how to check graphics card

How to check graphics card while purchasing

WHAT IS GRAPHICS CARD A Graphic card is a part of computer hardware which is responsible for showing an image on our monitor. The graphic...
chromebook shortcuts

List of all the different chromebook shortcuts

Everyone is aware of some top universal shortcuts like Ctrl + C for copy, Ctrl + V for paste. But nowadays the alternative is...

Mobile Gaming And Its Rise To Prominence

Our smartphone habits have been changing constantly alongside the devices we use, as our displays have grown and our battery life extends, they have...
modern warfare crossplay

Complete guide about modern warfare crossplay

Activision is as yet making a COD every year except these game vows to appear as something else. Does this take the arrangement back...
ffxiv companion app

Final fantasy xiv companion app

Final Fantasy is one of the best game series that you can find, and this video game has some of the best gems ever....
how to play minesweeper

How to play minesweeper?

The minesweeper game is for computers and although currently, it does not come by default in new versions of Windows, you can download how...
how to cancel xbox game pass

How to cancel xbox game pass

In case you're one of numerous players who bounced on a free month of Microsoft's down membership administration, you'll need to realize how to...
smartphone games

How did smartphone games get to be popular?

It’s pretty safe to say that smartphone gaming is a big deal. While plenty of people might have thought video games were ‘kids’ stuff’...
how to hack free fire

How to hack free fire

Free Fire is one of the best online multiplayer games that you can play with friends and other players online. This game has exciting...
apex cross platform

Everything to know about apex cross-platform.

INTRODUCTION Gaming has grown rapidly among people, and several factors are contributing to such growth. Firstly, the advancement in technology has seen many gaming platforms...
Mods for Android games

Here’s How You Can Improve Your Gameplay Experience Using Mods for Android games

Mods for Android games are hacked or bypassed applications or games which are generally available for download in the alternate game and application sites,...
League of Legends

The Importance of Strategy in the League of Legends

League of Legends is an incredibly vast and complex learning process. The potential room for growth can be as immense as one player wants...
asus gaming monitor

What Is The Best Asus Monitor For Gaming?

Gaming Monitors: Gaming monitors are specially designed for a smooth asus gaming monitor experience. That monitors try to improve the gaming experience by working...
shadow fight 2 special edition

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition for Android – Download

Shadow Fight 2 special edition is free fighting. Nekki develops the game. It is first to come into the market on the mobile platform...
vive wireless adapter

2020 Review Of HTC Vive Wireless Adapter

Most of us love online gaming and with virtual reality picking up momentum with the help of tools such as HTC wireless adapter. VR...