What is Sleeplessness? A CONDITION IGNORED

In today’s modern age life is changing rapidly very hour with the change in environment, market condition, technologies and workload. People have a tight schedule due to their work pressure. Hence, they work more and take limited rest. Hectic lifestyle eventually causes sleeplessness which is a condition ignored.

Sleeplessness, commonly known as insomnia is a sleep disorder in which people don’t get enough sleep and have trouble sleeping. Insomnia can be short term and long term as well. Between 10% to 30% of adults suffer from insomnia. SLEEPLESSNESS: A CONDITION IGNORED-

Reasons for sleeplessness

There are many reasons for sleeplessness. It is usually caused by drugs or alcohol and other various diseases. Up to 60% of people suffer insomnia because of their genetics and heredity. 

The intensive workload in various MNCs and other various fields along with the constant change in the work shift can cause a sleep variation. 

Various studies have also proved that improper and unbalanced diet, stress, tension led to an increase in the risk of insomnia or sleeplessness.


Poor sleep quality means that the individual is not getting enough sleep. Sleep has magical therapeutic properties. It cures a tired person.

Majorly it includes difficulty in falling asleep or not getting proper rest. One of the significant symptoms of sleeplessness is heavy legs. People may also feel a lack of concentration, dizziness, depression and headache etc.

People may also feel waking up too early in the morning or improper sleep at night. Moreover, an increase in errors and accidents during work time in offices or home in the day time is also a significant symptom of sleeplessness. 

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Many feel difficulties in paying attention, lack of concentration and problems in remembering any given task.

How to improve sleep and treatment of sleeplessness

Apart from a busy, hectic life, a person can enhance sleep and also insomnia can be cured. Selfcare majorly includes having s definite sleeping pattern, avoid taking naps and lower consumption of caffeine. 

If a person is still suffering from sleeplessness, then he/she must look foreword to change their mattress as mattress plays an essential role in providing better and sound sleep.   

There are various mattresses available in the market; memory foam mattress is one of them. Single memory foam mattress topper is a super comfy mattress which has a fabric cover that helps in the circulation of the trapped air in the top layer of memory foam. This mattress improves the blood circulations and minimizes the chances of disturbances. Every individual is different from others, and hence the sleeping patterns also differ ranging from light sleeper vs deep sleeper. Generally, young people spend more time in deep sleep as they grow and become mature. Older people spend less time in deep sleep stages and are more likely of being light sleepers. Memory foam mattresses have white gel micro-capsules that absorb heat from the body and then release it away from the body; thus, they are said to be cooling mattress protector king. So, while you’re fast asleep, the mattress will not create any disturbances in sleep. These memory foam mattresses are best suited for both Ergo: for those who prefer softer ergonomic support and Ortho: for those who prefer harder orthopaedic support. But generally, this kind of mattress is best suited to those who need extra back help. 

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Moreover, several therapies provided by specialists can cure sleeplessness. Also, if a person has massive insomnia, then he/she must take prescribed medication from the pharmacist. Sleeplessness is a disease which is very common amongst people, and hence self-care is the best remedy for this condition.

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