Is Minecraft Cross-platform Best to Play With Your Friends?

is minecraft cross platform

Minecraft cross-platform is a perfect match with friends, and you can compete on the same version with friends regardless of the computer. 

This ensures that if you possess Minecraft’s Java Version, you can only play with others with the Java Edition. Same for the Bedrock Version. If you have various models, you must purchase one to play together.

You can play Minecraft cross-platform. But what do you know about Minecraft cross-platform? Suppose you and your friend want to play Minecraft. But you are playing on the PC, and your friend is playing on Xbox. So, you’ll think that you guys cannot play together on the same server. But there comes cross-platform to rescue you.

Don’t worry. We are here to solve all your queries about cross platforming Minecraft. 

Where can you play Minecraft together?

Both Minecraft Bedrock Version platforms can be played together. The Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and Windows PC, as well as handheld devices, are included. To do this, you’ll have to have a Microsoft account. Your Xbox would fit all right if you have one. If not, you can make one here for free. 

You would want to guarantee that you select a buddy that you want to play with on that account until you have a Microsoft account. It also takes a buddy to welcome them to their Xbox Gamertag.

Here are some steps that will help you to play Minecraft together.


To Game To Everyone On The Buddy 

You may enter them directly through the game if your buddy plays in his own hosted session. You may access the session by scrolling over the Friends tab and seeing under “Joinable Cross-Platform Friends,” as long as you’re friends from Microsoft. 

Only up to eight individuals will join these sessions at once. A pop-up may appear whether you are asked to attend a session, which you will approve or refuse. 

Invite To Your Gaming Mates. 

Open the start menu in the game to welcome mates. You will add people from your list of friends to enter your game until you choose “invite.” 

Be mindful of your active session player allowances (visible in settings). You may adjust it so that people can only watch your environment while they participate or encourage them to run wild, create, and smash bricks. Players may also award them managerial rights. You may also pick these rights by pressing the yellow icon next to their names when a guest enters your session.


Players are also able to enter Realms, servers which remain online and do not have to be played by a host. 

You can submit invitations to your Domain through your Friends tab or can invite users to play on a PC through a connection. You can start The Minecraft app by clicking on the connection. Also, you may need to invite console players through a list of mates. 

Therefore, you will be able to return to it from your Friends tab since entering the Kingdom for the first time. Anytime you like. You join the Rams as long as the Realm is already online under the “Joinable Realms.”

How is Minecraft cross-platform connected with Xbox live?

Mojang and Sony opened their doors after an atrociously long wait and launched the Bedrock Minecraft Version on the Playstation 4 platform. This upgrade comes with the Best Together update, which allows robust cross-playing support through Windows, Xbox, VR, Move, and smartphone devices.

  • Check that Minecraft is own on the Playstation. You can purchase it from Amazon or the PlayStation Shop if you’re also not a proud user of Minecraft on your Playstation. 
  • Making sure your account is Microsoft. An Xbox Live account operates a Microsoft account, as stated earlier. These accounts support all forms of Microsoft programs such as Outlook, Office 365, and beyond. You may make one free if you don’t already have one.
  • Ensure that you have an external computer. Your Playstation 4 asks you to reach your Microsoft account on the websites from an external device such as a mobile or monitor.
  • On your PlayStation 4, Open Minecraft.

  • Instead of guiding your PlayStation, you can sign in to your Microsoft account inside Minecraft.
  • When asked, pick “Sign to Free.” After you start in the Minecraft Bedrock update, a message is posted to remind you about the benefits of linking Microsoft to Minecraft. On the public introduction of the Bedrock Version of Minecraft, you can see a notification pop up reminding you of the benefits of linking a Microsoft Account to Minecraft.
  • Enter the Minecraft code. If you look back at Minecraft, under the URL, you’ll see a code. Enter this code to activate your Microsoft account on your computer.
  • Connect to the page you have shown. Minecraft can request you on your phone or device to navigate.
  • Enter the Minecraft code. If you look back at Minecraft, under the URL, you’ll see a code. Enter this code to activate your Microsoft account on your computer.
  • Complete this method. A new monitor will show that Minecraft is now linked to your Xbox Live profile. Minecraft: Bedrock Version is now beneficial on your PlayStation 4!
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When is Minecraft Dungeons going to get an online cross-platform?

Now you can enjoy Minecraft Dungeons on the same site as you with other players.

However, there are proposals for a later free Minecraft update to include a cross-platform multiplayer. The multiplayer update on the multiplatform will be verified in November at Minecraft Live 2020.

If published, you’ll be able to play together on another console-Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One-together with other Minecraft Dungeon matches.

Which choices are accessible at launch in Minecraft Dungeons? 

