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Download Minecraft PE 2.0.0 on Android: find new animals in the biomes of the game world and use their abilities for survival!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2.0.0: Biomes Expansion

While the players were wondering what awaits them in MCPE 2.0.0, the Mojang team continued to work on the update. It continued minecraft 1.21 android in some aspects. The developers continued to improve the biomes and added fauna to them. For example, Armadillo can now sometimes be found not only in savannas, but also in deserts.

The fauna of biomes such as deserts and jungles has also been supplemented. Players can not just explore the behavior of new mobs, but get practical benefits from them.


Those who like to walk through the jungle usually have to meet familiar creatures. But the developers decided not to limit themselves to them, but to add new animals to Minecraft PE 2.0.0. For example, users may come across monkeys. These creatures are completely safe for the player.

Besides, they may even bring some benefits. If the monkey is fed bananas, it can show a short way to the temple. As experienced players know, it is often very difficult to find a temple in the jungle, as they are rarely generated.


Other biomes of the virtual world have also changed. After download minecraft 2.0.0 apk, players enter the updated desert. This is a location where now the character will sometimes find a unique structure with long-awaited resources – Oasis. They are not generated regularly, but they are worth finding.

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There is also a unique natural phenomenon that Minecraft Bedrock Edition 2.0.0 players can only see in the desert.

Sandstorm occurs when it rains in other locations. This degrades visibility for users and makes survival more difficult.


As mentioned earlier, the developers have focused on the appearance of a new fauna in the Minecraft 2.0.0 pixel world. Forest biomes are no exception, because now owls live there.

These are birds with beautiful textures and unique sounds that have no analogues in the game. These animals have one interesting function: they can send a message to another player if necessary.


This update will be exciting for those who explore the underwater world. Diving into the sea, the Minecraft PE 2.0.0 player should be careful, because now jellyfish live there.

They are dangerous only if you touch them: in these cases, they can cause damage.

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