Gaming Freebies With Your Next Mobile

Gaming Freebies

You might be thinking of getting a new phone contract, but what if you could have a phone, and a PS4, Nintendo Switch, or VR headset? Many providers are looking at new ways of attracting customers with gaming freebies available in addition to the latest phone model. Here are the top deals available at the moment, so you can get a new phone and keep yourself occupied with a new console.

Get A Switch Or PS4 With Mobile Phones Direct

Mobile Phones Direct offers a Switch or PS4 with their O2 Samsung Galaxy A51 contract. For no upfront costs, 30 GB of data and only £33 per month, you get the bonus of a smartphone and a console. The Samsung Galaxy A51 has a large screen, decent camera and long battery life, with the additional gift of being affordable. If you enjoy Pokemon, Zelda and the joy of a hand-held console, the Switch is perfect, while PS4 is great for the endless game options to play with the family.

Playstation VR With IPhones At Fonehouse

You might think you’d have to go on to sell my mobile to afford a PlayStation VR.. For contracts under £60 a month, you can have an iPhone SE, iPhone 11 or iPhone XR along with a PlayStation VR and VR Worlds Mega Starter Bundle. The 24-month contract will let you choose between a 64GB, 128GB and 256GB phone with a year’s free AppleTV subscription thrown in. The PlayStation VR is hours of entertainment and is fully compatible with both PlayStation 4 and 5.

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Add Your Console To Your EE Plan

EE offers the option to add hundreds of different gaming accessories to your plan, from Playstation 4 for £24 a month, to the Switch for £25 a month. Both offer an upfront cost of £10 or less, and as you are paying for them, they aren’t tied to specific phone deals or contract offers. EE deals also include gaming accessories like Playstation 4 Shock Consoles so that you can add your gear to the plan over time for the perfect gaming experience.

Get An Xbox One S With Your Galaxy Note10

Mobile Phones Direct are the kings of all things gaming. For £48 a month and no upfront costs, you can have an Xbox One S along with the latest Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note10 has a huge screen and a long battery life, so you can get a phone you like with the console you want thrown in too. There are several deals including a 5G offer for £75 if you’d like to be at the top of your technology game.

Are you looking for some gaming freebies with your next mobile? With the number of deals on offer, you can choose precisely the console you want with a brand new smartphone thrown in. While you can get a completely free PS4 with Mobile Phones Direct, you can add on many options to EE For an additional monthly fee if you don’t want to be tied down to a specific phone.

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