The Dangers of Using Unknown Third-Party Apps

Third-Party Apps

Using third-party apps has been more common over the past few years, especially when we all are using our smartphones, laptops, and PCs for work, entertainment, and more. If you use third-party apps, it may expose otherwise confidential information that you wouldn’t want others to hold that might be used against you. 

It’s now more important than ever to know which of those third-party apps that you can trust moving forward that you will have the ease of mind that all the information you do send out won’t come back to bite you from behind. 

A great example of this is PDF Bear, a relatively new tool used by individuals in the working class and major corporations to convert their documents to any format possible without the risk of a competitor getting a hold of a document.

Why PDF Bear?

PDF Bear invested a lot of its resources in making sure that privacy is one of the top features for users to enjoy, granted that privacy nowadays is hard to come by, especially with so many people having access to information online. 

PDF Bear is great at keeping things confidential, as it should be. They also provide ease of use and offer a wide variety of essential tools for all businesses when it comes to documentation. 

PDF Bear is an all-in-one go-to site if you intend to do anything document conversions, from PDF to Excel, PDF to PPT, Word to PDF converter, everything is there. No need to bring up multiple tools for those tasks because they do it all in one go and will take all your worries away that it brings out the highest quality possible for all conversions.

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Don’t Be Fooled by Popular Apps.

In recent news, TikTok has allegedly been spying on millions of iPhone users. Since then, this has gone viral over the internet, with talks of governments banning the app from making sure any apps are stealing no information. 

Granted that the app’s popularity has skyrocketed since the pandemic, it still now faces massive charges of privacy concerns. Good thing that not all popular apps are facing scandals and privacy concerns now, PDF Bear is one of those apps that are still relatively new in terms of the competition but has no issues whatsoever when it comes to privacy. 

Hence, the app’s success is that more and more people are using it with no worries of confidentiality. If you’re a privacy advocate like many others, then this app is definitely for you.

Privacy in Third-Party Apps

Most free third-party apps are using your information to profit, given their app or services are free, but not PDF Bear. PDF Bear earns by having a Pro version that gives its users unlimited resources at their disposal and unlocks all document conversions. So they don’t need to sell their users’ information. 

Regardless of whether people don’t subscribe to the Pro version, their files are still well protected, which matters in the end. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to try both versions for you to judge.


From all the third-party apps out there in the market, it’s good to research first and see if they protect your pertinent information as safely as possible like PDF Bear does to its user base. 

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As I said earlier, it’s hard to come by apps that keep your info safe from all who wish to exploit it for their benefits. PDF Bear is one of the apps you know you can trust and count on when it comes to taking care of you and yours while converting all necessary files to formats that you would need at work.

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