how to transfer contacts from android to iphone


If you have an android phone and want to upgrade to the iPhone. Then the first problem faced by you is to transfer the contacts from your android to your iPhone? Along with the contacts, some of the other things that you need to transfer are music, video, photos, and calendar notes. The main part about this transfer is that you cannot miss anything on your old phone because all the data stored on your previous phone is important. If you are looking for solutions to it then you are in the right place. 

Transferring the data from android to your iPhone is indeed a bit difficult task to do. However, if you take the help from Google then it might become quite easy for you to do it. For making the process, a bit easy apple has launched an application. It will provide you all the important details about how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone?

Move to iOS

The application that will help to transfer the data from android to iPhone is named as Move to iOS. With the help of this application, the user can easily get to know about how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone?

 The things that and users can easily transfer are contacts, files, photos, videos, and a lot more things. Along with the transfer of data, it will also guide the user about the applications. That is installed in their previous android phone and available on the iOS application store. However, the applications that are available in the paid version in android also need to buy again from the apple play store. 

You are giving your new iPhone a fresh start. Then you may see the option of it in the starting two or three pages. On the screen, you may see the options like Move Data from Android. You have to click on the option. Then you need to download the application Move to iOS in your android phone.

After installing it in your android phone, you need to set it up by agreeing all the terms and conditions Allow the application to access your files, videos, music, and contacts. Once it will be done with all the process it will show you a page on which Find your code is written.

After reaching this page, you need to go back to your iPhone. Click on the Move to the android button. Just after clicking on that, it will show you a code that you need to enter in your android device. Just after you enter the code, it will ask you about the data that you need to transfer from your android device.

Once you will get complete with that part, the process of transferring will get started. After the process is completed, your data will be successfully transferred from your android to your iPhone. With the help of this application, you can easily transfer your data from your android to your iPhone. 


How to transfer contacts from android to iPhone?

There are mainly two ways of transferring data from your android to your iPhone:

Transfer with the help of Google- 

The first point about – how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone? Commonly, you will use your Google id for performing various tasks on your android phone. Along with the use sometimes, your goggle account asks you to synchronize your contacts with your Google account. That synchronization will help to retrieve the contact back on your iPhone. There are mainly two ways to get your contacts synchronized the first one is to do it manually by going in the phone setting. Click on the accounts and sync option and the second way is that it will itself ask for the synchronization of files on your mobile phone.

In different android devices, there are different ways of synchronizing the data but in most of the phone, it is available with this name only. After clicking on the option of sync files, you need to enter your Google id in which all your data is synchronized. Now after synchronizing all the data, you need to reboot your iPhone. In the settings section, you need to go for the accounts and password section where you have to enter the same id on which you synchronized the data. After logging in with the same id and password, your contacts will be on your iPhone within minutes.


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Advance method of transferring contacts from Google- 

The second important thing about, how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone?  Before reading this technique you need to ensure that the procedure mentioned in this paragraph, will work and your data will get transferred with the help of it. The first process is the same as the above steps like you need to go in the accounts and password option then you need to enter your Google account and password.

But in this advance step, you need to click on the Add CardDAV account and then you need to fill your account details like your Google account id and other details asked by the system. After entering all the details, you need to click on the Next button, which is on the top of the page. Along with it, you need to make sure that the contacts synchronization is set to be on. After completing all the processes your contacts will be transferred from your previous device to your iPhone. Now the main key of your contacts is in the hand of your Google account. 


With the help of VCF file- 

For the offline user, here we have a suggestion about how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone? if you do not have much knowledge about cloud and the Google servers then, another way from which you can easily transfer your contacts from the android device to your iPhone.

You can take the help of VCF files, which you can find in the import-export section of your android device. Then you need to transfer it to your iPhone. Now if you open the file in your iPhone then all your contacts are transferred in the contact list of your iPhone. 

