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Viva Video for pc


Human beings love to capture their memories. Even in the stone age. And we can find the evidence in many caves. For example, they painted stories about hunting. And we can see these paintings in caves from all around the world. Then as men got civilized. They used sculpture and oil paint to capture their memories. And painting is a form of capturing memories. But now we have cameras to capture photos and videos. And now videos need editing. Viva video is one of the easiest video editing app. But it is an Android app. So many people search viva video for PC.

Evolution of photography 

Human beings invented many things. And one of the most used inventions is the camera. For example, everyone has a phone. And literally, every phone has a camera. And some phones even have multiple cameras. Some mobile phone companies are now offering even 4 cameras on a mobile.

George Eastman pioneered the use of photographic film. And he used it in 1885. But he switched from paper film to celluloid film in 1888- 1889. And the funny part is he invented the camera for his own interest. But then he made it commercially available. He called is the first camera “Kodak.” And it was commercially available in 1888. But the funny thing is the first picture ever taken was even before the invention of the camera.

The oldest existing photo right now was taken in 1826 or 1827. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the first picture ever. But the technique was not easy. And he sat in front of the camera for 8 hours to capture the picture. In short, it was a hard job to capture the picture. But at least it was the first picture taken.

Hence, we see conflict in people regarding the inventor of the camera. Some believe Joseph Nicéphore Niépce is the inventor of the camera. In the contrary, some think George Eastman is the inventor of the camera. 

Mobile phones started having cameras from the year 2002. And now we have more than one camera in a mobile phone. Huawei added 3 cameras in their mobile phone P20 pro. And that changed the whole scenario. And now pretty much all phones have multiple cameras. Moreover, we now have a camera of 50.6 megapixels.

And this is pretty much everything you need to know about the evolution of the camera.

Video memories

And as the day goes on, we tend to capture our memories with video. Video is a more alive and better way to capture memories. For example, people capture their children’s first steps with a video camera. And if we talk about weddings. Then we will see there is no wedding that has not been video recorded. In short, the video has become a part of our life. And nowadays pictures and videos are captured every now and then.

The oldest surviving film in existence is Roundhay Garden Scene. It was filmed in the year 1888. And it was only 2 seconds in length. But it was a silent film. But now, we even have YouTube. And people upload hundreds of videos every day. And these videos are not silent videos anymore. We now record high-quality videos. And now there are many jobs regarding video editing. However, if we look at YouTube we will see how much we use video to save our memories. 

And now as we talk about video. Well, videos need editing. Without editing, videos will not be enjoyable. Hence many software companies released many editing software. And now, even mobile phones have video editing applications. For example, Kinemaster, Inshot, Viva Video. These are some of the mobile phone video editing applications. But now, some people want to use viva video on their PC. So, they search viva video for PC on the internet.

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What is Viva video?

Viva video is a mobile phone application. It is a video editing application. And it has many editing and customization options. And the fix formats are one of the most amazing options this application has. It has some features that many high-end editing software doesn’t have. It is a product of Viva entertainment Inc. This high-quality video and image editing app has become more famous in recent years. So, we can see people search viva video for PC.

This application is easy to use. And having some great features made this application more desirable. But the Viva Entertainment Inc. Did not make an application for pc. That’s why people are having trouble finding viva video for pc. And there is another problem. Through viva video is an app for android. But you cannot find it on google play store.

So you have to download it from a third-party site. There are many problems. But there is a solution. Stay with the “Viva video for PC- a high-end video editing app on PC.” And you will find a way to use viva video on your computer.

Features of Viva Video for PC 

Viva video offers many amazing video and image editing features. And these features made viva video more desirable. Here are some of the fantastic features of viva video app:

  • Viva video for PC allows you to edit video at a rapid speed.
  • This application has great brightness adjustment skills.
  • Viva video allow you to add more than one layers to your video 
  • It has more than 200 special effects. You can include these effects in the different dimension of the videos.
  • This application supports storyboard editing mode 
  • And Merging video clips is another amazing feature of this application. 
  • Viva video for pc allows you to add music in the background.
  • And you can add stickers in your video. 
  • You can trim video clips. And add multiple videos to make a single Video.
  • This application has 9 lens mode 
  • And you can add slow-motion effect in a video. 
  • It has amazing collage making tools. And you can use it to create awesome collage video editing.

