What is a modular power supply?

modular power supply

A modular power supply is an electronic device that modulates the source of voltage and transfers electrical signals inside your PC for its functioning. So, the power supply for a PC should always be compatible with providing a stable load of energy to its parts. Also, We must choose that modular power supply that has the capability of maintaining the significant cant big potential difference in the machines inside the PC. So, Choosing a non-branded modular may create heating and other mechanical problems, which may result in slowing the data accessibility of PC. Also, Let’s categorize some power modulators that can help you to choose the right modular power supply for your PC.

The modular power supply consists of different modules or pre-built building blocks. Its function is to give voltage for the exchange of current and assessment of these signals. The quality of diode, capacitors, and conductance of wires are responsible for determining the performance of the modular power supply. The conditions of parts give better output and also increase the working span of your PC.  The modular power supply has a broader application starting from running pc games to biotechnological and analytical studies of science.

List of the best modular power supply

The following suggestions below will help you to decide the best modular power supply for your PC:-

1. Corsair CX Series ( 450 Watt / 650 watts)

CX Series Modular ( 450 watts) can be the best choice for you if you are using a desktop PC. It provides better reliability, produces low noise, and easy to install. I have blacked sleeved cables that are quite flexible to gives you 80 PLUS Bronze certified efficiency.

CX series modular ( 650 watts)  also has the same feature as that of 450 watts, but it is compatible with performing heavy loads for working in PC.

  • High efficiency:- It comprises of 80 PLUS Bronze certified machines that need less power supply to operate.
  • Thermal control:- For controlling the heating factors, it has silent rolling fans.
  • Easy cleaning:- The functioning of the modular slows down due to dust, but it has semi-modular builds that make it easy to clean the machines.
  • Operating duration:- If maintained, then it can efficiently work till five years with its existing system builds.
  • Warranty: The power supply company gives a warranty of 5 years for the system performance.

2. Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB 80+ Bronze 650W

It is the best modular power supply because of its feature of 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency. Different variants like 550W, 650W, and 750W models are also available for Thermaltake. It consists of a preinstalled rolling fans that helps in keeping the machine fresh. The led lights of different colors make modular quite easy to use. The power output even remains the same at 40°C.


  • 10 RGB LED FAN – It has a 120mm 10 RGB LED Fan that displayed Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, White colors in 3 illumination modes.
  • RGB CONTROL – It gives one button to control RGB Lighting in 16 different modes
  • Efficiency:- it has 85% of energy as it contains 80+ BRONZE metal.
  • Cooling features:- The hydraulic bearings Fans of 120mm provides excellent cooling features.
  • Capacitors – it consists of Japanese capacitors that can also operate at 105°C and provide superb reliability performance.

3. EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G3, 80 Plus Gold 550W

EVGA SuperNOVA is the modular of the next generation in giving modular power Supply. It comprises of G2 series Power Supplies from EVGA with 80 PLUS gold rated efficiency. Its machine contains exothermal fans that don’t create any noise while moving and provide long time operation of the computer system. It can be the best modular power supply if you are heavy loads of works for your PC. It holds Japanese capacitors will them to take a heavy load of heat.

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  • Efficiency:- It’s working efficiency is 90% to 92% because of its 80 plus Gold Certification.
  • Fan size: The size of the fan is about 130 millimeters that can handle Hydraulic and Dynamic Bearing for ultra-quiet performance.
  • Warranty:- It offers a manufacture warranty of 7 years. The company claims to replace the parts free of cost.

4. ROSEWILL Gaming 80 Plus Gold 750W Power Supply

It also can provide better efficiency because of its 80 PLUS GOLD Certification. This comes with two variants of 750 watt that gives maximum power and easy to operate. That has 12V rail parts that are quite ideal for playing games on PC. It also has an auto Fan support that automatically controls the rolling speed of the fan as per the voltage input. Its made up of fused that help in natural tolerance of high temperature and voltage to protect the internal machinery parts.

  • Performance:- Rosewill PHOTON 750 shows an excellent performance because of its 80+ gold power supply. 
  • Thermal Operation: The auto thermal fan feature help in keeping the machine fresh. It consists of a 135 mm fan to provide a cooling effect that the devices without producing any noise.
  • 5 Years Warranty: The power supply company gives a warranty for the system performance.

5. SilverStone Technology 500W SFX-L

Silverstone makes itself the best power modular for PC because it is perfect for all combinations. The size and power ratio help in increasing the working performance of the PC. Its fan size comes in 80mm deep size that keeps the system fresh and reducing the noise coming from the machine. It comes with a lengthened variation that has a depth of 30mm and comprises of 120 mm fan. ThItgenerates a lower pitch of the sound and makes the user don’t get the noise in the ear. The 500Watt model also consists of an adaptor for the easy installation of PSU.


  • Fan:- Consist of silent running fan of 120mm dor keeping the machines fresh.
  • Supporting factors:- it supports SFX-L and ATX bracket adaptors.
  • Efficiency:- It provides the loading efficiency of 87% because of its 80 PLUS Gold certification.
  • Modular cables:- The wires consist of suitable metals that show the flexible and flat type of arrangement.

