Everyone Is Going Sim Only

The Benefits Of Sim Only Deals

Sim only deals have enjoyed a significant rise in popularity over the last half-a-decade or so, and their market share continues to grow. There are several key factors behind this, including;

Financial Savings

When taking out a phone contract for 36 months, even a £40 per month package is £1,440. Even if you’re moving from Android to a new Apple iPhone, you could buy the handset outright for under £800 in a 128GB option. Even if you pay £10 per month for data, that works out at £1,160 for the years.

Given that many contract phones still include a small handset price of between £20 and £100, the savings are even greater. Consumers are savvier than ever and will need to take even more care since Covid-19. Expect to see Sim only become the new norm.

Greener Living

People are holding onto their handsets for longer. For one reason, society is more aware of its duty to mother nature. On a side note, some people are buying Sim only deals and using them with older or more basic phones to cut down on their screen time.

The fact is that the capabilities of modern phones aren’t changing that much. However, evolutions like the removal of the headphone jack will deter some people from upgrading. The resistance to modern tech may be linked to privacy issues too. When saying loyalty to an old phone, Sim only makes sense.


The prospect of being tied into a three-year contract doesn’t sit well with many consumers. Your needs could change in that time while financial circumstances could be an issue too. Likewise, moving home or job could spell disaster for your network coverage. The mobile phone industry is evolving at a rapid rate, not least in regards to the consumer relationship with handsets and airtime plans. While it was once deemed something of a rarity, the world is currently experiencing a palpable shift to Sim only plans. Here’s why the days of traditional contracts may be numbered.

The Evolving Relationship With Mobile Phones

In the 90s and early 2000s, Pay As You Go was the dominant force by far. Then smartphone technology and increased online accessibility changed everything.

Expensive handsets, the need for more minutes, and online browsing all paved the way for contract deals to take over. While PAYG still exists, its presence is far less obvious than in previous decades. Now, though, Sim only deals have emerged from the shadows to become the new leading candidate for the throne.

Using a Sim only plan gives you the freedom to switch networks if needed or add/remove data as required. Perhaps your phone is a lot busier at certain times of the year due to work. Or maybe a better tariff will come out in a few months. Either way, Sim only deals allow you to stay ahead of the game.

For the sake of finances, convenience, and peace of mind, Sim only is more attractive than ever. With the right package, it could be your chance to wave goodbye to contracts forever.

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