Best Entertainment Apps to try in 2021

Best Entertainment Apps in 2021

The smartphone penetration and increased app usage have led to unprecedented growth of the mobile app industry. Statista states that by the first quarter of 2021, nearly 2.22 million apps were available for download at the App Store and approximately 3.48 million at the Google Play Store. Let’s see the best entertainment apps to try in 2021.

Consequently, smartphones have become the ultimate gadgets to help through periods of boredom. These devices can encapsulate dozens of apps on a single platform, providing you with unlimited entertainment options.

Whether you like to binge-watch series, play challenging games, catch up on the latest news, or read books, you will find quite a few apps that captivate your attention and keep you amused.  Thus, it comes as no surprise that about 88% of the mobile usage time is spent on apps, as reported by eMarketer.

If you are looking to download some engaging apps other than the industry dominants like TikTok, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify, check out the following list of the best entertainment apps:


TED is a fantastic platform to expand your knowledge and learn from the most innovative thinkers of the time. The app hosts enlightening Talks from some of the most influential and intelligent individuals who familiarize you with the latest technology, bust myths, offer business managerial tips, encourage personal development, and more.

The app works natively in more than 20 languages with subtitles in more than 100 languages. It offers a clean interface, the convenience of creating your personalized playlist, and the ability to download content for offline viewing. With the latest upgrade, you can continue to play the videos or audios in a mini player while browsing through other content on the app.

If your idea of entertainment is opening yourself to a wealth of information, TED is available to download on Android and iOS devices.


Twitch is a video streaming service where users can upload and enjoy movies, music, and games. However, the app is primarily used as a fun, social way of streaming your favorite games.

Through the app, gamers (or commonly known as streamers within the app environment) broadcast their ongoing matches Live, with running commentary on the gameplay. You can take part in the action by posting comments in the chat window, visible to the gamers and fellow audience. It also offers the ripe opportunity to learn some inspired game moves from the best streamers in the industry.

With more than 15 million viewers every day, the app is one-of-a-kind and the perfect entertainment for video gaming enthusiasts. You can download the app on Google Play and Apple Store.

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Pandora is a music-streaming app with an unlimited number of songs from various artists and numerous genres. You can create your customized playlists according to your mood or activity, browse music from some of the best singers and bands, and keep up-to-date with the latest releases. With exceptional sound quality, you can also download your favorite tunes to listen to offline.

You can also enjoy more than 1400 podcasts and listen to your favorite radio stations, adding up to four stations for offline listening.  The new voice mode allows you to navigate through the app seamlessly to play, pause, adjust the volume or search for songs using simple voice commands.

The free version of the app has the simplest of features. However, you can subscribe to Pandora Plus or Premium for added functionalities and an ad-free experience for a monthly cost of $4.99 or $9.99 subsequently. The app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.


Disney+ launched in 2019 to overwhelming expectations and managed to fulfill them so far. Disney’s official video streaming service offers tons of content, including all Disney classics, the multi-billion MARVEL movies, and the lauded Star Wars franchise.

In addition to the massive backlog of films, cartoons, and series, the streaming app offers new, original content such as The Mandalorian, WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the recently streaming Loki. Moreover, you can also watch programs from National Geographic, Pixar, and Twentieth Century Fox.

Disney+ costs $7.99 a month or $79.98, which is cheaper than its rival streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max. You can also enjoy a seven-day free trial to peruse the video library and decide if the app is a good match for you before paying the subscription fee.


TuneIn is a one-stop-shop for all your audio streaming needs since it airs live news, sports commentary, music, and podcasts to millions of active users.

You can keep abreast with the latest breaking news and minute-by-minute coverage from national and international sources such as CNN, BBC, FOX News, MSNBC, and more. If you are on the go and cannot watch your favorite team play, listen to the sports commentary for a live play-by-play. Moreover, you can listen to on-demand music from exclusive channels curated for different moods and according to various genres. Finally, discover the latest releases and enjoy engaging podcasts on a variety of topics.

With a streamlined user interface, similar to the airG scam-free apps, TuneIn allows you to enjoy unique features with an ad-free experience at a nominal subscription fee. However, you should also try out the basic functionalities for free, available on Google Play and App Store.

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Goodreads is one of the most useful apps for avid readers. The app hosts the world’s largest reading community, making it the perfect place to discover your next great read. You can check out the user ratings and helpful reviews to curate your reading list within the app and leave your views and opinions after reading the book.

The intuitive app customizes its recommendations based on what you have read or are reading. For example, it suggests other books by the author you recently liked or highlights what other people, who read the same book as you, have also enjoyed.

With the Annual Goodreads Choice Awards, you can vote for the best books from different genres and see the winners. You can also join the online book clubs, interact with like-minded individuals, and bond over your favorite reads.

The app is a readers’ paradise and is available on Google Play and App Store.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has revolutionized the mobile gaming industry offering extraordinary graphics and a sublime user experience as good as PC games and unlike any other mobile game. Consequently, it witnessed a quick trajectory in popularity, becoming one of the most downloaded games. However, if it has missed your radar, you can jump on the bandwagon for some quality entertainment.

The game is all about the survival battle between a hundred players. You can play defensive by avoiding confrontation, go in stealth mode for smart gaming, or enter the battlefield all guns blazing. You can play solo or join teams with a group of friends or virtual strangers. The game is equal parts exciting and tension inducing, with a euphoric high when you reach the top ten survivors’ list.

The highly addictive game is available for Android and iOS users.


The vast number of engaging apps forces us to reach for our smartphones whenever we have a few minutes of leisure. However, occasionally you may feel that your phone lacks some quality apps to mitigate your boredom and provide you with an entertaining activity. In that case, the above all-encompassing list will surely end your quest for amazing apps.

Whether you like to play games, stream videos, read books, listen to music, or hear inspirational speeches, we have taken care of everything on our list.






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