Popular Characters In Mobile Gaming
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The rise in mobile gaming has led to a number of practices that may seem strange to some – you may have seen them all over the various marketplaces available where famous characters from popular TV shows or movies are used in the artwork and branded after them directly, and there’s good reason for doing so – it attracts attention and adds familiarity to games that may otherwise not be able to distinguish themselves – something as easily as recognizable as a popular character also adds some legitimacy, something sorely needed for many operators.

This is most commonly seen through online casinos as recent changes to the way the games have been played have allowed for the introduction of animation or video from these characters – many slot options now have videos playing in the background whilst you play in a bid to grow confidence but also to encourage players to play for longer periods of time as they’re distracted by the movie playing, rather than the slots that are spinning. The Transformers series is one that has been growing in popularity recently as the ‘Battle for Cybertron’ slots have captured many new fans, featuring many of the popular autobots and decepticons it plays less of a detached experience and more of something that you recognize.

Finding ways to attract new players may also now be more important than ever, there have been a number of recent regulation changes in the UK for example that restrict participation for many players, a number of operators have chosen to register elsewhere as many US casinos now accept UK players like these ones and often stand as those most well branded such as examples previously given.

Often times this is done correctly, all licensing is obtained through the proper channels but care also has to be taken also as often times especially recently, this licensing isn’t always obtained in the most legitimate ways and these representations can be taken as such – as mobile gaming becomes more popular it’s likely that we’ll continue to see popular characters and figures represented in this way and is becoming more important than ever that these characters are handled correctly.

The next step for many will be bringing these characters to life in virtual reality as many of these online casinos are adopting virtual reality games into their roster which may change what the future of mobile gaming is as a whole, it has to be said it would be pretty cool to be put inside our favourite movie world with these popular figures and characters in full virtual reality – some moves have already been made in this direction especially on more dedicated devices but mobile is slowly catching up, and given the amount of attention within mobile gaming recently as it captures over 50% of the entire gaming market, this will be the next area where big changes will come, and with more and more studios getting involved within gaming too the number of popular figures we expect to see will only increase alongside that.

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