a highly strategic game which is a wonderful mixture of horrible realistic stimulation and high strategy.

Story of Plague Inc APK

Plague inc apk mod is all about destroying the whole population of this world by infecting with the deadly virus. At the start of the game, you pathogen infects the ‘Patient Zero’. Now it is your responsibility to spread this pathogen in the whole world to infect the rest of the population. You must have to bring the human history to an end by evolving the deadly global plague. In your opposition, there is whole humanity, all the humans have to defend themselves from this deadly virus but you do not have to think about them. Your only purpose is to put the world to an end by spreading this pathogen.

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Features of Plague Inc APK

  • This game has very stunning high definition graphics with extremely polished interface.
  • The game involves highly detailed and hyper realistic world with advanced artificial intelligence.
  • Plague Inc. is very inclusive in game help and tutorial system.
  • The game includes 12 different types of diseases. It means you have to master 12 different methods to spread these 12 kinds of diseases.
  • Plague Inc. has a feature of saving and loading functionality. It means that if you have got to do work while playing game then you can save game and you will carry the game in your free time.
  • You have to infect 50 plus countries.
  • You have to evolve hundreds of traits in the pathogen to infect the entire world; otherwise it will lead you to the failure.
  • The game is localized in English, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Japanese, Russian and Korean languages and more are going to release soon.

Download Plague Inc APK

If you like to play adventurous games then plague inc apk full is the best game for you. Do not waste your time in thinking and download plague inc apk unlocked to let yourself entertained with this game. You can have plague inc apk download from this website. You can also have modded version of Plague Inc free download from our site.

Download Plague Inc Apk

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