Google earth flight simulator tips and tricks

google earth flight simulator

Ever wanted to be a pilot, or maybe that is your dream till now to fly the skies? If that is the case with you, then you are lucky because I can help you not much, but it’s still worth the help.  Google Earth Flight Simulator is one of the best video games that can give you a lot of insights into what taking flight is. This is a great video game that features several planes that you can fly, which is impressive.

The video game also has several satellites and imagery which you can use, which is exciting, and all these make flying planes here interesting. I love this game because of the impressive 3D graphics that it entails, which is pretty awesome. There are several modes which you can use in this game, which are all entertaining and make gaming fun. There is also a multiplayer mode, which is pretty exciting, and the great thing with it is that players can interact in this environment, which is impressive.

There is no reason you should not get this game to your computer or phone.

As this is one of the best video games that I have come across so far. Gaming here is thrilling and pretty interesting, and Google Earth Flight Simulator can give you a great understanding of what goes on up there in the sky.

For those who have tried this and even those planning first to try Google Earth Flight Simulator, I will highlight some tips and tricks which you can use and play this game smoothly. All the tips and tricks that I will highlight this game will give you an edge over your competitors, which is interesting. If you happen to put these tips and tricks into use, then Google Earth Flight Simulator will be an easy game for you to play.



The first tip and trick of Google Earth Flight Simulator that I will give you are starting the flight simulator up. This is an excellent tip for many as they can have a hard time trying to figure out what does what can end up costing them time. This is also great for beginners whom it’s there first time trying the simulator.

To start the flight, you will first need to go to the menu choice, and under Tools menu, click on Enter Flight Simulator. There is also another way you can use keyboard shortcuts, and this will, in turn, take you directly there, which is pretty impressive. The keyboard shortcuts you need to use are CTRL-ALT, which will automatically start up the flight simulator.

After the flight simulator has started its now time that you begin choosing your plane.

The first tip that I would encourage here is choosing your plane carefully, and there is a reason for this. It’s essential that you choose a plane that is much slower as this will give you the advantage to learn the controls easily compared to selecting a plane that is so fast. 

Therefore, what you need to do is choose the SR-22 plane, which is a much slower plan and works perfectly. After you get the plane that you are going to use, the next thing that you will need to do is choosing the airport, which is the start destination, and if you happen to have a joystick, you can click the Joystick box, but if you don’t, it won’t click. After you have done all that, it’s now time that you click start the flight. This is the first Google Earth Flight Simulator that beginners need to follow and understand, as this is a vital part that you will be taking daily.

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The next step that you will be taken after clicking on the start flight is the HUD, and these are where you will be able to see several controls. I will guide you on several HUD indicators as these will help you a lot in Google Earth Flight Simulator. The HUD displays several things, and some include the indicator to the direction that you are heading, which you will be able to see.

The other display will be the altitude in which the plane is one, and this is an excellent indicator you need to always keep an eye on. There is a speed indicator there too, which will tell you the speed which the plane is moving.

The gear and the flaps are also indicated there.

which you will be able to tell what you are doing. The HUD is a great tool in Google Earth Flight Simulator, and you always need to use this display as it will help you a lot. The other thing that you need to know is you need to have your Google Earth window in a square so that the HUD will all fit in there.

If you have it too wide, some of the displays will be cut out, making it hard to see what is going on. If you want to get the keyboard controls for the above displays, you will need to go to help and click on Keyboard and shortcut controls. All these will help you when it comes to seeing how you are flying your plane easily.


The other Google Earth Flight Simulator tip and trick is starting your plane. This is the part I know excites most of you. If you are using a keyboard, I would like you will have to use the Page Up key, and the tip here is to hold that key gently, which will add power to your plane.

This is the throttle power, and there is also an indicator there, which will be of great help in showing you the amount of throttle that you are applying. If you apply full throttle, you will see that there is a triangle there which, when at the top, will show you that the plane is at full throttle. Your plane will start moving once you do this on the runway.


