5 Ways to Use Technology in the Math Classroom

technology in the math classroom

The progressing technology is making tremendous innovations that make our life more facilitative. It plays a significant role in our personal and professional lives in several ways. With time, people find that we must include technology in enhancing student’s learning and abilities. The proper use of technology at the right time at the right place is the perfect way to get optimum benefits. Now, technology in the math classroom is making remarkable points in learning. Mathematics one of the challenging subject that the majority of the students find hard to understand. But technology has resolved this problem as well with its fantastic inventions that are easy to access. Following are the five technological ways that prove to be a wonder for mathematics students:

  • Game-based learning
  • Online teaching platforms
  • Learning videos
  • Advance researches
  • Digital tools
  • Game-Based Learning:

Gaming is the best way that can help promote learning in the most entertaining way. Anything that you learn through a fun way remains in mind forever. There are many beautiful games regarding math and statistics like puzzles, fraction challenge games, balance learning games, ASMD games etc.

  • Online Teaching Platforms:

Recently, the concept of online teaching got so much popularity due to COVID 19. But it is a fantastic option to create a healthy learning environment. Students can get guidance from teachers even after the school timings through such platforms. It is excellent to keep the students interactive, as math requires more practice to learn.

  • Learning Videos:

On the web, there are a plethora of videos that explain all the major topics regarding math with examples in detail. These learning videos are super easy to learn as the formula and procedure are explained step by step with the logics to make them memorize well. Teachers can also take the assistance of such videos in getting new methods to teach students.

  • Advanced Research:
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It is quite necessary for the students and the professors as well to keep themselves up to date. Human needs to learn whole life as no one has complete knowledge. You can read the published articles through high impact factor journals.

  • Digital Calculators:

Everyone knows math is incomplete without the long calculations. You have to deal with lots of complicated formulas, long values and calculations that take too much time and efforts. Your whole calculation can ruin with a single mistake. But technology in the math classroom has provided an excellent solution in this regard in the form of digital calculators. One such example is significant figures calculator or sig fig calculator.

What is a Significant Figure Calculator?

Sig figs calculator is a fantastic tool that helps in converting any digit or expression into a whole new number concerning the significant figures. Sigfig calculator by calculator-online also works as a sig fig counter. The sig fig counter is the tool that helps in to find the number of significant figures in a number and to find such numbers that can get the label of a significant figure. You can also do the following calculations with the help of this tool that considers significant figures rule virtually for providing accurate results:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Natural log
  • Scientific notation
Benefits of Sig Fig Calculator:

Sig fig calculator is like other digital calculators which provide the specific operation in just a few seconds. You have to open the tool, enter the demanded value and “calculate” to get the answer. The procedure is relatively small and straightforward that facilitates the users in every aspect. You can avoid human error from this and get the accurate result as it follows the standard formula and sig figure rules.

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