Network Security: What Every Business Owner Should Know

Network Security: What Every Business

There isn’t a business that doesn’t use the Internet; indeed, most companies run Local Area Networks that allow all of their computers to talk to each other. Think of the World Wide Web as a gigantic network, and in theory, once you access the network, your data is at risk. Enter the professional hacker who sells data to interested parties and the cyber-theft expert trawls the web, looking for nothing more than a back door and when they find one, they are in and out and the victim would never know their data had been stolen. 

State of the Art Network Security

When looking for network security in southern California, there happens to be a market leader on your doorstep and they have ethical hackers on their books, tasked with trying to penetrate their clients’ networks. It is only with penetration testing that you can be sure your data is hack-proof and when the cyber-security experts find a weakness, they can plug the hole. Hackers are playing cat and mouse with security software developers, finding back doors that are quickly shut and if the worst were to happen, all your customer financial data could be compromised, which is nothing short of disastrous. 

Data Backup

We’ve all suffered a drive crash that lost so much stuff, as we didn’t have a backup copy and you simply can’t afford to let that happen when it comes to your business. Your network security partner backs up your data several times a day, on multiple servers; the chances of you losing data are almost non-existent (a solar event could wipe all drives on the planet). Click here for for info on HDD regenerators

Tracing Cyber Attacks

Once you have a team of network security technicians in your corner, any attempt to penetrate your network is automatically detected, and what’s more, they can trace where the attack originated and you can inform the cyber-security people at the US government website. You might discover that your main rival attempted to steal your design files and with solid evidence, you could sue and be confident of a result! Sophisticated software is used to track all network traffic and your network is monitored 24/7 by expert technicians, which gives you total peace of mind.

Secure Data Storage

We generate so much data and this is very valuable in today’s digital world; as the months turn into years, you have terabytes of data, which needs secure storage. Your networking specialist has you covered and this is often a free service for all their clients (up to a limit). Several copies would be created and stored on different servers, ensuring its safety and when you need a small data center of your own, your IT partner has you covered.

As the Internet develops, so does cyber-crime and without the expertise of a networking security company, you are risking everything. 

Talk to a Californian specialist and see what they can do for you.

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