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Since the immense progress of science and technology, we are learning new terms day by day. In the past, there were not so many subjects related to research and machine. Only Computer Science and Engineering was the only subject associated with the device. But day by day, we are learning new scientific topics. Not only pure subjects but also the analytical and applied subjects have become popular. Like data science, machine language, programming, etc. of the data science is the most popular subject. Even many organizations are providing data science courses free. We will learn different procedures of getting a data science course free. 

Data science

The word data science means the way of getting meaningful information from a big or small data set. So data science deals with data. And its goal is to find out meaningful data from a significant source. The people who deal with the data science and process the data is called a data scientist. 

A data scientist breaks complex data with his vital data expertise skill. They work with mathematics, statistics, computer science, etc.they structure the data from the unstructured data. Though they are no expert in all the fields, they use technologies to easily find out the hidden pattern.

Therefore. People are so interested in this field. And they should be because this will build our future in the long run as the data is a core component of AI. So, in the future, who will have data power, he will appear as undeclared king of the world.

Common misconceptions about data science

As data science is one of the newest subjects. So many of us often compare it with some other issue. Also, we have many myths and misconceptions about data science. So let us start the myth-busting.

  • “Data science and Business Intelligence is the same thing.”

This is a common misconception. The answer is they are not the same. For example, the BI approaches only for structured data. On the other hand, data science works for structured and non-structured data—also Business intelligence works based on statistics and visualizations. But the data science approaches through statistics, machine learning, graph analysis, etc.

  • “Data scientists and data analysts have no difference.”Conclusion this is another misconception.  a Data Analyst usually deals with what is going on by processing the data’s history. On the other hand, Data scientists analyse the insights through exploration from it with the help of a machine’s mechanism.
  • “Data Science only exists, coupled with Machine Learning.”

No, this is another misconception. Though the data scientist uses the machine language, it is not mandatory.

The thing that you will learn from a data science course free.

A data science course is a particular course that focuses on learning data science. It includes leaning programming language such as python, R, etc. It includes SQL, text, logs, book analysing etc.and in the second phase, it provides marketing and business strategy. Even the basic knowledge of database and artificial intelligence. You will learn all the package to find out the hidden pattern from big data in a nutshell.

What is a data science course? 

A data science course is a course that mainly works for teaching a person for data science free. Often it is taken by data scientists. It may be an online data science course, free or offline. But the offline data course free is comparatively less than an online course. This course may be conducted under different online learning perform. Often recorded video is provided in the course module. The system may need some IDE that will need to install your device to continue the course. Sometimes, the teacher took the classes in a live session that is more exciting. They also provide essential links for learning data science course free. Even many teachers make divide the lessons into some parts. And they also take quizzes and exams during the course time. 

What does data science course free mean?

When a teacher or an organisation provides a course, the student needs to pay. But we need a data science course free. That means not giving any course fee. So another question came to mind that is this possible to get a data science study for free? Of course, it is possible.

Way to get data science course free

The thing is we need a data science course free. So there are many ways to get a data science course free. Much online organisation those are providing online time free. Like youtube, Coursera,udemy,mix, unacademy, khan academy,audacity, edx, etc. let us learn briefly about them.


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Youtube is a video sharing site. Here you can find many channels that are already teaching data science for free. Anybody can join there and find a data science course free. link 



Coursera is another online learning platform. It is one of the popular platforms for education. Even it provides a certificate after you complete your course. The Coursera provides a recorded video of the course. Also, they will take quizzes based n the course material. If your institute deals with Coursera, enrol and complete a data science course free and get a certificate. But if not, then you can complete the course without certification. Here you will get quality content of learning data science and lifetime enrollment. Site link  



Udacity is another online learning platform. You can complete a free online course from this get a data science course free, visit 



Udemy is another online learning platform. It provides recorded video courses like Coursera. Even it includes a certificate too. They divide their classes into differentiation and continue the course. Though udemy is a paid platform, they offer some coupons for a limited time. By this, you can get a data science course for free. But you have to complete that course in a limited time. Visit their site 


Khan academy

Khan academy another online education platform. Here they offer academic education and also other skill-developing courses.  You can get their course free. They also provide recorded video for the learner.  And to make it enjoyable, they arrange quizzes and tests based on the course. To get their course, you can visit their site or find their youtube channel for the video.   



