The Importance of Strategy in the League of Legends

Strategy in League of Legends

League of Legends is an incredibly vast and complex learning process. The potential room for growth can be as immense as one player wants it to be. There are plenty of skills to master before one can feel confident facing off in ranked matches against other competitors. The most excitement a player feels is by winning the game, but it is not as easy it sounds. It all comes down to forming a perfect strategy and getting a firm grip over the core elements of the game. We will provide some of the best  strategy in League of Legends that will help improve your overall win rate.

Master your favorite Champions- Strategy in League of Legends

Understanding the Champions you are playing inside and outside is a more effective use of your time when ascending the ladder than playing loads of different ones. Analyzing their strengths, power spikes, items, and all the other factors will lead to more wins quickly.

Practice on improving CS- Strategy in League of Legends

Creep Score is the basics of any MOBA game. It can make your whole game rhythm or break it. Continuous work on refining the CS is vital. Custom games in the League of Legends are the best way to practice on CS. Not only does it help enhance the gameplay, but you will also be able to focus on other game aspects such as map knowledge and stronger itemization.

Push for Early Ward advantage

Wards can result in making or breaking the momentum of the game. And, in the first 10 minutes, look for opportunities always to do it better. The difference between a good gank and an ally wasting a trip to your lane can be an early ward advantage.

Never push out your Lanes

At the beginning of League of Legends game, the plan is to only last hit and regulate the creep line. Killing creeps as soon as possible forces the line out into the enemy’s tower, which not only makes it much harder to get the kill on them, but it also leaves you wide open to river sneak attacks.

Communicate with your teammates

When you take time to research matches, you start to get to learn useful stuff. If you have an early kill strategy in mind, or if there is a danger from an unfavorable mismatch, converse it with others. Contact with teammates in the first 10 minutes will make a big difference in getting a head start.

How to become a beast at League of Legends

There is no shortcut to getting better at League of Legends. Becoming a  beast in LOL takes absolute hard work and an optimistic attitude. Analyzing and understanding the gameplay of top LOL players is essential. Invest the time to learn the Champions, and build your tactics. Knowing your professional Champions ins and outs will help you scale Rankings more effectively.

ELO boosting

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What strategies do you think would help improve faster at Legends of Legends? Please share it with us.

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