3 Ways Millennials Get a Bad Rap in the Workplace

bad habits of millennials

Millennials always seem to get a bad rap. They are characterized as flaky and informal. They care too much and work too little. The key to utilizing millennials in the workplace is to know how to turn a perceived negative into a positive.

Why Ask Why?

Millennials want to know why. They are not robots who do the job and keep their heads down. They are constantly looking for ways to understand and improve the system. If they understand the context of their work, they are more likely to work hard not just at the task at hand, but at making the entire operation run more efficiently. The key to keeping millennials focused in the workplace is hiring a manager like Eyal Gutentag with the know-how and experience in corralling this talented group.

Is Showing Up That Important?

Everybody loves a job with flexibility. Millennials demand it. They see no reason to sit in an office on a beautiful day when there is no work to be done. On the plus side, millennials don’t mind working strange hours. They are not tied to a traditional 40-hour workweek. They would rather work when there is work to be done and enjoy life when there isn’t. Offering jobs with flexible hours and telecommuting options can be a win for everyone.

Is There an App for That?

Let’s face it, millennials know technology in a way that Baby Boomers and Gen Xers don’t. If you don’t keep at least a couple of these youngsters in your office, who is going to set up your new printer or modem? While their nose is in a phone or tablet swiping right, they are also solving some of your productivity problems with technology you didn’t even know existed.

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Working with millennials can be a challenge. Once you know how their hearts and minds work, however, it should be a pleasure. Challenge them to think critically and problem-solve, and you might just learn a few of their tricks!

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