Best selfie camera app to download for your Android phones

best selfie camera app

Modern photography got redefined by Android-powered smartphone cameras. Selfies have become a passion for the youthful generation. These lively photos are easy to snap, share, like, and dislike. As a result, a large number of apps entered the marketplace. And software vendors vie for the title of the best selfie camera app. Let us look at the top 10 mobile phone tools that enhance the quality of this artistic and enjoyable pursuit.

YouCam Perfect – top-rated best selfie camera app

This highly rated Android app comes with a full-fledged photo editor. It comes with built-in templates, face and body editing tools. You can also add special effects and filters to get that picture-perfect face. YouCam Perfect app also has a unique cut out and object removal tool.

You can add real-time beautifying effects for the eyes and face. The color tones are excellent, and you can remove blur objects and unnecessary frame components. The app also has smart collage along with eye bag remover and face reshaper. It auto-scans the faces in group selfies and can make you look taller and slimmer.

B612 Camera – best selfie camera app with effects

This ideal app comes with spectacular effects and more than 1500 facial recognition stickers. More than half a billion users are loyal to its various effects. Apart from selfies, you can create melodious music videos. It lets you combine all the breathtaking pictures with soul-stirring tunes with ease.

B612 Camera has an easy to use the slider to help you find the ideal tone. It has an Instagram-like interface along with augmented effects, reality stickers, real-time frames, and live-action video features that will keep you very busy. The app has a boomerang, hands-free mode, and collage maker too.

Facetune 2 – best selfie camera app with customizable elements

It is the best selfie camera app for stunning and memorable photos. The app strives to make you look better with a plethora of features. It emphasizes all the facial elements, including nose, eyes, teeth, and cheeks. You can also edit the width, height, and tilt of eyes, jaws, eyebrows, etc.

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The optimized, magical filters let you give a virtual makeover. Use the selfie editing tools to glamorize all your favorite photos. Also, you can remove blemishes and uneven marks with ease. Correct the images by removing blur and replacing messy backgrounds using the defocus option. You can also whiten the teeth and compare the before and after selfie images.

Retrica – best selfie camera app for collages

The simple and convenient app has a range of user-friendly features. It comes with 190+ filters, including the original Univisium pack. The app lets you capture vintage-style images with picture-perfect compositions. You can quickly tap and create a wide range of photos, collages, and videos.

Retrica lets you adjust the spec ratios as needed to create beautiful pictures. You can also decorate the selfies with over 100+ stickers. Its instant collage option and GIF mode conversion of videos to GIF-able moments are superior. And you can add timestamps or share photos with the Retrica community using the View Finder.

FrontBack – front and back shots

It is a unique app that lets you capture using the front and back cameras simultaneously. It is a new way to seize and store the best moments of your life. Now you can snap and share a photo that shows what’s happening around you. FrontBack is not just your simple beautifying selfie app.

You can also decorate the selfie with various decorative stickers. And the app lets you resize, rotate, and adjust the images with great ease. Make exquisite digital collages and share them with your friends on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Candy Camera – if you want special effects

It is the best selfie-friendly app with spectacular, real-time filters. You can use the Candy Camera app to apply virtual lipstick and blushes. It also allows you to apply eyeliners and mascaras to create beautiful photos. Utilize the silent mode camera feature to snap the most breathtaking images.

You can also use the app to add trendy and makeup stickers. And the app has the collage mode to make use of multiple photos. Its full-face editor and diverse filters enhance the selfie’s beauty.

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BeautyPlus – very user friendly

This popular tool from Meitu Limited is one of the best selfie camera app. It comes with a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can use a wide variety of features to create appealing photos. Its photo-editing features enabled over 300 million users to share gorgeous selfies.

BeautyPlus’s eye and full skin editing features are quite impressive. You can create beautiful faces with strikingly pretty eyes. Erase the eye bags and remove the dark circles without any trouble. This professional-grade Android app also has a live auto-retouch option.

VSCO – camera with photo editor

The free photo editor is also an excellent selfie app for Android phones. It comes with ten free presets to curate high-quality photos. The advanced editing and coloring tools also make it the ideal tool for creating professional images. And you can crop, skew, and adjust the photos with ease.

Moreover, it facilitates video story-telling and has top-notch contrast and saturation tools. The inspirational tool offers a creative outlet for selfie snappers. They can apply elegant touches and share the most creative photos on social media.

FaceFun – the one with the live filters

This all-in-one photo editor is a real-time selfie app with live filters. Correct the body shape and use the motion and makeup stickers without flaws. It also helps you create a private gallery of the choicest selfies. You can edit the hairstyles and use oil painting filters and an aging time machine.

Create the coolest pictures using classic portraits and cartoon avatar maker. FaceFun assists you in creating personalized photos with exhilarating details and touches.

SnapChat – camera with message app

This multimedia messaging app also doubles up as a selfie app. You can create and share the funniest and mesmerizing moments of your life. The app opens directly to the camera, and you can snap fantastic photos. It comes with up-to-date lenses and amazing filter effects also.

And it facilitates 3D Bitmojis. These cartoon emojis are not only personal but also expressive, creative, and enjoyable. You can also use cloud storage and share the best selfies with friends.

Which one do you think is the popular selfie app for your mobile?

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