6. FSP Group PT FM series 1200W ATX

The FSP Group comes with high wattage series that provides first-class performance. It shows an efficiency of 92% and made up 80 PLUS Platinum-certified. The design of modular cable of 13 SATA and 8 PCI-E gives full space to its operation and make the internal airflow far better. The hardware setup is quite flexible with the design and offers proper ventilation or cooling performance. It also uses Japanese capacitors for the operation at high temperatures. The parts are also coverup with electrolytic caps for providing support to the Japanese capacitors. It can be a use modular for the OC gaming system.


  • Machinery details:- It has ATX12 v2.4 & EPS12 v2.92 system for operating
  • Compatibility:- it is compatible with all the latest OC Versions like Intel and AMD CPU.
  • Efficiency:- It shows ability above 92% because if it’s 80PLUS Platinum Certification.
  • Voltage: it generates a voltage as owing to the electricity output. It functions well in between the energy of 110-240 Volt.
  • Cooling:- It consists of Arrow-shaped ventilation for proper input and output of the air supply.

7. CORSAIR AXi Series

It is the most advanced modular that controls power much better than the other CORSAIR series. But it will cost you a little higher than those of other series. It uses the Digital signal Processing unit for voltage regulation. The efficiency of the Axi series is quite better to control excessive loads of voltage because it uses 80 Plus Platinum certification. The fan used here is of size 140mm, which also can spin on low electrical supply and doesn’t create any noise while moving.


  • Processor:- It consists of Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for the regulation of voltage and managing the power supply.
  • Adjustment:- It runs on auto adjustment as per the input and output supply 0f the power units.
  • Efficiency:- It uses 80 PLUS Platinum certification and gives the ability of above 90% even at the low supply of voltage. 
  • Fanless operation:- It can operate even without moving its fan at low loads and doesn’t create any noise while driving.
  • Easy installation:- It uses low profile cables, so the installation procedure is quite easy. You don’t need to gain any experience in maintaining the complete setup of the modular power supply
  • Ten-year warranty: It’s the cost is quite higher in comparison to another modular unit, and for this reason, the company gives a guarantee of 10 years.
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8. Thermaltake Smart M 1200W

It comes under the category of the Smart M Series PSU. This version of PSU is made from the latest technology and also corporate to provide Eco-friendly credentials. The semi-modular units operate with any mainstream via any input units. It is the best modular power supply for home as well as offices.


  • Efficiency:- It has 80+ BRONZE certification; this is capable of delivering 85% of energy. 
  • Fans:- The rotating fans inside the modular units are ultra-quiet because it uses 135mm hydraulic for maintaining the temperature inside the CPU units.
  • SEMI-MODULAR: It consists of Low-profile flat cables that help in increasing the airflow and increase the lifespan.
  • JAPANESE CAPACITORS – Like all the above modular, it uses capacitors from Japan that has the capability of tolerating temperature above 105°C. 
  • INDUSTRIAL PROTECTIONS – It also bears several protecting units for Over Current and Voltage management and helps in saving the life of the modulator from getting fuse.
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY:- You will also get a manufacture warranty for five years for buying Thermaltake.

Buying the best modular power supply can give the best outcomes, so it is necessary to scroll down things on the internet to get some ideas. All the above lists may have given you some ideas for using modular power units for your home and office. You can choose any of them to buy. It depends on your workload on PC to decide to choose the right modular power supply.


  • Is there any difference between the molecular power supply and the Configurable one?

Both of the modular play the same function, but The parts show a modular arrangement in case of modular power supply while the configuration shows a simple type of agreement.

  • How to choose the best modular to buy?

Choosing a modular depends upon the type of working load you are facing to run your PC. If you are working in an NMR and mass screening places, then you need a modular that can sustain high voltage. Similarly, if you want any modular for accessing your PC for running games, then Low voltage modular can also work better.

  • Should I have to pay any additional charges?

You need to pay only those prices that are displaying on the website of Amazon. They don’t charge any additional setup charges for installing modular on your PC.

  • Should I prefer good brands and quality always?

Purchasing modular from good brands will provide you warranty and repair services. So, I always prefer to buy from those brands that offer a warranty for a maximum of three years.

  • How much time does it take for the approval of safety certifications?

Good modular providing brands already provides safety certifications and includes EN60601 for testing and medical certifications.

  • Does adding output voltage allowed in modular?

Yes, you are free to add outputs in modules and adjust the ranges of voltages as per your choice. But modular power supply usually doesn’t require any production from the external power source.

  • Custom or standard – which is the best method for using modular?

Most of the modular have standard arrangements fixed on them. But you must consult the guide book before making any custom settings in the modular. Usually, modular prefers to choose custom settings in low voltage supply.

  • Which type of cables is compatible with the PSU?

You can any of the cable that can hold 1600 watt voltage and flexible for G2 and T2 Models. The guide book provided with the modular also contains details regarding which type of wire to choose for running the PSU units.

  • How to test the power supply in the modular?

Most of the time, the LED light glows up when the power comes to the modular. To check the modular power supply first, do a jumper test and verify the functionality of the device then safely test it with an electrical teste;r otherwise, you may have chances of getting shocked.


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