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5 Tweaks To Customize Whatsapp

WhatsApp is an excellent instant messenger, but it can be any better. Regardless of whether it hides information in the WhatsApp web from snooping eyes or uses various WhatsApp accounts on the same device, several extensions and applications can achieve anything. You’ll need Google Chrome or a Chromium-based browser such as Opera to use any of the applications.

And you must use the WhatsApp Web on your desktop, of course. The applications listed here are Android-based and chrome-based, there are other modded application such as GBWhatsapp download to do it! However, with any phone, the lone WhatsApp Messenger bot can be used.

  1. WhatsApp Business (Android)

You might want to have a WhatsApp for each number if you have a dual SIM device. Cloning applications are available to use various accounts, but WhatsApp is no longer working on most. WhatsApp Business can be used more easily.

WhatsApp Business is an official WhatsApp application, which is essentially another variant that you are familiar with. It offers several other characteristics for companies, like “quick responses” to submit typed messages often, marks to define distinct chats, etc.

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  1. WhatsAuto (Android)

Often you drive a car, study or are too busy to respond to incoming texts. However, you don’t yet want to be harsh. WhatsAuto allows you to configure automatic answers for any messages you receive.

The app can be easily configured. You can choose to automatically reply from the preset model or generate a separate model. The formatting is done so that every document can be bold, italics or striking. You can choose to give automatic answers to just a few individuals or all individuals, like your whole contact list, except your favorites. The header “Auto-Reply” is the default but can be removed if desired.

  1. WikiBot (any)
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WhatsApp isn’t just a tool for a chat. Some strong facilities, such as work advisories, media releases, etc, can be used in WhatsApp. Wikipedia is probably another service. Send a message to WikiBot to show you the theory of Wikipedia.

You must first enter the phone number of WikiBot into your contact list and save it as WikiBot normally. Then deliver the message to the saved number:

  1. Hide Media (Chrome)

All pictures and videos that anyone sends you automatically loads on the WhatsApp Web. And that could be a privacy nightmare on the large monitor as anybody on your screen can see what is.

Hide Media is a simple, extension that hides all photos of WhatsApp automatically. The image has always been downloaded, but it’s broken so you can’t see it. Swipe your mouse cursor above to expose the picture or video. For a clip, when you show it, you can click the play key.

  1. WAToolkit (Chrome)

WAToolkit is a Chrome extension that everyone who utilizes WhatsApp Web must-have. It brings two tricks, together with some other good characteristics, that create WhatsApp Web much easier.

WAToolkit first fixes the bubble width of the chat. For some reason, WhatsApp does not extend chat bubbles to the whole screen and does not use the scope of your wide monitor. WAToolkit allows full-width chat holes to optimize the screen space.

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