Why and What Happens When Your Mac Keeps Restarting (How to Fix It)

When Mac Keeps Restarting

There can be nothing more annoying than your Mac shutting down on its own, especially when working from home. Your online meetings are interrupted; Unsaved files, presentations, and documents can be corrupted or lost entirely. So, if you are also facing this problem, read on and find a permanent solution to what happens when your Mac keeps restarting. 

When your computer keeps shutting down or restarting for no good reason, it means that there is something wrong with your device. Sometimes, you might have even seen an error message that keeps popping up in front of your screen. But most of the time, it shuts down without any warning. So, why it happens? It could be the result of Software Errors, meaning the OS or internal hardware may have received a command from the code of the software. As a result, your device will be forcibly shut down while following the command. Consequently, you lose your unsaved progress or data without warning.

So, What Happens When Your Mac Keeps Shutting Down?

If your device detects an immediate danger that can affect the functions of your computer, your Mac will restart to fix the problem. You will also get notified that your system restarted due to an internal error. Most of the time, after your Mac restarts, the problem is also corrected. But, if your device is shutting down repeatedly, it means the problem is still there and needs a solution. 

Here are the significant reasons that are causing your device to shut down and how to fix them:

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1. Software Issues

If you have recently installed software on your device, it could be possible that the software has some problem with the macOS, resulting in software errors, as mentioned above. 

First, try to restart your device, and if the problems persist, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app.  

2. Unwanted Startup Apps

If there are too many apps scheduled to launch upon the startup of your device, software errors and automatic shutdown becomes a strong possibility. This happens because your processor is overloaded with the commands from the startup items, and to function correctly, it restarts the device. 

To fix this problem, you can disable all the unwanted startup items causing this problem with your device.

3. Your macOS Is Out of Date.

If your macOS is out of date, there is a considerable probability that your system is infested with bugs, and as a result, it keeps shutting down. And this problem will keep bothering you until you update the version of macOS on your device. 

However, the fix to this problem is quite simple. All you have to do is go to your System Preferences > Check Updates: there, you’ll find all the available updates that you can install on your device. These updates focus on fixing the issues of bugs that are causing problems with your device. 

4. Issues With Peripheral Devices

Peripheral devices are another reason that can cause your device’s kernel panic. If you are having issues with these devices, your Mac will take longer than usual to boot up and won’t function properly even after several minutes it’s started. 

So, to fix this problem, find out if your hardware and peripheral devices are compatible with your version of the Mac system. Another thing you could try is that check your USB ports, remove any drives, and then restart your computer. Once you have removed all the outside interference, it should work fine, such as incompatible peripheral devices and removable disk drives. 

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5. Your Device Is Running on Low RAM or Space

Like any other computer, the RAM of Mac devices is also known as Random Access Memory. In this type of memory, your laptop holds temporary data needed by your device’s processor on an urgent basis. The more memory your device will have, the faster it will operate. 

On the contrary, if your device is running on low RAM, it can result in the computer restarting to clear out all the temporary data stored on it, so your device could function normally. If this is the case with your computer, to fix this problem, you’ll need to add extra memory to your device, which can cost you a few hundred dollars. 

However, if that’s not possible for you, there’s another way to fix this problem. Start by removing all the unnecessary apps stored on your device. Applying this simple hack ensures that the RAM on your computer always has extra space to deal with multiple applications simultaneously. Moreover, your device will stop running into unannounced crashes and will also start performing faster. 

To Sum it Up

The issue of Mac shutting is pretty common with Mac users. However, most of the time, computer users tend to ignore this problem. But, it would be best if you deal with this problem the soonest. This way, you keep your files and data safe and remove any probability of dealing with such issues in the future. 


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