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The world has become a global village in terms of communication and business. With the massive technology growth, a business or an organization can have a digital presence by using the internet. Most inventions and innovations are facilitated by an American multinational technology company known as Microsoft.

This company also validates the skills and knowledge of IT professionals through industry-standard certifications and exams. One of the popular Microsoft exams includes 70-417 that leads to getting the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 badge.

This article will provide you with complete information on how to pass this exam. But, before we dive into the key aspects of Microsoft MCSA 70-417 VCE Exam Dumps, it is prudent to have a clear overview of the Microsoft certification program.

The Structure of Microsoft Certifications

Microsoft offers various certifications according to the skills level, technology, and job-role. Last year the credentials offered have become more job oriented with the focus on particular skills, while earlier issued badges are more technology-based. Still, both two groups exist till now and can be obtained.

So, the new Microsoft credentials are classified into three distinct levels which are:

  • Fundamental Level —this is the pre-career-level where the candidates pass a particular exam to gain foundational knowledge in the chosen domain. This badge is for those who want to launch a career in IT or change his/her professional life.
  • Associate Level —refers to the professional level and is appropriate for candidates who have at least 2 years of experience in IT. The credentials tailored to this level allows the successful candidates to apply for the entry-level positions in IT.
  • Expert Level —this is considered as the most prestigious level of Microsoft certifications. It is intended for candidates who have 2 to 3 years of experience in managing and administrating Microsoft technologies at an advanced level. Certifications for real experts are offered at this level.

Job Opportunities After Being MCSA Certified

It is quite evident that a specialist with up-to-date knowledge and proven skills can find a better job with a higher salary than when not having a credential. The following are the career prospects for MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certified workers according to the research done by Payscale.com:

  • Systems Engineer — $73, 000.
  • Network Administrator — $61, 000.
  • System Administrator — $62, 000.

Microsoft 70-417: What Should You Know

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Now, let’s dive into the Microsoft 70-417 exam which is designed for upgrading your skills to MCSA Windows Server 2012. It is updated to cover the technology upgrades that gave taken place in Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 environment. This exam is intended for professionals or candidates who have already gained the skills in Windows Server 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003. Basically, 70-417 comprises the topics contained in the three exams, which are 70-410, 70-411 and 70-412.

If you see that you meet all the requirements you can register for 70-417 test and upgrade your skills. The exam will cost you $165.

Effective Prep Materials to Use

Since 70-417 is the ideal assessment to upgrade your skills in the implementation of Windows Server 2012 core infrastructure services, it is important to meet all the exam objectives. One of the best techniques is to find relevant and valid prep materials from trusted web resources.

So, first, you can opt for the vendor’s website and find the options it offers. Then search the Internet for the optional study material that will help you feel confident at the test. For that check the ExamSnap website. Here, you can find free and paid exam dumps provided in the vce format. All the files are actual and verified. Free versions have been shared by the recent exam takers, while the paid ones have been verified by IT experts. Still, both of them are worth using. You also can enhance your skills by getting the Premium Bundle for 70-417 test, which goes just for $39,97. This package includes all the tools under-one-roof, which are a premium file, a training course, a study guide.

How Exam Dumps Can Help You?

Now, let’s see the benefits of using exam dumps in your entire preparation. Let’s get started!

  • Cement the knowledge gained

Going through training materials without ensuring whether you have retained the knowledge does not serve anyone good when it comes to certification exams. Exam dumps for 70-417 test help you to cement the knowledge gained because every time you get a question wrong, you will ensure that the VCE Exam Simulator will provide you with the right answer.

  • Make you familiar with the real exam
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The exam dumps provided by ExamSnap are in vce format and can be opened on the VCE Software. Since this tool simulates the real exam environment, you get to know the structure of the main exam, types of questions, topics covered. This way, you build your confidence and completely remove the exam phobia that has made many candidates to fail their tests. Therefore, after training with updated and reliable 70-417 dumps you will be very confident at tackling the real test questions.

  • Helps in gaining practical skills

Some questions in exam dumps usually require candidates to have practical skills to answer. During your preparation, you will eventually find the necessary material to equip you with the ultimate skills and knowledge to answer such questions. As a result, you build your hands-on experience to complete complex questions and solving real-world problems.

  • Measure your speed

Passing a certification exam involves various aspects such as time and readiness. You should always complete the exam within the given time. Since exam dumps are set in a similar way with the real exam, it is a perfect material to help you create your own strategies of answering the questions and gain time management skills.

In a nutshell

Information Technology is a vibrant field that keeps growing every day. IT professionals should always be conversant with the major changes taking place in the industry. Microsoft 70-417 is an ideal exam to earn the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification and level up your skills in Windows Server administration. Also, don’t forget about practicing during your preparation, for example with exam dumps by ExamSnap and the unique VCE Software, since they will make you proficient in tackling exam questions. Make every effort to stay relevant in your area of expertise — and you’ll gain more opportunities to boost your career life.


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