How to play minesweeper?

how to play minesweeper

The minesweeper game is for computers, and although currently, it does not come by default in new versions of Windows, you can download how to play Minesweeper it for free from many Internet pages. In this article, I will talk about what it is its rules and tips for playing correctly. I’m going there!

How to play Minesweeper?

Below, we list the steps you must follow to play Minesweeper:

  1. To start playing, open the Windows icon and select all programs from the menu; In this section, find the games folder and select the minesweeper icon.
  2. Once the grid is open, go to the game menu located in the upper left and select the difficulty levels you prefer.


Level of minesweeper

Beginner Level: 

It is presented in 9 x 9 mosaic grids or squares, where ten mines are hidden.

Intermediate Level: 

It is presented in grids of 16 x 16 tiles or squares, where 40 mines are hidden.

Advanced Level: 

16 x 30 mosaics or squares are presented, where 99 mines are hidden.

Custom Level: 

you can choose the height of the grids from 9 to 24 tiles, the width of the networks from 9 to 30 tiles, as well as allowing you to select the number of mines, whose options are between 10 and 668 veins that you can appear in the play.

In this same menu, you can change the appearance preferences of the game, resume, or display the statistics and change preferences regarding the reproduction of sounds, among others.


  1. 1 Once you have chosen the difficulty level preferences or any other appearance preferences, you will be presented with the selected grid, and your game will begin
  2.  To start playing, discover any of the gray tiles or squares on the game board. If this is not a mine, the grids will be displayed, revealing a series of numbers and blank spaces. In general, in this first move, no mine will appear.

The numbers that appear on the grid when the tiles are discovered mean the number of mines that touch that square.

That is, if you have discovered a two in one of the corners of the board, it means that those two tiles have mines. Keep in mind that the only clue in the game numbers, so you should use your logic and deduction to get an idea of ​​which box you can play and which one you can’t.

  1. Another option that you can use to help you figure out in which box there is a mine and which one is not is to place a call sign that will appear when you double-click the right mouse button. This sign will alternate as you press the button, setting a flag, a question mark, or removing both options. With these symbols, you can discard and mark the mosaics that you think may have a mine.
  2. When a flag is placed, the box in which you place it will be blocked to help you not step on the table by mistake. When the symbol is the question mark, the box will not be locked, so if you accidentally hit it, the box will open, and you risk having a mine there.
  3. The board will indicate at the bottom of it the time that the resolution of the game is taking.  Likewise, it will show you how many mines you have not discovered as you place the flags. In this measure, this number will decrease.
  4. If you cannot finish the game and you don’t want to lose it, the game presents you with the possibility of saving the move until the next opportunity when you reopen the game. Remember to check beforehand in the menu the preferences for saving and opening saved games.
  5. At the end of the minesweeper game, either for having lost due to stepping on a mine or for having won by having discovered all the tiles except the pits, a summary box will appear with the game statistics.
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These statistics will show you: the duration of the game.

The record of the best time made, the number of games played, and the number of games won and the percentage of effectiveness. If you are one of the people who like to overcome challenges, here is an excellent guide for you to measure your results.

Likewise, you can if you wish to repeat the same game or start a new game since it gives you the option of obtaining a new online game or exiting the game in question.

If you want to know more about how to play Minesweeper, you can go to the help section that appears in the upper right corner and consults the Windows tutorial; this will give you the necessary details to know how to play this game.

What is Minesweeper?

The game of the Minesweeper, whose name in English is Minesweepers, is a game of logic, deduction, memory, and with a lucky point: its main objective is to clear all tiles or tiles from a board without detonating any mine.

Microsoft Windows.

It keeps you wanting to keep playing. Minesweeper has been on the market for almost 30 years. It is virtually impossible that there is someone who, having access to a computer. It has never played. If this is your case, I challenge you to play it and thus stimulate the logical part of your brain.

