The necessity of WOW Classic engineering guide before taking the Engineer profession.

wow classic engineering guide

Introduction of wow classic engineering guide: 

WOW Classic engineering guide is essential for all info about the Engineer profession & get advantages in your gameplay. For this reason, today’s discussion about the WOW Classic engineering guide. World of Warcraft Classic is a reformation of its previous original game World Of Warcraft (WOW) developed by Blizzard. ‘WOW Classic’ has some additional features with Classic Raids & talents in a Classic world where players play in Azeroth. There are different professions in the world of WOW, but among them, ‘engineering’ is enjoyable. If you are searching for a profession to get advantages in both PVP and PVE, Engineering is best.

About wow classic engineering guide:

World Of Warcraft classic or simply WOW classic is the new look and development of its first game WOW released in 2006. It’s the revival of the world of Azeroth. First, at Blizzcon 2017, developers announced the WOW classic release. Later, developer Blizzard released this new accompany on August 26, 2019. Some newer contents have replaced the original ones and got a further expansion plus look. For this reason, players may miss the Kazzak, a level 60 curse replaced by Burning Crusade. But, Burning Crusade got some addition on, which is Flying Mounts. However, there rose criticism of its effectiveness in level 70 in the PvP battle.

Again, also players who played the previous WOW they may miss some of their favorite raids. These are Onyxia and Naxxramas raids, and these two raids got replaced. ‘Wrath of the Lich King’ is the second expansion that replaced these awesome two raids. Sadly, all those items that a player could obtain through these raids will no longer be available.  Added a tool for the dungeon & that is a Random Dungeon TOOL. 

This tool got its introduction in patch 3.3.0. The tool selects players from different servers and then gathers up everyone in one party & for dungeons only. Thus, these new includes may make players return to the old WOW. In the ‘World Of Warcraft Classic Countdown’ page, players can get the update and contents that will be released by Blizzard. It will be in a chronological order, which is in phase by phase. You can get the update of WOW classic from here.

Is the wow classic engineering guide a type of expansion of WOW?

Many of them think that WOW classic may be an expansion of WOW. But it is not; instead, it’s a redesign or pretty much you can also say the support of WOW game. Blizzard announced it like that, and the developer had no intension of any expansion at all. That means the same thing with minor improvements and adds but different names, that’s all. Players were pretty much demanding for so long for a classic server of WOW. 

The demand increased when WOW’s another expansion, ‘Cataclysm,’ refurbished the original one. This expansion made most of the content of the older world of WOW inaccessible. Already WOW was 15years old, which is a pretty long time for a game in the online world. For the developer Blizzard, this game was their first MMORPG plus based on the game ‘Warcraft.’ Furthermore, the number of players increased & gave a need to bring out this old game in a new vigor. So, they decided to launch a classic server for the game that would also consist of new features. 

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Different professions in the WOW world:

Before talking about WOW classic engineering guide, you need to know about professions & also its effectiveness. ‘Profession’ is an essential issue in the world of Warcraft for earning gold. Those who have played before they know that but those who are a newcomer need to know these. ‘Professions’ also help you make new armor and weapons.

Players can also get some advantages, can create new items for the ‘profession.’ Skills matter here, and if you have no skills, then earning golds will become tough. For learning skills, some trainers are going to teach you those skills. Some trainers are good because they can teach some end-game kinds of stuff that others cannot. Those pieces of stuff & skills help you to gain more gold. Besides that, help you in facing your opponents in PvP BATTLE & provide you some benefits too. 

Some professions also offer you some benefits concerning your class. We will discuss them in the below sections. There are a total of 14 professions in the WOW Classic. These are alchemy, engineering, leatherworking, blacksmithing, herbalism, tailoring, mining, enchanting, cooking, riding, STV extravaganza, first aid, fishing, & skinning. Each profession also has some additional benefits in the case of PVE and PVP battle or both. Example: Engineers have an advantage in the competitive battle of both PVE & PVP.

Also, different colors indicate the skills of different professions. The colors are orange, yellow, green, and gray.  Orange color indicates that there is a 100% chance of increasing your skills. Yellow describes like you may have a frequent opportunity of growing skills. Green means the rare chance, while gray colors indicate you can never increase skill. But, few professions have exceptions in this case.       

 wow classic engineering guide: 

If you are a beginner or old player of ‘WOW Classic,’ you may be searching for a suitable profession. To help you out, if you are searching for a competitive profession to get advantages in both PVP & PVE battles. Then Engineering is the best one for you. Also, it is indeed the most popular profession among other professions in the world of WOW Classic. Thus to teach you more and give you more info about engineering, we arranged this WOW Classic engineering guide. If you get some advanced knowledge and tips regarding gameplay, then you can get competitive benefits too. A pre-planned decision and ‘know how to acquire them’ helps you save your time, items, and costs. Thus for your engineering profession, a guide is necessary.              

WOW Classic engineering guide – About leveling up:

There is a range of levels for which you get a type of designation. These are 1) Apprentice, 2) Journeyman, 3) Expert, 4) Artisan. In this WOW Classic engineering guide, we will let you know about leveling up. These discussions are below:

1) Apprentice: From level 1 to 75, are considered as an ‘Apprentice.’ As a player, you will search for Journeyman engineers. You can find these engineers in major cities. There are several Journeyman engineers, which is Bronk Guzzlegear is in Dun Morogh. Other Journeyman engineers like Sprite Jumpsprocket is in Stormwind City. There are differences between Journeyman engineers regarding apprentice. There are Alliance, Horde & Neutral Apprentices.

