Rules of survival Apk

Rules of survival APK + DATA Free For Android

Rules of survival Apk


Publisher: NetEase Games
Mode: MultiPlayer
Category: Action
Platforms: Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows
Download Version: 1.150917.154025
Apk File Size: 49 MB
last updated: April 13, 2018

Rules of survival Apk is the survival game which was developed and launched under the banner of Netease. This game was first released only in China. After some time, when the potential of the game was realized then Netease decided to release rules of survival game all over the world. So, the English language version of rules of survival game was introduced to the world With the Chinese version, people may face the difficulty in logging in and playing the rules of survival game but with the English version, all the obstacles are removed.

What is new in Rules of Survival?

PUBG’s appeal acted as the inspiration for a lot of PUBG mobile game titles that are released on the play store including a lot of high quality games including Millet Shootout and Knives Out. Now a new and complete version of PUBG is introduced which is called rules of survival game. It is considered as the mobile copy of the game with high definition 3D graphics and best gameplay. Innovations in Rules of survival Apk game includes:

Rules of survival Apk

Rules of survival Apk

A Large Map With Many Terrains

In this game players will have to deal with the poisonous gas which is spread everywhere. It shows that your place is no safer. Players will have to do gun battle with the enemies to become the last survivor of the game. There is a great innovation in the map. Rules of survival Apk game brings an extensive map of 6.4 km squares. It is enough for almost 120 players to play at the same time.

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Fair Play Policy In Match

Rules of survival android game has stimulated the whole PUBG’s gameplay to maintain the balance of the game. All the players are dropped to specific location on map and started to survive. Each player will be given the default weapons. Their mission starts soon after their landing on the ground and their mission is to move constantly and collect the items that are scattered randomly. These items include bullets, helmets and cars etc.

Rules of survival Apk

Team Fighting

Rules of survival game also allows for the team combat. There are two or four players in a team. This mode is suitable for those who prefer to play with friends.

Features Of The Game

  • In rules of survival game, the player can steal the AUG guns from the main supply.
  • There is also a new feature of adding chat channels by a country.

Rules Of Survial Download

If you want to get enjoyed by the new feature of rules of survival game, then download Rules of survival Apk game from our website. You can also have Data of Rules of survival free download from our site.

Rules of survival Apk


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