Whenever there are new launches of best mobiles and smartphones, we expect something new from the. In the same way, when there are updates for the android apps, we expect something new. To some extent, our expectations are fulfilled by the application companies.

Today, we are living in a digital world and most of our works are application-oriented. Starting from paying your rent, electric bills, buying movie tickets, exploring trending news, etc.

Today, you can even use some of the best tablets to read books. We all know that your phones need to be supported by the new technology to perform certain tasks. But in the midst of all these, we forget that it is the applications that act as a medium and let the smartphones perform to its fullest potential.

Trending mobile Apps

In this article, I will highlight some of the top apps that you will find in any android smartphone.

1. Facebook

We all know that Facebook is the biggest platform where you can find billions of users at any given time. Facebook started its career as one of the social media platforms where you can spend time with your friends who are far away from you. But with time it has become one of the main hubs for the marketers. Today, you will find every company and business on Facebook selling and marketing their service and product on Facebook.

2. YouTube

There is no introduction needed for YouTube. Today, every age group is well aware of YouTube and how it is used around the world. YouTube is the biggest video platform. Here you can find videos related to anything. That how vast its database is. You can even unlock the premium content of the YouTube by subscribing to its premium version.

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3. Twitter

Twitter is a much more mature platform. Here you will only those people who are really serious with their words. Twitter is the most dynamic platform among all social media. Here you will be able to get all the latest news that is happening all around you. Twitter is also a place where people share their valuable thoughts to help others.

4. Google maps

Google Maps is a preinstalled in android smartphones. Google maps are supported by the GPS facility that helps you to pinpoint your location on the geographical map. It really comes in handy, when you are in a new place. It helps you to pinpoint your current location and allows you to locate desired destinations.

5. Google Play Music

Google play music is yet another product of google. Google Play Music is a music app that integrates some of the best features that you will ever find in any of the currency music apps. With the help of this app, you will be able to access all the local music files and if required you can search your favorite music online.

6. Instagram

Instagram is the new trend for marketers. It is the best app to create your personal brands. You can share your photo and show the world the real you. Instagram serves several features to its users that help them to integrate design with intriguing features.

7. WhatsApp

There is no shortage of messaging apps on the play store, but WhatsApp with its end to end encryption features has been on the top of the competitions. Like most of the messaging apps, you can send and receive messages, images, and videos. But with WhatsApp, you get some additional features which most of the messaging apps lack. If you love chatting with your friends and family then this is a must-have app.

Final Thoughts

That being said, now you know what are the current trending mobile apps. All the applications mentioned in the above list are the trendiest app. And you will find then in almost every smartphone.


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