2) Journeyman: From level 75 to 150, you will be considered as Journeyman. As a Journeyman, you will search for Expert engineers who will be in undercity, iron forge, etc. Expert engineers like Buzzek Bracketswing will be in Tanaris. Also, ‘Expert’ engineer like Nogg is in place Orgrimmer while Franklin Lloyd is in undercity

3) Expert: Here, to pass the level 150, you must have to learn Expert engineer. Tomorrow you will develop the list will be the number of experts to teach you. Players face such difficulty in Expert level because it gives you only three options. The three engineers for Expert are a) Buzzek Bracketswing, b) Roxxik & c) Springspindle Fizzlegear. These three engineers’ locations are Tanaris, Origrimmer & Iron-forge, respectively.  

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4) Artisan: When you will pass level 150, then from level 225 to 300 is considered as Artisan. To become an Artisan, you must require to learn from an Artisan engineer. For that again, Buzzek Bracketswing is your option. You will learn the skills and end-game materials from him.

Best Classes to Learn Engineering for PvE:

In this WOW Classic engineering guide, we discussed leveling up. Now let’s discuss best classes to teach engineering for PvE. There are several classes in WOW Classic. But classes like Hunters, Rogues, Warriors, Paladins, and Shaman are notable for learning ‘Engineering.’ Because these classes bear some of the items that give some extra advantages. a) Goblin Sapper Charge, b)Iron grande, c) Gnomish battle Chicken, are these items. But among those five classes, Hunters have some extra benefits in case of the PvE situation. The reasons are Hunter in the ‘engineering’ profession offers the best ammunition like ‘Thorium Shells.’ They can use scopes on their ranged weapons. It also uses jumper cables to respawn a healer. Also, another class can enjoy the benefits of engineering & that’s Paladins. Paladin may suffer from the lack of ranged attacks. But can use some bombs for ranged attacks when needed. 

Best Classes to Learn Engineering for PvP:

In PVP gameplay ae engineering is really powerful for such a situation. For slowing down your targets and reducing enemy DPS this profession is effective. Also, the engineering profession can detect stealth plus provide the character speed boosts. For such reason, the player needs to know the uses of the items for engineering. Some of the best PvP items are a) Gnomish mind-control cap, b) Gnomish-net-projector, c) Flash bomb, etc. Also, Discombobulate ray, Goblin Helmet, Gyrofreeze Ice Reactor, are also helpful items in PvP gameplay. For guide highlights and to know some tips and techniques, you can check here.

Engineering Specializations:

Engineering is a powerful profession that offers players specialization, where only a few professionals can offer that. You will choose to specialize in Gnomish Engineering or Goblin Engineering. But these two have engineering has two different criteria. When a player reaches up to level 30 & 200 Skills of engineering, the quest ‘Gnome Engineering’ selection is possible. Gnomish engineering is generally helpful for utility devices & gadgets plus offers advantages in PvP battles for such utility. There are two Gnomish Engineers. 1) Oglethorpe Obnoticus & 2) Tink-master Overspark. Their locations are Stranglethorn Vale and Iron-Forge.  

On the other hand, Goblin Engineering focused on destruction. You will be able to create some advanced weapons and devices. When a player reaches up to level 30 & 200 Skills of engineering, the quest ‘Gnome Engineering’ selection is possible. There are two Goblin Engineers. These are 1) Nixx Sprocketspring & 2) Vazario Linkgrease. Their locations are Gadgetzan & Ratchet. But, remember each engineer teaches the character their unique recipes. Goblins teach recipes like Goblin Bomb Dispenser, construction helmet, Dimensional ripper & many more. But Gnomish will teach Gnomish harm-prevention belt, Gnomish mind-control cap, ultrasafe transporter & there are more recipes. For checking more info and items for each engineering, you can check here.  

Frequently asked questions of wow classic engineering guide:

  • 1. Why Engineering profession is the best and most popular?

  • It is the best and most popular because of the effectiveness of both PvE and PvP battles. Plus, it is a powerful one that offers players specialization where only a few professionals can offer that
  • 2. Why is ‘Buzzek Bracketswing’ needed at every level?

  • He is the ultimate end-game trainer for the ‘engineering’ profession that will be helpful in your leveling up. 
  • 3. How many primary professions can I choose in WOW Classic?

  • Only two primary professions will be available. You cannot select more than two.
  • 4. ‘WOW Classic’ is now in which phase, and do I need an active WOW account for playing Classic?

  • Now, WOW Classic is in its phase-4. Yes, you need an active WOW account. If you need help, then Blizzard can help you. You can visit here.


‘WOW Classic’ is a fantastic MMORPG game where players can enjoy both PVP and PVE, including classic Raids & hunts. However, for choosing a profession, Engineering is an effective one for those who want to develop useful items. Plus, to get advantages in both PVP & PVE of WOW world. Thus, a guide is necessary & helpful in your gameplay for knowing all the stuff. Plus, it will save you time. So, we tried to provide all the info of ‘engineering’ in this WOW Classic engineering guide. Plus, you get a glimpse of ‘engineering’ in World of Warcraft in WOW Classic engineering guide.


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