Viva Video For PC

Viva Entertainment Inc. did not create an application for pc. Hence people are facing trouble finding Viva video for pc. But don’t worry. There is a way to install this app on your pc. And use it as your primary video editing software. So, here are the easy steps you need to follow:

Firstly, you need an Android emulator on your PC. Hence, the first job is to find a good Android emulator. Blue Stacks is a famous android emulator for pc. You can download Blue Stacks Android emulator from its official website. 

Secondly, when the download is finished. Then you have e to install the emulator application. And note it, you can not use Viva video for PC without an android emulator on your computer.

Thirdly, if you have the emulator. Then you are ready to install viva video for PC. Now, click the download button below to download viva video for PC.


And if you installed emulator successfully. Then go to the built-in search bar. And search for viva video. Type the name “VivaVideo APK.” Then press enter.

Then you will see a list of applications. Choose the right app. And when you click on the right application. Then the downloading process will start.

Then, install the viva video application on your computer. And enjoy a high-end video editing application.

Viva video offers some of the awesome features. And the cherry on top this application doesn’t crash ever.

Why Viva Video? 

When we work on video editing the one thing we desire is “No Crash.” Viva video application offers you a crash-free environment for your work. You can work smoothly. And viva video for PC gives you a nice experience of editing video. 

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We talked about the amazing features of viva video. For example Video trimming, merging video, etc. However, you might ask there are many other video editing applications. Then why should we choose the viva video? 

Viva video has comparatively more feathers than other video editing apps. So, why not choose an application that offers more. You can add stickers to your video. Moreover, this application offers many effects that make your video more satisfying. Hence, we can agree on the thing that, viva video for PC is a fine app. So, one would easily choose this app over any other apps.

Viva Video and YouTube 

We all use youtube in our leisure time. And youtube is a place where you can find videos regarding your interests. And every day hundreds of people upload videos on YouTube. In fact, YouTube has thousands of minutes of watch-time. YouTube even gives money to its content creators. As a result, people took YouTube as a profession. And they are earning thousands of dollars each year from YouTube. 

If we take a closer look. Then we will see there are YouTubers who are millionaires right now. A YouTuber named “Dude Perfect” has a net worth of  20 million dollars. And now every day people join YouTube as a content creator. And to create a good quality video, you need a good video editing application. 

Viva video is maybe the best video editing application out there.  So all new YouTube video content creator tend to use viva video for video editing. Viva video for PC offers you video editing experience in a bigger screen. And all the amazing effects make your video more interesting. As a result, you can create awesome videos for YouTube. And you might become a great YouTuber in the future. Hence, new YouTube content creators will have a great experience using viva video. And their videos will be more enjoyable for great editing.

Video Editing as a Job

Video editing has become a job lately. Multinational companies make video advertisements for their products. And these advertisements need to be eye-catching. So that people may buy these products. Therefore video editing has to be the best. So, now we see people take video editing as a profession. And many people use viva video as their primary video editing application. 

In short, viva video is not only used for personal purposes. Some people use it as professional equipment. And it helps many people to earn their livelihood. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers 

First Question: What is viva video for PC?

Answer: Viva video is a video editing application for android phones. But this is an amazing video editing app. So, people want to use it on their PC. Hence, the search for viva video for PC on the internet. 

Second Question: How can I use viva video on my computer?

Answer: Viva video is an Android app. So firstly, you need an android emulator on your computer. And then you can use viva video on your computer.

Third Question: Do I have to install an android emulator before installing Viva video?

Answer: So, the answer to the question is “yes.”  You have to install an Android emulator on your computer. And if you don’t have an emulator, you cannot use the viva video app.

Fourth Question: Is it a trustworthy application?

Answer:  There are thousands of people from around the world who use this application. And they are happy using this application. This is a trustworthy application. And thousands of people can justify that.


Viva video is one of the best video editing applications that are available in the market. Viva Entertainment Inc. released this fantastic video editing app only for Android phones. But this application became so famous that people started looking for it for computers. Hence now you have a way to use viva video on your computer. As a result, now you have an incredible video editing application for your video editing job. Viva video adds another level to your videos. 


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