Massachusetts Institute of Technology provides a site that is named MITx. MIT teachers conduct this site. My teachers provide their lecture classes on this site. You will get a certificate from this site if you complete this course.also they offer some coupons for a limited time. They arrange a quiz too. You can enrol their data science course free from their android apps or by visiting their site.   



Alison is well known for its science-related course. It is another online learning platform. Also, quality mentor, certification, exams, and grading are other attractive features of can enrol their data science course free by visiting their site. 

They often offer many times open. Including data science, data analyst, programming, etc.



Is your dream to get in touch with Harvard University? Then Edx is here. Here you can learn a data science course free from Harvard University’s enrol, visit

Free course site

It is not a site from a particular organisation or institute. It is a third party site. You can find all site’s video collections in this site (those are mentioned above). But this site won’t provide you with any certificate. There are no quizzes and tests on this site, .but the fact is you will find many data science course free if you couldn’t enrol a course free in the above sites. You need to download their full courses from their site. Though it is a big size, you can download it. To download the data science course free, visit


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Things that you will learn after completing a data science course free

The data science course is not a name by itself. It includes many other skills. So a data science course is a subtotal of many different courses, like coding, database management, machine learning, artificial intelligence, looping, data visualisation, and many non-technical skills. Let us have a look.


Coding or programming

Here you will learn R programming, python programming. R programming is the primary language for data science. And python is famous for prommers to program an application. 

Database management 

In a database management portion, you will gain knowledge about database management systems, like SQL, Microsoft Access, and other database management software. This will also help with other official work.

Machine learning


Machine learning is the must thing that you will earn from a data science course ree. Machine learning includes networking , an ununderstanding  device algorithm, etc.If anybody completes a data science course free, he will learn binary logic, machine strategy, topology, and networking.

Data visualisation

A business is not a little thing. It is consists of a good number of data.So some tools that visualise data .You will get knowledge of it. These tools are one of the vital things taught in a data science these applications; you will be able to get a visual transformation from your coding language to an easy language. The main thing is many people won’t understand the way a data scientist talk. To make them know you ave to use these tools, ordinary people can understand a picture, .that is what these tools do.

Non-technical skill

By completing a data science course, you will learn some non-technical skills, such as teamwork, intellectual curiosity, communication skills teamwork, and many others. 


First question: What are data and information?

Answer: the information is an unclean thing, but the data is a structured and organised thing.

Second question: is Data Analytics, Data Analysis, Data Mining, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Big Data the same thing?

Answer: no. though they look to be the same, they are not the same.

Third question: Can I get lifetime access to the above sites?

Answer: yes, after you enrol in a course, you will get lifetime access to this course.

Fourth question: is the data science course is the demanding subject now? 

Answer: yes. Data science is one of the demanding subjects in the world. Also, its job field is available.

Fifth question: is there any way of getting a data science course free offline?

Answer: This is very hard to manage a data science course offline. Because it is a demanding subject, and a quality mentor is needed to conduct this course. But if you get a university scholarship, you can enrol in a data science course free.

Conclusion of data science course free

Modern science has made not only our life more comfortable but also new learning things. We are learning new things day by day, .like a data science course. Through a data science course, you will be able to understand what does a machine realises. It is essential for the business and the device that you will control. You will also learn many other technical and non-technical knowledge by completing a data science course In the modern competitive world, data science is one o the best subject that you will get. And to get a data science course free is another tricky thing. But if you follow the site as mentioned earlier, you will get a data science course free. So it is high time to grab this data science study free chance in this competitive and modern world.


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