It is said that the truth of the inclusion of this game. Also, that of solitaire for free in the Microsoft Windows operating system was intentional. In a way to motivate users in a discreet and even unconscious way to learn to use Windows 3.1. And thus exercise with the mouse, selecting the desired box (in this case, the table) so that they would know in a practical way that the different buttons. Both right and left could be used to carry out multiple functions.

Minesweeper Rules:

The mathematical algorithm used has been the subject of multiple investigations by specialists in mathematics. Its use dramatically stimulates the logical part of our brain, since apart from having to concentrate on looking for patterns, we have to discard squares or mosaics and memorize plays.

The minesweeper rules are simple and easy to understand. The purpose of this hobby is to be able to discover all the blanks or numbers on the game board, without pressing any mine. For that:

  1. The minimum requirement to play Minesweeper is to have a mouse.
  2. It would be best if you discovered all the gray squares or tiles in the grid that contain new numbers or spaces.
  3. It cannot click on a square that you suspect contains a mine, but the game ends. You can help yourself using the flag symbols and question marks explained above.
  4. Suppose you discover a box containing a number. You should know that the tiles surrounding it. That box will have as many mines as the number that appeared to you.
  5. You can put a flag mark on the box that you are sure contains. It is a mine and a question mark on the table that you consider maybe a tunnel. All to reduce the number of mines on the meter and find out where they may be the same ones.
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The objective of the Minesweeper game is to release all the squares that do not have a mine by clicking on them with the left button.

The numbered squares indicate the number of mines in the surrounding squares.

When you deduce that a square has a mine you can mark it (or unmark it) with a flag  by clicking with the right button.

If you play in competitive mode, you will participate with your result in a classification. Where you will face 25 other players who have played the same game of Minesweeper online.

The game ends when you release all the squares that do not have a mine, or when you mistakenly click on a mined square.

How to beat Minesweeper:

If you want to improve your skill or have a broader vision of it. I will give you a series of tips or recommendations for playing Minesweeper:

  1. The first thing you should know is that some moves are due to mere luck. Especially the first move in which you must discover a mosaic without further clues as to whether it is a mine or not. But rest assured, usually in this first play no mines appear. Unless it is for the repetition of the game you have lost.
  2. Start with the beginner level and then progress through the LevelLevel. When you have reached the last LevelLevel, try to improve the playtimes.
  3. When you do not know if there is a mine in that box or not. I recommend marking the box with the flag symbol and simulating whether or not. The adjacent boxes should have a mine. Sometimes the discard the option helps you validate where you can be a mine.
  4. Choose to unlock the tiles that offer you a lower probability of becoming a mine. For this, you must analyze all possible moves.
  5. As you play more minesweepers, you will be able to more easily identify the patterns where a mine can be found.
  6. When you find an uncovered number pattern “121” on a line. But the flag on numbers 1 and discover numbers 2.
  7. If you get a pattern on a line with the numbers “232” you should know that the three mines must touch all the squares of number 3. And the other squares that touch number two 2 can be discovered.
  8. When you already have located all the mines that touch a number. The other squares that touch that number can be discovered.

On the net, there are several variations of the original. Some of them offer to be more complex in their resolutions due to the fact that the form of the game is not that of a grid. Likewise, you will not need to download it. Since you can do it online.

Below, I am going to answer some of the most common questions when you play Minesweeper:

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

What do the numbers mean?

If you get the number 1 it is because in the 8 squares that surround this number. In one of them, there is a mine. If you get the number 2 it is because of the 8 squares that surround this number. In two of them there is a mine, and so on with the number that comes up.

That is why it is easier to solve the corners that have at least two in a row since they must necessarily be in those first two squares.

What happens if I step on a mine?

All mines will explode and the game will be over.

Is it possible to replay a game that I lost?

Yes, when you finish you will see a statistics box. In which there is an option to repeat the move. It keep in mind that the mines will be located in the same place as in the game you have lost.


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