uses of computer

uses of computer

What you think about the computer- is it just a name or a blessing? It is just a name among those who only hear...
Tracing Apps & Your Privacy

Contact Tracing Apps & Your Privacy (3 Tips)

With nearly six million confirmed cases, COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. People are trying to flatten the curve by using surgical masks, practicing...
contacts in gmail

How to find contacts in Gmail

Gmail is a compulsory and important app nowadays. Whether you want to send or receive emails and documents, send important files, pictures, PDF files,...
tubemate apk download

Tubemate apk download YouTube videos

No one can deny that videos are an important source for disseminating information throughout the world. Most of the videos are used for entertainment...
wynk music for pc

Wynk music app download and play songs mp3 for free

Everyone knows that music is the best option to feel fresh and get rid of tiredness caused by daily routine. Music plays a crucial...
is ccleaner safe

Ccleaner security issues and resolution

Regarding the inspection of ongoing is ccleaner safe security incidents, we may wish to keep our customers and the overall staff informed of the...
intel management engine components

Detail about intel management engine components

The Intel® Management Engine or Intel ME is like a microcontroller that consists of a few Intel chipsets. IME operates a lightweight microkernel application....
fallout 4 ps4 mods

10 best fallout 4 ps4 mods

Video games are by far one of the best ways in which we can try to escape the boredom that we do get on...

Top 7 most trending mobile apps in 2020

Whenever there are new launches of best mobiles and smartphones, we expect something new from the. In the same way, when there are updates...
malwarebytes vs avast

Roundup comparison of best antivirus for android

We live in a digital age, and at this kind of age, there are so many ways in which we can get attacked. Attacks...
chrome extensions mobile

 Best chrome extensions for mobile phone and how to enable them

The extension is a software program. It enables users to know the functions of Chrome. Google Chrome is a famous web browser. Chrome becomes...
season 9 battle pass

Fortnite season 9 battle pass complete guide

Do you know what makes a game interesting? Challenges are one of the best things that make a game enjoyable. Challenges bring out some...
anime streaming sites

Best anime streaming sites

We all know anime films, and we have either been watching them for a long time or just had a snippet of them. Anime...
how to play xbox games on pc

How to play Xbox games on Pc

You have probably wondered how to play the Xbox game on your PC. It sure would be nice. For a while, I thought it...
your connection is not private

How to Resolve Your Connection Is Not Private Error On Chrome?

It is the 21st century – the era of modernism and advancement. We are diving in the sea of technology. The technology put us...