Things you need to know as a player to obtain Fallout 76 Nuke Codes

fallout 76 nuke codes

Introduction of fallout 76 nuke codes:

Fallout 76 is an RPG action-packed online game that was developed by Bethesda Game Studios. Though this one got released in November 2018, players still log in to return to Appalachia’s open world. It got an update ‘Wastelander’ on April 14, 2020, that made this survival game pretty much better than previous. In Fallout 76, nuke codes is an essential one. It allows you to detonate weapons of mass destruction. Thus you face difficult enemies & obtain lucrative drops. But you need to know its use & how to acquire them. Therefore, today we are going to discuss Fallout 76 nuke codes.               

Difference between Fallout 76 and Fallout 76: Wastelander :

Fallout 76 is the installment of the ‘Fallout’ series & an RPG multiplayer game having some upgrades plus differences than the prequels. It is the first multiplayer game of the developer that was published by Bethesda Softworks. On the other hand, Fallout 76: Wastelander is an extension & an update of Fallout 76. It contains all the NPCs’ that players couldn’t play them before and having all the missing features of Fallout 76 that have included now. Thus, bringing the player more excitement and fun in the open world of Appalachia. Therefore, Fallout 76 is no longer a waste of time. Thanks to its new update that provided the player all those missing things that players were demanding for long.

Here players will now have to play in the wild of West Virginia encountering new enemies and new locations. Also, Wastelanders brings to the players: new questline, new weapons & new reputations including the introduction of fully voiced NPCs’. If you are already the owner of Fallout 76, then you get the Wastelander expansion for free i.e, you don’t need to buy this. But, if you are new and trying to get on to this game, then you have to buy it. But don’t worry, you can grab ‘Fallout 76: Wastelanders’ edition of the game, which includes base content.

 In Wastelander, the premises remains the same, and you play as a newly emerged dweller of Vault number 76. In the gameplay, there is the original main story where players have to follow a series of messages. Vault’s 76 overseers leave the messages.

Fallout 76 nuke codes who demand more:

Those who demand more Bethesda hasn’t disappointed them. They are also offering to purchase two Faction-themed content bundles, including combination bundles. These will give players to access exclusive gratuitous and C.A.M.P items. As mentioned earlier, those who are already the owner of Fallout 76 will get all features just free. That means you get the Wastelander extension plus raider content bundles. But if you are not, you have to spend $19.99 or £15.99 from your pocket to purchase Raider Content Bundle.  

The Raider Content Bundles consists of Car Mine Planter, Raider C.A.M.P, conquest loot bag, pathfinder outfit. Plus, based on the Crater Raiders, you get a unique appearance for power armor that is Raider Marauder skin. Settler Content Bundle is also at the same price as the Raider Content Bundle. Also, it includes the same items as Raider Content Bundles with little difference. That is ‘Settler Vigilante power armor skin.’ You can purchase both content from Steam at the price of $29.99 or  £24.99. However, if you are not in the Fallout 76 yet, then you can buy either Fallout 76:Wastelanders edition at US$39.99 or UK£34.44. 

You can also buy ‘Fallout 76:Watelanders Deluxe Edition’ at $US 59.99 or UK£ 49.99. The advantage is that it will include the full game and the content of Raider & Settler Content Bundles above. You don’t have to buy the bundles separately, and you can also save some money. You can also check out for new updates here. If you want to check the prices and bundles, check out here.

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What Fallout 76 Nuke codes do?

If you’re a player of Fallout 76, then nuke codes is an essential one.  It allows you to detonate weapons of mass destruction. But once the nukes get detonated, the nuked area results with more difficult enemies. Also, enabling the player to obtain rarer items and lucrative drops. That will serve as an end-game activity raid. But it is a difficult task to get Fallout 76 nuke codes. They are seriously hard to find, and players need hours of planning as well as good teamwork. 

Players have to remember one thing, and that is each Fallout 76 nuke codes have a different combination. First, you got to use the terminal in the Enclave vault to locate all the eight different silo codes for one of the three sites Alpha Bravo or Charlie. So commit doing one of them. Check with your friends and make sure that you collectively e have all eight, so if you have four of the launch codes for Charlie and your friend has four launch codes for Charlie, you have all 8. But it’s not that simple because you can’t have any duplicates. If you both have like J-4 or A-2, then you don’t have them all.

All of them have to be unique, like A1 B2 C4 D4. So it can have the same numbers, but it cannot have the same letters. So this process has some interesting features. Sometimes the guys don’t respond in these locations. It may become pretty annoying at different locations. But the moments of the mass destruction doesn’t activate automatically in the game. You need to do them step by step. We discussed the steps below.