When you apply throttle to your plane, the plane will start moving, and therefore that means you will need to control your plane. Google Earth flight Simulator Help is great when it comes to seeing the keys involved in changing the directions of the plane you want to fly on the ground.

The comma and the period keys are the keys that help you a lot when it comes to changing the direction which you want the plane to take. These keys are also the ones that you will need to be using when it comes to making brakes on the plane. This is an excellent tip for those who never had a clue about this, and touching them briefly can help you make the moves that you want to make. These are some of the essential keys in the Google Earth Flight Simulator. 


This is one of the essential tips of Google Earth Flight Simulator I will give you which you will need to use. This is an excellent tip for controlling the plane if you don’t have a joystick, which I bet most of you don’t.

HUD clicks on the mouse at the window, and when you do so, there will be a plus sign that will be displayed there. When this sign appears, you will now be able to control the plane to the direction that you want to take. The one thing, however, that you need to remember is the mouse only allows you to control the plane only when it’s on the air.

The other thing that I will caution you to take is always to ensure that the mouse is always on the Google Earth Flight Simulator window because if it’s outside, there are chances that your plane will lose control. This is one of the best tips that you always need to use, and not so many people even know about it. This tip makes flying the plane easy and fun, and if you do it carefully, your plane rarely loses control. 

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Now you want to take off from the ground into the air, and you are wondering how to do, worry no more. Taking off is pretty straightforward, but there are some things that you need to keep in mind before you do that. Your plane needs to be moving very fast on the runway, and if that is not the case, it can be hard to take off.

If your speed is so fast, what you will do is move the mouse cursor slightly backward, and this will make the plane take off. The Google Earth Flight Simulator here is to make a small portion slightly backward. You will need to ensure that the plane’s wings are level before you can put the cursor back at the center. This is great, and it will ensure that your aircraft is now in the air. Don’t try to overcorrect as this is a rookie mistake.


While on the air you will be able to make turns which is excellent whichever direction that you want, which is brilliant. If you are using the mouse, making turns is pretty easy, and it does not take any effort. What you will need to do is move the mouse to the direction that you want to take the turn, whether left or right, and you need to do this slightly.

You will have to do this until the plane is tilted to that direction, and once that is done, you can pull back to the center. This will ensure that the aircraft is leveled, and it’s an easy process that makes Google Earth Flight Simulator an easy video game to play.


3D buildings are fantastic, and they are great for making gaming easy, which is pretty impressive. The 3D buildings layer can easily be turned on before you start the simulator, which is great, and this will make the gaming look realistic from the air and even more fun and entertaining. The 3D city data is great, and if you enjoy Google Earth Flight Simulator, this is the one thing that you need always to turn on.


Landing the plane in Google Earth Flight Simulator is possible and even pretty easy to do, which is why I love about it. However, this will require some practice to be able to land the plane perfectly. If you are so high above sea level, the first thing is to go down at about 250knots.s You need to make sure all the arrows in the HUD are aligned well, and this is before you land.

Then you will have to turn your thrust down and make the flaps at 100%. You will also need to put the landing gear down as this will slow your plane down. Lessen your angle while you are on a low sea level and don’t land until your speed is below 300 knots. You will be able to touch the ground, and you will feel some bumps, and your speed needs to be below 150 knots. Hold your brakes until you ensure that the plane has come to a stop, and that is how you land your plane.


To conclude, we have highlighted all the several tips and tricks of Google Earth Flight Simulator that you can take. These tips are great as they ensure that you will be able to fly your plane even after the first time that you get this video game. This is an exciting game to play, and I highly encourage you to try it out.


How do you go faster in Google Earth Flight Simulator?

To go faster, you will need to use the Page Up key, and this will, in turn, make the plane move more quickly while on the ground.

How do you take off in Google Earth Simulator?

Your plane needs to be at high speed, and once this is done, you can then use your mouse cursor and drag it a bit backward to take off.


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