Apple Airpods Pro Review For Headphone Lovers

apple airpods pro review

Apple’s AirPods came into the market in 2019. After that, many competitors have come and gone, but it has maintained its popularity quite well. The design and quality of sound made it unique among the rivals. However, here I will give you a detailed apple AirPods pro review that will make your decision easier. 

Apple’s AirPods Pro is a great earbud that offers noise resistance and waterproof features. It is easy to use and provides you a great sound system.  


By the way, I remember people were laughing about the design of the Apple AirPods pro. But it is nowadays roaming everywhere from hand to hand.


However, let us jump into the topic and gain some excellent knowledge about apple AirPods pro review.  


Apple’s Airpods Pro Release Date And Price

The Airpods pro surprised people on 30th October 2019 all over the globe. After the releasing date, the demand is overgrowing. It is available to a vast number of apple stores and permitted retailers. 


By the way, AirPods Pro is not the replacement for the AirPods model in 2019. We have confirmed by observing the price differences. However, you will be able to purchase it for $219 and £249 in the US and UK, respectively.


Additionally, you may buy an AppleCare for $29 that will serve you two years long warranty. And you will get a chance up to two accidental damage coverage. 


Expected Airpods Pro Sales On Black Friday

AirPods pro gives discounts on the whole at different times for their customers. But if you plan to buy a more discounted price, you should choose the black Friday. 


Every year the 27th November black Friday festival comes with great discounts and offers. So, the price on black Friday is relatively low and affordable. And many people think that is the best day to buy something that you love. 


Besides, we notice that AirPods pro-drop their price to lowest on Amazon Prime Day as well. Therefore, I think you should hold on for a while and wait for the next black Friday on 27th November.


A Short Apple Airpods Pro Review on Specs


Release Date: 30th of October in 2019.


Price: $219 and £249 in the US and UK, respectively.


Dimensions: 1. AirPods: 21.8 x 30.9 mm.

  1. Charging Case: 60.6 x 45.2 mm.

Weight:         1.AirPods: 5.4g.

  1. Charging: 45.6  


Model Number: AirPods Pro.


Sweet and Waterproof: IPX4


Audio: Transparent Mode.

            Noise resistance.

            Customized high dynamic range amplifier.

Sensors: Dual Optical Sensors.

                        Force Sensor.

                        Speech detecting accelerometer.

                        It is an inward-facing microphone.

Chip: H1 based package.


Battery: 1.Airpods Pro: 4.5 hours of listening and 3.5 hours of talk time with one-time charging.


Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0.


System Requirements: Latest versions of iOS of the iPhone and iPod. The latest version of iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS for Apple TV.


Pros and Cons of Apple AirPods Pro Review

Here are some upsides and downsides of Apple AirPods Pro.



  • Better sound.
  • Three ear tip functions for good fitting.
  • Active noise-canceling feature.
  • Portable charging case. 
  • Long run battery performance.
  • Water and sweet resistance.



  • A bit pricey.
  • Charge with a lightning cable.
  • Not a fascinating design. 



Initial Setup and Controls for AirPods Pro

Apple’s AirPods Pro is very fast in terms of connectivity. So, you can connect it with your iPhone and iPad very simply and fast. By the way, it will click simply if you have already installed iOS 13.2 on your device. 

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When it activates, then your AirPods pro will pair up with your mobile automatically. It can also link your all apple device with iCloud so that you do not need to keep attaching the new buds. 


After that, your AirPods will work on Bluetooth settings to test the fitting. Besides, we should give thanks to Apple’s H1 chip for letting us pair the AirPods very easily. When you pop the charging case, an image will pop up in the Airpods pro showing the earbud is being paired. 


Therefore, you have a chance to change the long press from switching between ANC and Transparency mode. You can choose either ANC/Off or Transparency/Off. By the way, you can also use it as a secondary Siri launcher on any of the buds. 


You will have a force sensor with AirPods Pro that is a touch screen. So, you can play or pause and skip the music by using this feature. It is easy to use and controllable over time. A single tap can switch the play and pause button depending on various situations. 


And a couple of tap will skip the track afterward. On the other hand, a triple press skips backward. 


How Can I Get Connected to the Android OS?

There is good news for AirPods Pro lovers who do not want to miss the chance of using it. If you are a Android or Windows PC user, there is also a chance for you to explore it. 


In addition, you will not feel any difference while using another device other than Apple. However, you will need to do just one thing to connect with your android or windows device. 


Firstly, you need to switch on the Bluetooth of your desired device. After that, do a long tap on the back button of the charging case of the AirPod Pro. When you find it in Bluetooth settings, just connect and enjoy it. 


By the way, I will have to mention that you will not get some specific features on Android and Windows PC. As far as I know, you cannot be able to get two parts as Android. 


The one Auto-pause whenever you want to remove one of the earbuds from your ear. And the other features obviously “Hey Siri,” you are not going to have on your Android and Windows PC. 