Step by step process of Launching Fallout 76 nuke codes:

First things first, you have to complete the quests to launch the nuke codes. Below are the steps for launching the Fallout 76 nuke codes: 

  1. You have to join the Enclave. After that, access the Whitespring Bunker.
  2. Then you have to complete two quests. These are a) Back to Basic & b) Officer on Deck. By completing these two quests, you get access to the command center of Whitespring Bunker.
  3. To get a nuclear keycard, you have to shoot down a cargo bot. ( We discussed briefly in the below sections )
  4. Then search for clues left from high-level enemies. You have to hunt down eight different Fallout 76 nuke codes. Later try to decrypt them.
  5. Use a code decrypter to solve the codes. After decryption, you have to clear out the silo dungeon. Then reach the nuke terminal where you will input the eight-digit code. 
  6. When you reach the nuke missiles, then you need to defend some friendly robots. These robots are going to prepare the nuke missiles to launch.
  7. For deciding to detonate the nuke on any location, use the terminal.
  8. Then explore the nuke blast radius. Prepare yourself to face some powerful and difficult enemies inside the blast radius. Here includes the end-game boss, the Scorchbeast Queen.
  9. Kill your enemies and obtain rare kinds of stuff & drops.

Discovering of the Enclave Faction and Ranking up in the Enclave:

Your first step is to search the Enclave and gain access to their bunker. The location of Enclave bunker is in the Mire region on the far eastern side of the map. If you head to the Abandoned Waste Dump & north of Valley Galleria, you can find it. After getting there, you have to fight two Deathclaws that have made the cave inside their home. Among two of the Deathclaws, one will be patrolling while the other one will be asleep. Kill both of the Deathclaws & after their death head to the leftmost side & search for a dead Enclave agent. 

Listen to the holo-tape & loot quest items. Using them, you will get inside and travel in the elevator. It will take you down to a secret bunker to follow the quest objectives to get to the next phase. By this, you will be able to open up the main Enclave bunker. The Whitespring resort will be in front. So, follow the quest marker & head inside where this will introduce you to MODUS. By this process, you can be the part of the Enclave factions in Fallout 76. After joining the Enclave faction, your next objective is to earn the rank of General. 

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For that, embark on the ‘One Of Us’ quest. In this quest, head to ‘Sugar Grove’ in the Savage Divide Region. Here you will head inside the facility and kill all the robots. You will follow the quest markers & we are going to interact with everything, the game will tell you to do. After that, return to the ‘Whitespring’ bunker & here, MODUS will ask you to establish a communication uplink with the satellite. After completing the mission, go to ‘Mcclintock’ camp to complete the quest ‘Back to Basic.’ 

Earning your Enclave Commendations to go to the next phase:

This is the next stage where you get the opportunity to climb up your Enclave ranks. Here you get the quest ‘Officer On Deck.’ This explains that you have to achieve ten promotional commendations. But to earn that, you have to kill the fiercest enemies in the game. By killing Scorchbeasts, you can earn promotional commendations, but it will be a difficult task. If you are playing solo and your level is not up to the mark according to the quest, then it’s hard. 

There are other ways to achieve commendations. Those are whether you will complete Enclave events that can normally appear on the map of Appalachia. On the other hand, you can kill other epic enemies. You can find normal Enclave Events around ‘Cranberry bog,’ ‘The Mire’, and in ‘Savage Divide.’ After completing an Enclave event, depending on the difficulty, players will be awarded some promotion accommodations. 

Obtaining Fallout 76 Nuke Codes and Nuclear Keycards:

There are three silos in Fallout 76, which are: Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. If players want to launch a nuke, they have to fight through a dungeon to input the 8-digit code. The 8-digit code will be inputted in the computer terminal to select a target to drop a nuke. Search for enemy officers. These officers are unique, which are Scorched and Feral Ghaul Officers. These two types of officers carry the one code out of eight for one of the three silos.

 It means that there are 24 different Fallout 76 nuke codes pieces, and players have to find them all. Players can find Scorched officers anywhere but most often found outside the forest. Nuclear Keycards used in every successful entering of the codes help players to launch the nukes. Players can find them on the containers in destroyed SAC cargo-bots. In ‘Hide and Seek and Destroy’ quest at ‘Whitespring Bunker,’ they are available.   

FAQ of fallout 76 nuke codes:

  1. How many nuke codes are needed to launch a nuke?

               Ans: Players need eight nuke codes.

  1. Where are the nuke codes?

               Ans: You can find Fallout 76 nuke codes from  Scorched and Feral Ghaul Officers. 

  1. Are Nuclear Keycards necessary to launch nukes?

               Ans: Yes, Nuclear Keycards are necessary for every successful launch of the nukes.

  1. Can duplicate launch codes found from searching be useful to launch codes?

                 Ans: No, you can’t have any duplicates. All of them have to be unique. 

Conclusion of fallout 76 nuke codes:

Nuke codes are the most destructive end game stuff and lucrative drops miner in the blast zone. For this reason, players hunt down to get their hands on the nuke codes. We discussed Fallout 76 nuke codes so that players get Infos, ideas, and ways to acquire & launch nukes. It is an online game of torn apart nuclear war open-world of the year 2102. Where you have to survive and kill the terrifying monsters, Super mutants, Deathclaws, and Mothman. As a player, if you want an online survival game with thrills & will contain a story, you can try ‘Fallout 76’. 



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