Tech Habits That Need To Change

Tech Habits

We’re increasingly reliant on the tech we use in our day to day from our smartphones and computers to our always on devices such as smartwatches – but many suffer from the same issues that continue to make the tech industry frustrating in many regards. So which Tech Habits are the most frustrating? In this blog, you will know Tech Habits That Need To Change.

Planned obsolescence – This is the big one, the idea that many of our devices are designed in a way to become unusable after a certain period of time in order to encourage users to purchase a newer device. The biggest criticism has been towards our mobile devices as Apple and Samsung were both fined in 2018 as suggestions were made that forced operating system updates were found to be making some older devices unusable – whilst claims also suggest this practice isn’t happening, there are many subtle nods suggesting that this is still very much a problem. With hardware changes seemingly coming every few months and software adjustments catching up too, many are looking to hold on to old devices to avoid shelling out the huge costs that come with upgrading, and these users should be protected particularly as the growing costs of devices have become a concern for those who can’t afford to fork out the $1,000+ each time a new flagship is released.

Regulation and initiatives – This is very present in mobile gaming particularly in the rapidly growing online gambling industry – the most recent change had been to the Gamstop initiative aimed at reducing participating options for problem players in a blanket change that made it mandatory for all operators or be at risk of losing their gaming license – operators have responded to this however as non gamstop betting sites at Maximum Casinos were quickly made available following the change, but because these big changes are issued so quickly it can be difficult for a response to come in time too.

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New devices, old hardware – A little different from the first mentioned point around planned obsolescence, another issue has been found in newer devices not necessarily having newer hardware – given how quickly newer devices are released with flagships sometimes being available twice per year, there isn’t much opportunity for new hardware to become available which means many are paying hundreds or often thousands of dollars for very minor changes – this may eventually be moderated as prices are starting to reach new limits and the numbers of people willing to pay the increased price will drop, but there needs to be some protecting so new devices mean new upgrades too.

The next big change coming to tech is going to be seen with 5G as it has started to launch for different regions which will lead to further big changes in tech, with update capacity increased, better speeds and better capacity some of these habits may stay in place as others become a little more prevalent – there has been a renewed focus on making sure big tech companies are operating in the interests of the consumer as much as possible.

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