Additionally, I have heard some the android users face connection problems even when updating the firmware of the earbuds. However, the solution to this issue is you need to contact Apple tech support. Secondly, try to keep updated your firmware and maintain healthy battery life.


A Detailed Apple AirPods Pro Review

Here is the detailed review of the apple Airpods Pro you are looking for. You will be able to know every corner of AirPods Pro from this review.


Comfortable and Secured

You will get many brands in the market that launched their AirPods. But Apple’s AirPods Pro is unique and quality you are going to have. However, Apple made the design of their AirPods Pro such a style that it can fit comfortably. 


If your AirPods does not fit in your ear, then I think it is useless. Just imagine that you are wearing an AirPods, and it is falling. Very disappointing. But you will not have to face this issue with Apple AirPods Pro. 


AirPods Pro will fit securely and correctly in your ear and provide you a fantastic sound. Additionally, as it is sweet and waterproof, you will feel comfortable in the summer season. The IPX4 water resistance feature ensures that. 


In addition, it comes in four different sizes, such as small, medium, and large earbuds. And one more thing, the app on the iOS device will guide you to choose the best ear tip that suits you. 


So, the good news is that the new version of the ear tip will fit almost anyone. By the way, I wish I could say it is universal, but you know there are always some differences. 

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Apple AirPods Pro Review: Sound Quality 

You are buying this to enjoy some fantastic sounds. But if the sound is not satisfactory, then it is useless. Bass is vital for any kind of sound system. It gives the audience a feel of imagination. 


However, Apple AirPods Pro is serving you with noise-free technology.  And that is why they can provide more bass in their latest AirPods Pro. The standard AirPods also give some superb sound compared to the AirPods Pro, and I will put in the second position. 


Besides, standard AirPods can resist some light sound, but it can’t its the best effort with external noise. On the other part, AirPods Pro has noise-proof technology as well as helps with external noise. 


So, the seal of the ear tips and noise resistance technology make a great combination of apple AirPods Pro. 


Apple AirPods Pro Review: Size and Fittings

The AirPods and its charger are relatively small and little weight. If we compare it with Sony, you will always keep ahead of the Apple AirPods. Besides, you can see it is broader and thicker than standard AirPods.


Additionally, as you will set it on a tiny place like an ear, it needs to be smaller and fit. By the way, Sony also provides some great earbuds. Their products are quite famous and fit many users. 


However, Apple AirPods Pro has its fan base and users. It has a fantastic feature, like the pairing. You can listen to songs with friends by paring up. 


Apple AirPods Pro Review: Call Quality  

If you are a standard AirPods user, you may know that it is quite good for making calls. Then the second-generation model, such as AirPods 2, came on the market. The other name of AirPods 2 is AirPods Pro, which is very popular among the young. 


However, the AirPods Pro has a total of 3 microphones on every earbud. And one of the microphones is used for picking calls. Besides, the noise-proof feature will help you to talk without disturbance. 


Additionally, AirPods can isolate noise very correctly and carefully. Because of the sound isolating feature, you can listen to callers very well. 


By the way, some compare the AirPods Pro with Sony WF-1000XM3, but I think it is not a fair comparison. 


However, the one thing you may miss at AirPods Pro sidetone technology. Sidetone feature is being able to listen to your voice at the time of making calls. This feature helps us to modulate our voice and prevent us from talking loudly.  

Final Verdict

I will share with you my verdict, depending on some situations. However, the cases will make your decision easy and effective. This verdict will be a summary of the apple AirPods Pro review. 


First of all, I will tell you the reasons why you should buy an Apple AirPods Pro. After that, I will give you the reasons why I do not need an Apple AirPods Pro. So, the verdict will be a little bit longer. 


Buy AirPods Pro If…

First of all, if you have got bored with the standard AirPods, you can move to the AirPods Pro. I think this is one of the valid reasons for choosing the pro.


Secondly, you, as an iPhone user, want to enjoy the best sound quality. You may find other earbuds in the market, but AirPods pro will give a premium feel with great sound quality.


Thirdly, the third reason will be a sensitive one as it is related to your health. But this cause is the most neglected one. Because this issue can damage your hearing ability and it will decrease day by day. 


Therefore, it can be a nice decision to choose AirPods Pro as the technology will give you comfort while listening to music. 


Do Not Buy Airpods Pro If…

Firstly, you may be someone economical and think to save your hard earned money. Then you should not go for Apple AirPods Pro as it is not quite cheap enough. By the way, you may choose some other well-designed earbuds which work almost similarly. 


Scenodly, if you do not do that much workout then you may choose any typical one. Apple’s AirPods Pro is for someone who does massive exercises. 


Thirdly, if you are a real lover of wireless headphones, then go for it. Otherwise you will just waste some money. 


So, I found out these possible reasons that might help you take this precise decision.  


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