Different ways to surprise someone at Christmas

surprise someone at Christmas

Would you like to surprise someone at Christmas but don’t know how? Start in time! Christmas is perhaps the best time of the year. The time to think of your family and friends. There are, of course, various ways to surprise someone at Christmas. This article explains it all!

Send Christmas cards

An easy but good way to surprise someone is to make and send Christmas cards. Making your own is fun and pretty easy. Self-designed Christmas cards make the most impression and stand out from the crowd. Printing christmas cards (translation: kerstkaarten drukken) and sending them to family members is an ideal way to let them know you are thinking of them.

Giving gifts

Of course giving a gift is a great way to surprise someone. A gift can be large or small, which makes it very easy to give. It is important to think carefully about the finishing touches such as wrapping paper and the ribbon. Wrapping paper alone is nice, but you can make the packaging even nicer with stickers and a nice ribbon around it. The ribbon is the finishing touch of the gift. You can design something yourself and then print the ribbon (translation: lint bedrukken).

Prepare something tasty

The best way to surprise your family is to prepare an entire dinner. Having dinner with your family brings them closer together and strengthens the family atmosphere. By preparing something tasty for each other, you can add variety to the dinner so everyone has something to add.

Make a video message

A great way to surprise someone at Christmas is to make a video message so that you can show the best moments of the year in the video. This way you can relive the best moments together with your friends and family.

Put up a nice Christmas tree

A nice way to surprise people when they come to your house is to decorate a beautiful Christmas tree. A big advantage is that a Christmas tree contributes to the atmosphere at home. The most important thing is that you and your family can put the presents underneath it so you can unwrap them at Christmas. In short, the Christmas tree is a good way to bring your family together.

There are many ways to surprise someone at Christmas: you can easily make Christmas cards and a nice video message, or you can have dinner with your family and put presents under the tree.


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