When is TikTok Shutting Down 2020

when is tiktok shutting down 2020

Introduction on When is TikTok Shutting Down 2020

Tiktok is a short video sharing platform that allows its users to make 15 seconds videos. It is the fastest-growing video-sharing platform. Within a few days after releasing the app, they got over 100 million users. Firstly its name was musical.ly, but a Chinese company ByteDance took over this app and gave it the name TikTok. tiktok shutting down 2020

You can make lip-sync or funny videos with this app. It has many music and dialogue options. Also, you can create custom music or dialogue. Some content creators made some short videos on it and posted them on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. And thus TikTok becomes so popular. 


But in August 2020, the President of the United States performed the ban on TikTok. However, they were not sure about when is TikTok shutting down 2020. They announced a ban on the app on November 12. Because in August, President Donald Trump ran an order saying it is a national security threat as it is an app from China. In September 2020, the commerce department removed the app from the U.S. apps store. And they have strictly forbidden any business doing with TikTok. 


When is TikTok Shutting Down 2020

TikTok has taken over the internet by the wind when it comes to social media platforms. It is a video-sharing platform, letting users showcase their creativity throughout a 15-second short-tempered video. In September 2018, This surpassed big giants like Facebook, tweeter for the first time. It became the best-downloaded apps in the US with over 100 million active users. 


And then rumors were growing like wildfire that it was shutting down on October 26, 2018. But the Tiktok’s official Twitter management says that they are not shutting down and drop the rumors soon as the stories can catch the issue heat. 

But the reputation of this app didn’t end there. A few days ago, Annie ranked TikTok at 7th place in the ten most app downloads of the decade. Among it was Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, and other giants. 


Now a new talk is growing that when is TikTok shutting down 2020. There have been many rumors recently claiming that the U.S. will pull out a popular online service with little to no warning. A few weeks ago, the user asked whether it was shutting down in 2020 has once again begun to spread. But why now all of a sudden? When is TikTok shutting down 2020? 


Does The U.S. Army Has Banned TikTok

Some days back, it was exposed that the U.S. Army has banned TikTok from official cell phones. Because it is an online security danger. After an investigation by the U.S. authorities, in December 2019, the military forced the officers not to use the application.

According to reports, armed force representative Lt. Col. Robin Ochoa said that the application is a cybersecurity threat and will not allow it on any official smartphone. That means using the application on home smartphones shouldn’t be an issue for armed force staff.


Since the time the report about when is TikTok shutting down 2020 by the U.S. armed force became known. The questions about TikTok closing down have no doubt that started to populate. Be that as it may, as should be clear, there’s no authority affirmation about the app’s end at this point.


The news channels or online media portals of the application haven’t yet spoken about these. They did not mean the most recent shutdown rumors like how they managed to back in 2018. But it was unknown that when is TikTok shutting down 2020. Thinking about the application’s reputation, it may disappear at any point soon. 

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Till TikTok formally agree to the fact of these rumors, it’s difficult to accept that the mainstream Chinese online media application is not going anywhere. Have confidence; we’ll be keeping a tab on all the authority sources to impart to you the authority announcement, if at all there comes any. 


Where The TikTok Rumors Came From

Like most other shutdown rumors, the reports didn’t come from a joke site like Channel69News or React2525. These sites spread rumors on the web to make whatever false stories they wish to post on their Facebook and have them show up on Google. 

The bits of rumors about the long-range discussion about closing activities originally started after a new announcement. They were not sure that when is TikTok shutting down 2020. Also, they said that the U.S. Navy had told the military staff not to use the TikTok application on official smartphones because of a national cybersecurity threat. 

Recently, a notice shows the military peoples from the army representing. Those people who are using the official cell phones and tablets are implementing an action to uninstall the TikTok application from their devices. They will use the bombing, which they would take out from the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI). 


The U.S. Navy had ordered the NMCI to uninstall the TikTok application from official cell phones. For example, iPhones and iPads. Also, the U.S. must perform the boycott over network safety concerns and risk. Moreover, it was reliable with the tenth Fleet’s efforts to address the current and arising threats regarding their companies proactively. 


TikTok Is shutting down?

The military institutions continue with a crackdown on the usage of it over security concerns. It looks strange that it will simulate how the app uses for the general public. Hence, until ByteDance declares the rumors publicly, the app’s shutdown rumors can surely know as just thoughts. So, when is TikTok shutting down 2020? The Wall Street Journal claims that the U.S. Commerce Department says they will not perform a stipulation that would have made the app shut down. 


