how to zoom in on pc

How to Zoom in on Pc

  You are feeling the text and icon on your screen way too small but worried about how to zoom on your screen. Then in...

Dell chromebook 11

You all must have heard about Chromebooks and must be wondering what exactly it is. So in the next 15 minutes, you will understand...
pokemon go special items


Peoples are going crazy now these days because of a game named Pokemon Go. Yeah, you probably already heard this name before in any...
Tech Devices

What Are Low Tech Devices and Where to Learn About Them?

Low tech devices are everywhere in our life. These are the things we encounter and use all the time: pen and pencil grips, handheld...
tcp ip model

Tcp ip model

TCP / IP or "Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol" is the setting of the communication protocol used to interconnect gadgets that have been...
service host superfetch

How to fix service host local system high disk usage error

To start, we need to understand what is Samsung Data Migration and how it works. Samsung Data Migration refers to a transfer tool used...
how to install ssd

How to install SSD in a laptop

SSD drives are becoming more popular every day in the component market. Very soon, I think, they will become a necessity than a luxury...
omlet arcade

Omlet Arcade Stream Meet and play

Gaming is part of our lives, and a big part of that has been contributed by the advancement of technology which has seen us...
popcorn time ios

How to download and install popcorn time ios on iPhone 10

Everyone knows that Premium video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney plus charge you money for watching videos. But do you know?...
thunder vpn

What is thunder VPN, how to connect Download thunder VPN on android

The role VPN is to hide the original IP address and connect it with some anonymous IP address. It can easily protect your internet...
tivimate apk

How to download and install Tivimate Apk

The mode of watching TV channels online has now been more common than that of using DTH connection. Nowadays, if you have an internet...
input devices of computer

what is input device and what are the diferent types of input devices of...

Input devices of computer is computer hardware device which used to provide information and control signals.In computing, an input devices of computer allows customers...
showbox apk 4.93 download

Showbox APK 4.93 Download Free 

Entertainment is placed among every individual's prior needs. In this modern era, where people follow hectic routines, they relax. They search for relaxation in...
things you should know before buying PC

Top 5 things to check before buying a laptop for your studies

Since today computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have already become an essential part of our lives, we cannot imagine our daily activities without their...
livewave antenna

what is livewave antenna? how does livewave antenna work?

Buyers attract livewave antenna  buyers by accelerating Internet penetration and OTT management agencies such as Hulu, Netflix, Disney + and others.Some are shifting to...