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Texting and chatting someone has never been this fun with the use of emojis. The fun thing about emojis is that these emojis add a modern flair to expressing our emotions. You can either joke around or be mad at a person and tell them to back off with the use of the middle finger emoji. There is a lot of emojis that anyone can use in any given situation.

Emojis used to be smileys on our old phones. With modern technologies such as our iPhones and Androids, it is only right that our smiley game stepped up. Expressing our emotions through smileys no longer means a combination of symbols and characters. Now, using emoticons pose a more intimate and creative way of expressing our feelings.

We no longer have to use a bunch of symbols and characters to express an emotion. Where is the fun in using a colon and parentheses to express happiness? Here are some emoji apps that you can use in your next conversation.


BitMoji is one of the best emoji keyboard apps in the app store. The best thing about BitMoji is that it allows anyone to create their emoji character. If you want a more personalized emoji to send to your friends, then BitMoji is perfect for you. You can be more intimate when you submit your friends an emoji of you that says, “I miss you” in the most personalized manner.

BitMoji also works perfectly well with other apps. You will not have to stress about not being able to use your personalized emojis in your favorite social media apps. It should not bother you when you are using Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter. Make sure your timeline is full of your personalized emojis.

BitMoji also offers more than just emojis. You will find tons of stickers in this keyboard emoji app. Combine your favorite emojis and stickers all together and not use any words at all!


AfroEmoji is an emoji app that is worth downloading. The thing with emojis today is that these emojis are not versatile in terms of race. It sometimes feels like some of the current emojis have somewhat of a “white” orientation. AfroEmoji is an excellent emoji app that has a lot of emojis with a diverse racial orientation.

Google and Apple offered a bunch of racially-unique emojis. However, we feel that AfroEmoji has a more diverse emojis that would describe a race or a culture. After all, we use emojis to express our emotions accurately. There is no better way to convey our feelings with an emoji app that has a lot of emojis that lean towards racial diversity.

Expressing our real emotions has never been this comfortable. If you are somewhat unable to find an emoji in AfroMoji, do not worry. You can easily create your unique emoji in AfroEmoji.


KeyMoji works like a functional dictionary for your favorite emojis. This emoji app brings a lot of fantastic emojis that anyone can use in their next conversation. The fun thing about BitMoji is that these emojis come from different sources. The emojis that you can find on BitMoji also get constant updates in real-time.

You will not have to worry if you are not familiar with emojis. It does not take a ton of knowledge to express your feelings with emojis. The fantastic feature of KeyMoji is that it teaches any user the meaning of an emoji. There is a phrase that perfectly describes the emoji. Use the right emoji in the perfect situation!

You no longer have to stress about sending the wrong emoji to your friends, family, and special someone. Make sure to send the perfect emoji that describes your intimate emotions towards them. Also, make sure that they know the meaning of that emoji so that things do not take an awkward turn.


These emoji apps can be the perfect tool in your everyday conversation. Nothing expresses our genuine emotions with the use of emojis. The fantastic thing about modern emojis is that they could describe a broad scope of feelings and situations.

It may almost feel like we no longer have to use words. Anyone can throw in a lot of emojis, and these emojis could make sense in one way or another.

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