TikTok Will Be Banned If They Don’t Sell To Microsoft.

The President of the US proclaimed he will not force the app to shut down. But there is a condition. The app has to sell its parent company ByteDance to Microsoft. President Trump will not attempt to shut down the app as he had earlier warned instantly. Although he said, the Chinese-owned app would be “out of business” by September 15 in the U.S. If the parent company ByteDance has not sold it to Microsoft or another American company. 


Trump told the reporters that he would set a date of around September 15, at which point it will be out of business in the United States. He said this on Monday at the White House. Donald Trump also said that they would accept any possible deal for the app with Microsoft or any other U.S. company. They have to refund the U.S. Treasury, or they have to pay a large amount of money. But the president has not told more about the details of what that would mean. Although, Donald Trump claims the U.S. government should get a cut of a transaction price. Because they are making it possible for this agreement to proceed.


Many Trump supporters have advised the president that don’t try to ban this app. Because it is a top-rated video sharing platform with over 100 million United States active users if they try to ban it could lead to an intense legal battle and hurt the president’s popularity with younger Americans. So, when is TikTok shutting down 2020? It’s possible that an effort by Trump to ban the app would stand up in court. And the president’s threats about shutting down the popular video-sharing app may intend to put pressure on ByteDance. 

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How Many Countries Has Banned TikTok?

This app is a Chinese video-sharing platform that has gone viral recently. However, some countries have banned or made moves to ban it. Here is the list of countries that have banned the app on its soil.

  1. India
  2. Indonesia
  3. Bangladesh 
  4. Armenia



The Indian government has banned this app entirely in India. Also, they have banned 223 other Chinese apps. After the struggle with China, the Indian government has declined every connection with china. Also, they influenced the security of the state and public order. In January 2021, The ban has become permanent. After the next month, the app declared that more than 2000 people would lose their job because of this ban, as many Indians are working under TikTok.



The Indonesian government accused the app of spreading pornography, improper content, and disrespect. On July 3, 2018, the Indonesian government temporarily banned this app. TikTok promised to review the content in Indonesia. And then the government has lifted the ban after eight days.



In November 2018, the Bangladeshi government Sheikh Hasina had blocked the app’s Internet access. Even though it has no connection to the reason for the ban. In August 2020, Bangladesh’s government told it to remove ten videos from the platform.

Then the app’s officials have told the government they will delete bad videos uploaded. Also, many of the teenagers were being rude and offensive after getting famous for this app. Many Bangladeshi teenagers were creating cringe and offensive content that looks offensive to the government. So, the governments of Bangladesh have decided to ban TikTok. 



In October 2020, TikTok users in Armenia had reported a loss of app functionality. However, the peoples were not sure that the Armenian government has banned this app or not. It was a rumor. Some culprits were spreading rumors during the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh fight. 


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is TikTok getting banned in 2020? 

A Chinese company ByteDance owns this app. ByteDance has faced so much criticism in the previous year because it was suspicious that they collect data and sell these to the Chinese government. 


Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) went so far as to urge that the U.S. Intelligence Community “conduct an estimation of the national safety risks posed by the app and other China-based content platforms.” So, after this investigation and other controversies surrounding the video-sharing social networking service, we can say that it was not getting banned in 2020. 


Is TikTok deleting accounts? 

Notwithstanding, reports say that it is on the edge of shutting down, the platform continues to bring millions of users daily. In November, a statistic claims that TikTok exceeded 1.5 billion downloads on the App Store and Google Play Store in 2019. They don’t seem to have had any public accusations about account deletions since February. 


Although a change to its terms of use caused a big issue for some in the area, TikTok users have to prove their age due to a contract dealing with the Federal Trade Commission. Under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), any user younger than 13 must bring parental approval. For that, they led to the removal of a sturdy number of existing accounts. So, they recommended the users check their birthdates. 


Hence, If you entered the wrong birthday, you can apply for fixing by heading to the ‘Report a Problem’ part of the app and confirm that you are age 13 or older. For that, submit a copy of your government I.D. on the form. If you are over 13 years old and agree to their terms of conditions, they won’t delete your account. 


Our Verdict

This is a great video-sharing platform for sure. But because of many conflicts, some countries have banned this app. After the above circumstance, we hope that you are now acknowledged when TikTok is getting banned. 


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