By using your SIM card-

This method works if you do not want the interfere of Google and its services in any of transferring processes. Another reason would be if you do not have a Google account then also you could use it. In this method, you have to take the support of the nano SIM card that is stored on your mobile phone.

For storing all your contacts in your SIM card, you need to go in the settings and click on the export to SIM button. Once you click on an option all your contacts are transferred in your SIM. Then you have to put that SIM in your phone. As soon as you put the SIM in your iPhone, all your contacts are transferred to your iPhone. 

Usage of an Android SIM inside an iPhone

The SIM is suitable or only fits the iPhone if the SIM size is the same as that required inside the iPhone. Now the question arises, which size of the SIM is needed by the iPhone? However, if your SIM card is bigger than required then you can SIMply cut the SIM and use it but this should be only followed when there is no other option left or you are completely sure because any inaccuracy can cause you great losses like loss of contacts or loss of your no.

To prevent this problem of loss of nos can be solved by saving all the contacts on your Android phone. That`s why we included it in the list of how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone?

The transferring of contacts is also an easy task as first save all the contacts in the SIM and then insert the SIM in your iPhone and after that to transfer those contacts to your iPhone, go to Settings and then select all the contacts and import them.

After completing this, the SIM of the iPhone can be replaced by the original card. Transferring of Apps from Android to iPhone. There is no way of transferring the Apps from one device to another.

If you have installed the App by downloading then you, have to re-download it iPhone for using it or using any paid App in your Android phone then to get access over that App you need to re-pay the amount for getting the accessibility. These are some of the ways about how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone. 

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This is one of the bad news in how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone? Procedure but there is good news also and that is all the Apps that we use in Android phones are all available on iOS and if the App is using your user account then re-logging of the App in another can help you retrieve your data from there.

Transferring of photos and videos from Android to iPhone

There a variety of ways to do this task and they, all are SIMple. One of those ways is: 

Using data-transfer Apps

There are varieties of apps that are related to this and all of them are available on Apple’s App Store for downloading it on the iPhone. The app SIMilar to this should be downloaded in your Android phone so that the task becomes easy and successful. For the Android phone, you will receive it from Google Play Store. The most recommended app for Android phone users is Photo Sync as it helps it transferring of photos fast and in an easy way

With the help of iTunes

The transferring of photos and videos is made easy by the help of iTunes on the computer. The software of Apple was retired as soon as the macOS Catalina was launched in the market. However, do not worry if you are using it or some other older version of the computer then also iTunes will work on your PC without any problem. For transferring photos and videos, you need to first sync the Android phone and transfer all the videos and photos into the computer. 


With the final words, we conclude that in this article we discussed the ways that will help an individual to transfer their contacts from their android device to the iPhone. Along with the contacts we have also discussed how to transfer photos and videos so that if you are changing the phone then there will be no such problem cause to you. So keep using iPhones without problem and keep on upgrading from android phones. We hope you like the article and follow all the steps mentioned above for transferring your important data to your iPhone. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many ways of transferring contacts from android phone to iPhone?

Ans- There are mainly four to five methods from which you can transfer the contacts from your android phone to iPhone. Some of the methods mentioned above are from Google, by SIM, or by transferring it in the form of a file.

  1. Is there any risk if we transfer the contacts with the help of advanced features of Google account?

Ans- Yes, there might be a chance of data loss if you are transferring the contacts or data from the advanced method but if you are a tech person then it might be easy for you to do so.

  1. Is there any application that will make the process of transferring files easier?

Ans- There is an application named as Move to iOS from which you can easily transfer your data from the android phone to your iPhone by entering a code.

  1. Is SIM plays an important role in mobile device?

Ans- Yes, a SIM card is one of the most important parts of a mobile device because it will store all your contacts and the important data of your information.

  1. Is there any application that will transfer your music very easily?

Ans- With the help of iTunes the transfer of music files will become quite easy as it will be used by most of the users. 



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