Minecraft Dungeons will play for up to four players on the same site online or with a local multiplayer. This ensures that although the game doesn’t allow online cross-platform matches, you will always appreciate the multiplayer element of the game. 

However, you can not concurrently merge local or online gaming – you have to select one. 

If you plan to visit Minecraft Dungeons with other players, then remember that the challenges, amount of enemies, and the loads you get rely on the number of players you enter.

How cross-platform saves restrictions in Minecraft Dungeons?

Contrary to many other Xbox first-party titles, Minecraft Dungeons won’t allow cross-platform saves, which ensures you won’t be able to save data or pass game progresses across devices. 

Xbox Game Studios made this concise comment on Minecraft Dungeons’ cross-save settings: “Do not pass files and game progress across platforms.” 

This ensures that, whether you want to start playing Minecraft Dungeons on a console or on a PC that you haven’t played before, you basically restart the game from scratch, even if you switch from Xbox One to PC.

Common Issues Minecraft Dungeons

With fresh knowledge and condition shifts, this field can shift and develop with time. Several speedbumps can be resolved every big launch, and it is no different to switch a broad player base smoothly from one game edition to the next. Here are all the concerns we know about today:

  1. Any users do not link to their Playstation 4 Microsoft account. This is a topic that Mojang thinks about and operates constantly on. This query should be answered for many already. If you are frustrated and unable to wait before Mojang solves the issue, some Reddit users say that deleting the Minecraft cache from Playstation 4 has allowed them to try the log-in method again, and effective the second time. You will do this by heading to your PS4 Settings > applications > Minecraft.
  2. Some users have trouble accessing their Playstation 4 content.

  3. This applies to the previous problem where material from Minecraft Earth vanished while the same Microsoft account was linked to both. While Mojang investigates the problem, it suspends content roaming to Playstation 4. The last version is already reportedly fixed, but players also complain that their content is not coordinated. However, without impacting Minecraft Earth, it seems safe to link your Microsoft account to your PS4.
  4. An odd flaw contributes to extremely long load times. We saw just a few incidents, but a couple of players complain that the game takes a great deal of time to load, to the degree that this is effectively frozen on the Mojang screen. The re-start of your Playstation 4 will briefly solve this problem if you do, but it is definitely the most successful route to wait.
  5. Only Microsoft Gamertags at this moment can be scanned. You will only now scan for players with Xbox Gamertags when you choose to hop into a game with a pal from another site. Mojang’s another matter, so let your friends realize that they are searching for you now.
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This isn’t really a concern, but there’s always a mention of it: Minecraft Bedrock Version on Playstation 4 does not have rows and servers. Mojang confirmed he’s coming and coming in the next, but they’re not in the game at the time of publishing.

How to play on other Minecraft Dungeons networks with mates 

Now that you’re at ease with Xbox Live, you can play with your friends and family on every Minecraft game site. You’re happy to play as long as they’re on the Bedrock Version. There are three separate ways to do that: build a virtual universe, enter a friend’s game, or take part in a realm. 


Build a modern planet Minecraft Dungeons


  • If you are prepared to build a new environment, cross-play is simple. Whenever you are on the computer, move under the default Game tab to the Multiplayer tab and make sure that a “multiplayer” feature is allowed. You did it once and built your universe. You may welcome others to your game, or you can get others to join you. 


  • Joining the world of a mate. If you are in the Play menu, the Friends tab is the tab to the right of the Worlds tab. This tab helps you to see which of your mates are actually online and available, even others that play on the same site. You can only pick a game from here that you want to play. 


  • Leading a domain. Joining a realm. Servers and Realms will support the Bedrock version. They are not current but they will include it in a future update. After they land, you can enter your mates in the Friends tab. 


How to play Offline Minecraft Cross-platform?

Players do not require an account with Microsoft for Minecraft to play. You can always play the game offline, so you also need it to play online. 

Consequently, you would also have to enter a mate, host, or public server. You may also buy Minecraft coins and things, including skins from the Minecraft market with, a Microsoft account. Except for the PS4 edition that indicates an improvement in the PlayStation Trophy Scheme, you can even get Xbox Live Achievements with a Microsoft account.

FAQ: Minecraft Match Cross-Platform 

# Is Minecraft Best Together with free of charge? 

The upgrade to Minecraft Better Together is free for those who own a Minecraft edition. 

# Will you play the cross-platform of Minecraft?

Any Minecraft variants allow cross-play. To find out the ones, see our guide.

#How do I play PC and PS4 cross-platform Minecraft? 

Once the Best is installed together, you can link to the same world and play from both the PC and PlayStation.

#Will you play Minecraft together on PC and Xbox? 

Yes, Xbox and PC is the first support for Minecraft cross-platform. Before you can match, you need to upgrade your version of Minecraft.

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